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Thread: Been promising to buy one (A7 III) - Pick it up tomorrow...

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    Been promising to buy one (A7 III) - Pick it up tomorrow...

    Been a little distracted for the past few months after buying a motorcycle, but now summer is coming to an end and the bike is up on the stands ready for winter to come and go, so I got an A7 III put aside about 2 hours ago and will pick up tomorrow, after talking about the A7-III with my brother who bought one just in the past few weeks or so.. The word was - "Yeah, it's fully worth getting one - go for it...!!!"

    You see, until now I have been spending quite a bit of my saved and budgeted dollars on motorcycle stuff and gear over and above the bike cost itself. I bought a brand new Suzuki GSXR-1000 in Jan 2019. It's a damned missile on two wheels and was a little intimidating to ride at first but I've got it under control now - just don't twist the throttle so much or the front wheel likes to try and point to the heavens and that speedo quickly shows some horrifying speeds. I also had to buy new helmets, jackets, boots etc which all cost a small fortune because the old gear I had either no longer fitted or was old and starting to fall to bits, like my helmets internal sponge padding which all came out in little balls and flakes on my head when I first put it on - perished... The bike itself was a "Once In A Lifetime" deal. I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. The ABS model was normally selling here for $24,995 (US equivalent about $15,100 +/-),, I got mine for $17,995 (US equivalent would be approx $10,875 +/-). Tell me that's not the D.O.A.L,, I dare you.. Anyway, now I am back on track and that new camera I was also budgeting for, is now going to become a reality,, tomorrow morning..!!

    You know,, the best part is - with all this spending, i.e. the total cost of the bike, all the extra gear, and now the A7-III, it is still going to add up to less than the original bike cost I budgeted for.. The one thing I will have to live with for a while though is the lens I have. I bought an E 18-105mm f/4 G PZ OSS for the A6000 (over and above the std 16-50mm & 55-210mm) and this is also a crop sensor lens. I have decided to wait a few weeks before getting something a little more substantial for the EF mount.. I have also been assured the battery life is mega compared to the A6000's poor attempt.. Can't wait...!!!


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    Well, picked it up this morning. Great looking camera. Bought a Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD lens, rather than use the 18-105mm crop lens off the A6000. Would have loved to buy the Sony equal 24-70 but at just under 3 times the price, I might just try out the Tamron for a while, because I've been hearing many great things about this lens. Also bought a 128 GB Sony Tough UHS-II SD card - Ouch..!! Man does the A7 III ever focus fast. I will also have to update to the latest v3.00 firmware at some stage,, got the update last night, just need to update from PC, but for now (well, right after the battery has charged up anyway), I'm going to play with it for a day or two. I set my preferences via the menu in about half an hour with the spare Wasabi battery I also got, then threw the Sony battery in and plugged in the USB charger, so it'll take the next 4 or 5 hours to charge up but I can wait - I hope.. I'll get back to you when I know a bit more about this camera...


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    Been snapping just a few photos with the new camera, and that was before I had all of my full settings done and then finding it was in 'P' (Program) mode instead of my usual 'A' (Aperture) mode. Also been getting used to the new menu and its options - inicidentally, why are there so many Sony menu moaners on reviews on YouTube etc..?? They all seem to see somebodies review then maybe they think they'd better go along with the same thing too or they might be seen as not sticking to someone else's status quo or something like that,, a sort of "monkey see, monkey do (or say)" situation.. It's a friggin menu for heavens sakes, so stop moaning like little girls with their panties in a knot.. I was still impressed with what I saw once I transferred the pics onto the PC, not bad at all, but now comes the quandary, which flash do I buy/use..?? I tried the flash off my A6000, a Metz 44AF-1, and although it seems a good little unit, I emphasise the word "little" as in output power, because in the past it was just not quite strong enough for some of the use I want it for - indoor expo's and shows, eg.. motorcycle annual show and soon to happen boat show where the lighting there is a little less than perfect. The 44AF-1 is perfect for home indoors use and/or in smaller areas but it falls short for the above. I want to buy the Godox V860 II as this is a great flash on the Nikon D750 I have - big, but really good, but I've been seeing that the V860 II has a few issues with the A7's and A9, one being not seeing a live shot preview while changing settings, as it stops when the V860 II is switched on. There is an answer or at least a compromise for that though by configuring a custom button with the option so a tap on the button will reveal a new preview - I can live with that, but there might be a few more issues (none so serious and not Sony's fault - more a Godox failure to conform to Sony's protocol and curable with a firmware update if it ever happens). Overall though, apparently it still works great and I know how to use this flash so I think I might still buy it along with a small handful of other needed stuff. Finally, I cannot believe the extra battery life over the 6000 series, wow, fantastic...!!!

    Well, I am still sorting things out with the A7-III and it's very early days but indications tell me I have a lively one on my hands. I'm looking forward to really using it in anger as the saying goes...


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    Minor update,
    Quite impressed with this camera's ability to handle low light. Started off by using settings more along my A6000's settings lines (not knowing what to expect) and without really altering the ISO much at all, just to get a benchmark, and from the first indoors shot with quite low levels of light, the results were very good (without any flash), far better than I expected. I finally bought a Godox V860 ll flash just 3 days ago but you know, I think I can use the Metz 44AF-1 just as effectively in close-in areas, eg home indoors. The AF44-1 and the A7-lll's ability to handle low light very well actually gives excellent results in TTL. I'd expect the Godox V860 ll to work slightly better at greater distances and more open areas. Apart from a few close up trial shots though, I haven't been able to give it a good workout. Was heading in to the boat show yesterday (indoors in large expo buildings - good place to use a powerful flash) but thanks to checking the mailbox on my way out to the van and finding a letter from Inland Revenue stating I have only a few more days to pay up before their heavy hands come down on me (What The Heck...???), I had to spend the rest of the day finding out that they themselves failed to inform me over a month ago when it was due. I still have to pay though, and the the penalty for late payment (only a few dollars). Those S*B's still won't accept the error of their ways,, totally ruined the day - you don't mess with them, or they can ruin your life, as I'm sure we are all aware of..

    Other accessories I have include - Sony VG-C3EM Vertical (Battery) Grip,, Sony GP-X1EM Grip Extension (very nice addition),, Wasabi Dual FZ100 battery charger with 2 Wasabi batteries,, Peak Design Slide strap and a few extra quick 'release links' for other cameras,, a screen protector...


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