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November 9, 2012

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens – Open Box Video – Studio Flash Transmitter Works in Hot Shoe!!

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens - Open Box HD Video

I got my Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens today at around 10:30am from my friend the UPS driver!! I ordered the Sony camera from yesterday morning and their turn around time is incredible. They have consistent next day delivery using regular UPS Ground shipping, and it’s fantastic for the “can’t wait” type of people like myself 🙂

I got home shortly after and set-up the Canon camera to film the Nex-6 Open Box HD Video out back. It was a little windy out and I was just using the camera mic, so the audio is not the best and I apologize. It’s not that bad, but could be better and I really need to invest in a quality Hot Shoe mountable mic anyway.

Sony Nex-6 Open Box HD Video

Be sure to Select the HD Option in the lower right of the player window once the movie starts!!


Nex-6 Price: ~$898 (body Only)
Nex-6 (body only) ~$898 US @ BHPhotoVideo >> | Amazon >> | Adorama >> | Ebay >>
Nex-6 w/16-50mm lens ~$998 US @ BHPhotoVideo >> | Amazon >> | Adorama >>


Sony Nex-6 Teaser Product Shots

Waiting for the movie to upload to YouTube I was able to get a few teaser product shots done 🙂 Many more to come!!

Be sure to Click on the Photos for the large 1200px Gallery style version!

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens - In the Box - NEX6L/B

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens – In the Box – NEX6L/B

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens - NEX6L/B

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens – NEX6L/B

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens - NEX6L/B

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens – NEX6L/B


Studio Flash Transmitter Works in Nex-6 Hot Shoe!!

The Nex-6 Standard Hot Shoe holds my Alien Bee Transmitter for the Studio Lights and fires them!! Oh yeah, Sony Nex-6 works in the studio as I was hoping and expecting!! Stay tuned for some video tutorials on how to use studio flash lighting with the Nex-6 and much more!!

Studio Photography Snapshot with the Nex-6

Here’s a snapshot I took when I was testing to see if the Studio Flash Transmitter worked. I set the Nex-6 to Manual Mode f/8, 1/160sec, and ISO 100, which is what I had the Studio configured for. I then pressed the shutter and the Nex-6 focused in near darkness surprisingly quick and fired the studio Flash!I had my Canon 5D mark II on the Studio Table as I used that for the Product Photography and it was a handy model subject 😉

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens - Studio Flash Hot Shoe

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens – Studio Flash Hot Shoe

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens

100% Crop – Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm Zoom Lens


Closing Remarks:

I had a blast playing with the Sony Nex-6 today for the limited time I had. The ergonomics are good so far and I really like the Quick Navi stacked button design on the top right of the camera. In Manual Mode you can easily control aperture shutter speed just like an DSLR. It seems like it will work great for my style of shooting which involves a lot of manual mode. HDR Photography and Studio Photography both require manual mode a lot of the time!!

One other thing I noticed right away is the focus is the AutoFocus improvements!! It’s much faster and more accurate across the board from what I can tell so far. It even worked in the incredible dim lit studio accurately as you can see above. The Nex-6 AF is noticeable faster than the Nex-F3, and that I recently Reviewed Here >>

That is it for now, but be sure to check in at the Sony Alpha Forum, as I am constantly posting over there throughout the day and your bound to see some Sony Nex-6 Sample Photos popping up shortly!!



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  1. Really good to hear all the +ve feedback about Nex-6 Jay! Time to get one 😀

  2. Nuno Zuzarte

    Nice Jay, nice to hear that NEX-6 fire studio flashes 😉

    I will be waiting for nex-6 samples. I already have one at my home 😀

    • Jay


      Thanks for the comments, I’m so excited about that myself and Studio Flash was half the reason I bought the Nex-6!! Hopefully I can get Layla to sit still for more than 3 seconds 😉


      • Nuno Zuzarte

        Eheheh, it’s a difficult task photograph kids 😛

        I’m a portrait photography lover too. The hotshoe and viewfinder were the only reasons that made me sell my beautiful 5N, but at the end of the day, i’m not regretful 😉

        I will love to have a mini studio light kit at home too, who knows in a near future 😉

        Best regards,

        Nuno Zuzarte

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