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Thread: Big Girl

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    Big Girl

    This female tarantula (the male of this species is purple black) was walking across my lawn yesterday. She is 16cm or six inches long. I escorted her to thicker foliage. In the open she could be attacked by an Andean Motmot or a Tarantula hawk wasp. A6000 with 24 1.8

    Comments and suggestions welcome but please do not modify my photographs

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    Oh man! Creep factor is at it's highest Great capture and I can't imagine seeing that in real life...

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    That geometric structure on the back of the fovea looks cool.

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    Love it and I know I would have caught it to get more shots of it a few times over.
    But thats me.
    More than a well done on this.
    I like to get shots of bugs and insects while I know this one would be on the larger side of the insect market.
    CC is always welcome, the good and the bad. I promise not to take it personal as I know it wasn't meant that way.

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