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November 8, 2015

Sony Alpha A7r Mark II vs A7s Mark II – Which One is Best?

Sony a7r II vs a7s II

I have been getting a few questions about which camera is the better choice between the NEW Sony Alpha A7r Mark II and A7s Mark II. The fact is, they are vastly different in performance and the A7r Mark II us designed for High Resolution Photography, where the Sony A7s Mark II is designed for insane low light performance and high quality video. Even though the camera bodies are the same, the guts inside are not, and you should know the difference’s before making a final decision!

The A7r Mark II for example has a 42.2mp sensor and the A7s Mark II has a 12.2MP sensor. Clearly you will not be printing billboards with the A7s Mark II image files, but you can capture shots in the dark, which makes up for the lack of resolution I would say 😉 It all depends on your specific needs..

I recently finished reviewing the A7r Mark II (Click here for youtube review) and I can tell you it’s an amazing camera for sure. I have not had a chance to try out the New A7s mark II, but the older A7s was incredible for low light performance in particular.

Sony Alpha a7SII Mirrorless Digital Camera


Ask yourself a few questions?

Asking yourself a few key questions will help determine what you actually need I believe…

Do I need a full frame video camera or high resolution photography camera?

The Sony A7s Mark II is designed to pump out full frame UHD 4k Video in amazing quality. The A7r Mark II can also do 4k, but not as good quality. It does Super 35 Mode which is a crop factor version of what the A7s II can do pretty much… If you need full frame video then you will want the A7s mark II for sure.

Do I need insane low light performance?

If so, the the Sony A7s Mark II would be the best option.

Do I need the best AutoFocus available?

If so, the the Sony A7r mark II would by far be the better option.

Do I want to use Lens Adapters and Alternative lenses?

If you want Autofocus, then the Sony A7r Mark II would be the better option by far. The 399 Phase detection AF points embedded on the sensor allow for super fast and accurate auto focus. Even when using an electronic lens adapter, the AF speeds are very fast and almost as good as native E-Mount lenses when using wide-angle like the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 lens for example… Sony A7r Mark II lens adapter testing and more here >>




Sony A7r Mark II vs A7s Mark II

These are the key differences:


A7r Mark II 

A7s Mark II

~Cost –  $3198 US  $2998 US
 Sensor –  42.2MP 12.2MP
 AF Points –  399 Hybrid AF 169 contrast AF
 Max ISO –  ISO 102400 ISO 409600
 Video –  UHD 4k  UHD 4k – HQ
 Gamma Profile –  S-Log2  S-Log3
 Display Assist –  No  Yes

Sony A7r II vs A7s II – Reviews

An excellent A7r II vs A7s II comparison review courtesy of MirrorlessLessons >>


MichaelTheMentor also did a very nice job going over the A7r II vs A7s II differences in detail:


Cinema5D also did a nice A7r II vs A7s II comparison review here >>


Purchase Links:

Sony A7r Mark II for ~$3198 US @ BHPhoto | Amazon

Sony A7s Mark II for ~$2998 US @ BHPhoto | Amazon


Closing Remarks:

I hope this article clears things up for those struggling on the differences between these tow cameras and what they actually mean in the real world. Please feel free to ask questions below if you have them and I will be glad to help clear up any concerns you might have 😉

Have a great day,


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  1. Jay – A note of thanks for this and for your other detailed, well thought-out reviews. These A7’s are remarkable cameras. I have considered buying one of these cameras – along with the 24-240mm lens – for everyday use, for theater and media call photography, and for a special overseas trip I am planning. Honestly, I don’t think either camera will make me a better photographer. Photographically, you are who you are. But, I believe image quality-wise these cameras probably represent the best photo capture equipment currently available outside of dslr’s. All the best – Joe.

    • Jay

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you very much for the kind comments 😉 I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and must agree the human is really the photo creator. The cameras are just the tools of the trade we have these days for freezing/ capturing time. Sony offers the best bang for the buck as far as technology, features, and image quality in my opinion. Not to say other cameras are not great also, just pointing out the reason I choose Sony these days…


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