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Thread: My first and last stained glass project

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    My first and last stained glass project

    It must be about 18 years ago or so that I had the itch to try doing stained glass. The class was geared around making one project. Great artists never seem to have to explain their art as to what they meant or intended. So.....let me explain this one (LOL). It was my idea on what people report as a near death experience where you go through a tunnel and then see great colors and a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Moving from left to right is my rendering of the experience. I made a "hole" at the end and hung one of those round multi faced glass balls that sort of reflect light in a myriad of ways depending on the angle and brightness of the source light. I took this photo so long ago I do not recall if the star effect was the way it was or if I did something in PS. As a photography subject I love taking photos of stained glass windows in churches or elsewhere because the colors seem so rich and vibrant.

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    This is awesome and I'm really glad you explained what you were trying to represent It makes sense to me, and excellent job I would say! I have been thinking about these sorts of things a lot lately due to all the amazing podcasts I've been listening to. So many people are interested in this stuff and have stories to share, and you just can't ignore the possibilities if you have a curious mind. I clearly do

    Thanks for sharing,

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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