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July 21, 2017

The Twirl Effect Using Photoshop – Creating a Cool Illustration with an Ordinary Photo

Twirl Effect Sample #4

So what is the Twirl Effect? Well, the Twirl Effect is a really fun way to turn an ordinary photo into an amazing abstract illustration using Photoshop filters. Yes, you need Photoshop or a program with similar filters available to do this.

My friend Gramps on the Forum created a thread Here >> Where he showed off a few killer twirl effect samples, and I have since learned how to do it. I then decided to create a quick video tutorial showing you how to do it, after seeing just how much fun it was, and just how cool the illustrations turned out.

Basically you start with an ordinary photo as I will show you below, and then apply a Pixelate Filter in Photoshop called Mezzotint. Next, you apply a Blur filter called Radial Blur which gives you a perspective zoom type effect. Then you apply a Distort filter called Twirl. Each of these steps can be modified for different looks, but that is the basic 1,2,3 of the Twirl Effect. Lastly you can add some contrast and modify the colors if you like to give the illustration more pop. You can even add some sharpening or blur for a more dreamy look… It’s really up to you and part of the creation fun 🙂


The Twirl Effect Using Photoshop – Creating a Cool Abstract Illustration with an Ordinary Photo

So I did find the more colorful he photos, the more interesting the result turns out. Also, symmetry makes a huge difference if you want your result to by symmetrical in nature. Here are a few examples including the original image first, then the Twirl Effect Result. Below that is the video tutorial I created for you, if you would like to have a go at it yourself 😉

Twirl Effect Sample #1

Twirl Effect - Original Image #1 Twirl Effect - Sample #1

Twirl Effect Sample #2

Twirl Effect - Original Image #2Twirl Effect - Sample #1

Twirl Effect Sample #3

Twirl Effect - Original Image #3Twirl Effect Sample #3

Twirl Effect Sample #4

Twirl Effect - Original Image #4 Twirl Effect Sample #4


The Twirl Effect Video Tutorial

So here is the video tutorial and please be sure to go full screen and select the best viewing quality so it looks nice and sharp!


Closing Remarks

That is about it for this quick photoshop tutorial type article, and I really hope you guys have some fun with this! I know I certainly have 😉 Also, if you want to share your photos on the forum so we can all see, be sure to do so! If you need to register on the forum, please just send me an message via the Contact Us Link Here >>  I will create an account for you, just let me know what username you would like to use in the message!!

Thanks again for checking in everybody and please have a wonderful day,


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