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October 2, 2011

How To: Using Metering Modes, Focus Modes, and Custom Buttons with the Sony Nex-5n

how to

In this “How To” video tutorial I will go over Using Metering Modes, Focus Modes, and Setting Custom Buttons with the Sony Nex-5n.  Most of the information in this video tutorial can be applied to many different cameras, but the Sony Nex-5n makes for a great camera body to work with!

I recorded the video with my Canon 5D Mark II so it’s available in HD!! Be sure to click the full screen button and select 720 in the bottom right of the YouTube Player below.


Check out these photos and how I had my camera set to help drive the concepts home 😉

Layla - Day 1 using the Center Metering Mode in Natural Light

Layla – Day 1 using the Aperture Priority, Center Metering Mode, and Center Focus Mode,  in Natural Light – 5D Mark II


Michele – Aperture Priorety, Center focus, Muti-Shot mode, Center Metering Mode – Point and shoot with Canon 40D


Michele – Manual Mode, Left Focus Point, Average Metering, 1/160sec with softbox to camera right for light source – 5D Mark II

Layla - Almost 1 Year old in Natural Light

Layla – Almost 1 Year old in Natural Light – Aperture Priorety, Right Focus Point, Average Metering Mode – 5D mark II


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  1. sap

    I am glad, I found your site… looking forward to try all this with my Nex 5n once I get it. 😀

    • sap

      P.S.: I hope to see more of those… it would be great to see some settings explained in “real life”. But I can see how much more difficult this is since you need a buddy to shoot and a good plan what to do when and how…

      • Jay

        Yeah, it can be done though 😉 I plan to do a video tutorial on both Shutter Speed and Aperture, but I need about an hour quite time and that is hard to come by with the baby these days!! I’ll get them done soon enough though.

        Thanks again for the comments!


    • Jay

      Thank you very much Sebastian for your comments 🙂 Your going to love the Nex-5n Image Quality!!

      • sap

        Looking forward for more. Thanks 🙂

        Actually, a friend of mine already got the cam for me. Who I will visit in November. It is not too bad though, since she can send the camera back to Sony for the “infamous lube job” (quote dpreview forum) to make the clicks during video takes a lot less audible…

        This gives me some time to look for a good leather case and memory card…
        Any recommendations on the memory card side?
        I read that the speed of a Sony Flash Memory Card (MSHX32B) should be the best for the NEX 5n (even compared to the latest SDHC UHS1 cards).

  2. juan leal

    Hi Jason I have been looking over your site and a lot of good information. Well I looked over all your tutorials and there is one thing still troubling me. Ever since I have the NEX 5N the flash images are usually blown out, I try to turn down the FC to the lowest setting and its the same. It is possible to make a video like the one above explaining how to set the right settings for flash photography. Thanks.

    • Jay


      That is odd. Flash power is controlled by aperture, and ambient light is controlled by shutter speed, so my first question is this: What mode were you using and what were your settings? ISO, F-Stop, Shutter. If the flash exposure compensation was not working then some other setting must have been set.

      Does it work ok in full Auto mode??


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