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July 3, 2012

Lightroom 4 Tutorial – Exporting for the Web and Print Lab, In Detail!!

In this Lightroom 4, in depth HD Video Tutorial, I will go over the basics of Exporting for the Web, and the Print Lab!! I tried to be very as brief and to the point as possible, but it’s important that you understand fundamental concepts in order to work through issues you may come across in the future etc..

Export settings for the Web are a lot different than export settings for the print lab, and this tutorial will go over a few different scenarios where you might want to set you export one way or another depending on variables.

Why you may ask?? Well, we have the issue of Resolution, DPI, Sharpness, Black points, Highlights, Paper Type, Size, viewing distance, monitor viewing, color profiles, color spaces, and on and on…

Exporting in Lightroom, especially if your new to the program, can feel daunting!! This video tutorial will make it easy for you to understand and clear up a lot of the confusion which comes along with such a powerful program with so many options.

What we will cover:

  • How to Export?
  • What settings to use and why and when?
  • Where to export?
  • Export presets?
  • Watermarks?
  • Image Size/ Resolution?
  • Color Profile’s?
  • Sharpening?
  • Tons of tips and tricks that will drastically speed up your workflow in Lightroom 4.

Exporting in Lightroom 4

Grab a coffee, or beverage of choice, and sit back for this 28 Plus minute long highly detailed HD Video Tutorial!!

Note: my mic broke so the audio is not the best, sorry about that. I will get a new mic asap!!

Be sure to select the HD option in the player preferences and then go Full Screen for this video!! It’s a much better viewing experience 😉


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Closing Remarks

I hope you guys got something out of this detailed Lightroom 4 video tutorial, and by all means fire away below in the comments area if you have any questions!! I can always make a fallow up video 😉

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  1. Max

    Thanks so much for your tutorials.

    I am probably old enough to be your Dad and though I spent many hours in a stuffy stinky darkroom I am only now getting seriously into digital.

    LR is just so powerful I really would struggle to get a hold on it without the net hosting vids like yours.


    • Jay

      Hi Max,

      Thank you so much for the comments and kind words 🙂 You r also very welcome!! Lightroom 4 really is incredible and the digital cameras today are quite remarkable as well with the High ISO abilities in comparison to film!! I never used film myself believe though.


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