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September 5, 2018

Impact Three-Light Mini-Boom Kit – Quick Review, Tutorial, and Giveaway!!

Impact Three-Light Mini-Boom Kit

In this Impact Three-Light Mini-Boom Kit – Quick Review I will go over the lighting kit and show you how I set it up for my studio work and for a quick portrait session with Layla.

These lights are extremely affordable, so the build quality is not like those units that cost hundreds of dollars a piece, but for the money, the results are excellent in my opinion! The kit has all you need to get the job done in a variety of situations.

I use it for all my review work and product filming, plus lab photos and testing. I have also used these lights for food photography and portrait sessions on occasion when the constant lights are preferred.

If you would like to have a chance at winning this lighting kit all you need to do is comment below with what you plan on using it for. Also, consider purchasing something from BHPhoto since they were kind enough to give me the kit to give away to you and that will give you two chances to win!!

Just use my links below and keep track of your order #. I will build a list of eligible winners over the next two weeks or so and then announce the winner! Must be in the USA please for shipping…

  • Impact Three-Light Mini-Boom Kit for $220 @ BHPhoto >>

Impact Three-Light Mini-Boom Kit – Quick Review & Tutorial Video


Layla Photos:

Here is the first image when we were just warming up… Not that great and lighting need to be moved around a bit.

Be sure to click on the photos for a higher resolution more crisp version!!

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Starting to get a little better and the lights dialed in a bit. You really need to look at where the highlights and shadows fall. You don’t want any “Hot Spots” in particular and adding some angle and head tilt makes for a way more interesting image.

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Now I got the lighting where I want, so I just needed a genuine smile and a little head tilt/ angle.

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Layla – Sony RX100 VI

Layla – Sony RX100 VI


Food Photos

For these photos I only used a single light source from the right hand side of the food. I also had a 48″ white reflector on the left side to help fill in the shadows a little bit. Another light would have been to much fill. Sometimes less is more, and this is the case here in my opinion.


Closing Remarks

That is about it for this article, but if you are interested in winning this light set-up, please comment below and tell me what you plan on using the lights for!

Also, if you make a purchase @ BHPhoto using my links below, your name will be added to the hat of potential winners 2x instead of once for a comment. If you make another purchase you will then get another name added to the hat of potential winners!! Have questions? Ask below!

Please only USA folks due to shipping requirements.. Sorry for those not in the USA…

If you have any questions about lighting or this super affordable Impact 3-Light Mini Boom Kit in particular, be sure to ask and I will try my best to help you out 🙂

Thanks in advance for participating and best of luck to those interested in this super affordable, yet powerful lighting kit giveaway!!

Update: Winner Announced!!


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  1. Fabulous timing to have this to read. Im researching lighting for use in the first instance of producing quality bottle shots. Wine, beer etc. Your thougts appreciated

    • Jay

      Hi Greg and thanks for the comments and question! Lighting highly reflective objects like wine bottles can be a bit tricky, so I would try and keep the lighting as simple as possible at first. I would go for one light on the side at a slight angle. Like maybe two feet out from the side towards the front and about 5 feet away distance wise. Then depending on how dark the other side looks, you might need to add a white reflector of some kind. A white sheet will work fine if you don’t have a reflector.

      DO you have any lighting gear? If so, let me know and I will refine my advice… If you need lighting, you are officially in the running for this kit, so stay tuned for about two weeks and I will announce the winner!


  2. Adam Gabourie

    I recently bought some stained glass dishes from a yard sale and would love these light to use and see what fx I can get. I’ve just recently taken up photography and would value any advise for lighting them proper would also be greatly appreciated.

    • Jay

      Hi Adam and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment with your intentions on how to use the lights! You could totally get some awesome effects with these lights on the stained glass stuff. One trick would be, you can illuminate the stained glass pieces from the bottom by using a clear piece of glass (like from a 16×20 picture frame for example). Put the clear piece of glass on a set of horses or something, so you can slide the boom light underneath aiming upward. This will make the Stained glass light up and sort of glow 😉

      You are in the running Adam!!


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