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Thread: Best overall E-mount "SuperZoom" and why?

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    Best overall E-mount "SuperZoom" and why?

    So what's your opinion on the best "Superzoom" for the e-mount line? And why.
    I have very limited experience with superzooms. I have only used the 18-105
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    If given enough light, the 24-240 FE is really good. But it depends on your metric. What do you think equate to "best overall"?

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    I agree with SP, the best all in one option with the most range is the FE 24-240mm. No real other "super" zooms, but a few mid range zooms. Of those I prefer the 16-70mm and 18-105mm lenses for the crop factor cameras...

    looking for for anything specific?

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    new 100 to 400 from sony just released.
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