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August 24, 2018

Sony RX100 VI – Beginners Guide – How To Use The Camera

Sony RX100 VI - Beginners Guide - How To Use The Camera

In this Beginners Guide article I will cover the Sony RX100 VI in particular and explain how to use the camera. This article is for those new to Sony cameras, or just cameras in general. If you are a seasoned photographer new to the Sony camera system, then this article is also for you! Learning a new menu system can be brutal, especially when certain key features your used to using, now have different names and requirements to be utilized. You will see what I mean below…

All the Sony cameras have the same basic menu system and overall feature sets, so this article will apply to all current Sony cameras!!  Some Sony cameras have more features than others of course, but all the basic concepts are the same and can be applied across all the cameras. So, if your not using the latest RX100 VI, you can still learn a ton and apply it whatever Sony camera you are currently shooting with.

After the initial video below, I will link up several other Sony Camera How-To videos that break down individual features in way more detail. I used the Sony RX10 IV for those tutorials, but like I said above, it doesn’t matter because all the camera systems are basically identical.


Sony RX100 VI – Beginners Guide – How To Use The Camera


More Sony How-To Videos to Check Out!!

If you want to dive deep into specific features, then be sure to watch the videos that apply below!!

Sports Photography Camera Settings:

Drive Modes, Self-timer, & Bracket Settings:

Recording Video & Movie Mode Settings Explained:

Creative Modes & Picture Effects Explained:

Focus Area & Focus Modes:

More Focus Settings – Pre-AF, Eye-AF, Back Focus, and More:

High Frame Rate Slow Motion Settings Explained:

Metering Modes Explained:


Closing Remarks

That is about it for this article, but please be sure to ask if you have any specific questions about your camera. I will try my best to help!

Have a great day,


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