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November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Hit SonyAphaLab Hard!! | Updated with a Few Photos of Damage!!

Hurricane Sandy did some incredible damage up where I live in NY. We have not had power since Monday evening, and they are telling us at least another week or 2!! We Have a generator, but are boiler just broke this morning 🙁 Now we have no heat, and no power!! Sucks big time. I’ve been hopping on WiFi networks here and there trying to check in, but honestly I’m running around like a maniac after work trying to get stuff squared away. Sorry for the lack of activity!! The New Sony Forum is Quite Active Though >>

I’m going to take some pics of the damage today, so stay tuned as I update this article over the next few days. I apologize for not answering comments just yet, as I like to do re-search often before answering them. I will get to your questions ASAP. And thanks again for your continued support!! More below.

Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Photos

Click on the Photos for a 1200px version!!

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Sony A99 Reviews

We have a bunch of Sony A99 Reviews that came out over that past week or so and I have an article on the Sony Forum that I’m continuously updating!! Check it over Here: All Sony A99 Reviews >>


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  1. Hey Jay, we’re no stranger to disaster down here. After Cyclone Larry my parents were without power for a bit over a week, smashed up house and Dad in palliative care with cancer, and more recently the floods last year messing everything up for months. Rule #1, take care of the family – worry about the rest later. Be safe, we’ll keep things going.

    • Jay

      Hey Al,

      Thanks for the support bud!! We just got power back last night!! So happy as Michele and I our on vacation for a week 🙂


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