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Thread: Radio HSS TTL option for Sony A6K 7 A7s

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    Question Radio HSS TTL option for Sony A6K 7 A7s

    Hello SAF,

    Yesterday, I had planned a shooting for a couple and it didn't wen't well. I was running against the sun, had 40-50 minutes to shoot and the usual way I trigger my flashes failed me completely.

    I used to shoot always with my a6000, the 1670z and the 50f18 last year using the F20M to trigger and the F45M to trigger. I think I never had a missed fire to be honest. I've been busy on other things, mostly video but I'm starting doing shootings again. Now I plan to use the a7s with the 70200f4g and the a6000 with the 1670z.

    I honestly don't know what happened. It was a cloudy that, so I don't think the sun or distance had to do anything with it, if I did a test using the AEL button and I was close, they would booth fire... sometimes, but once I did shoot a photo they did't fire.

    I'll troubleshoot the issue again today but, now I got doubts. I have a weeding in a month and this can't happen to me again. So I'm looking into radio triggers to use with my 2 60M and can't seem to find anything other that the old Phottix Odin (which seems to use the old Minolta hotshoe) and I before I bought one a few mins ago the review in adorama said that it didn't work with the a7r for HSS, which is a deal breaker for me for something so expensive.

    I was wondering if any of you worked with radio triggers with your Sony cameras and if you had any recommendations.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Nissin Di700A and Air 1 commander should do everything you need.
    User interface is not the best, so I would suggest to get it early and practice with it.

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    Thank you guys, seems like the only option which it's kind of sad to me. The f20 + 2 f45 have worked flawlessly a they were not cheap. I'd have to sell them to at least get 2 nissin flashes. I saw a lot of reviews when they came out just for curiosity and the reviews are mixed. They can't compare to the Sony's but at least they are more advanced. Canon and Nikon definitely have more support on this. /rant

    Before I make the jump I'll try cheap triggers in manual mode with the 200/250 shutter limit.

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    They can't compare to the Sony's
    Sony flashes do have better user interface, and I love Sony head rotation style, but they are notorious for overheating.
    Where do you find Nissin lacking compared to Sony flashes?

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    Honestly, just saw several videos/reviews of the Nissin flashes, they were all over YouTube when they came out (I wasn't interested in buying them then, but I like to stay up to date). Some liked them others returned them. I liked the look of it, but one reviewer really put me off with his hands on review.

    I have good experience with the Sonys. I burst fire my 45ms with the a6000 (11FPS) for i dunno maybe 30+50 shots just for fun and they never overheated on me. You might be referring to the bigger flash 60m something which used to overheat but I believe has been fixed as well (I have no clue).

    One my 45ms fell from the stand at 7-8 feet to the tile floor and hit the corner of the acrylic and ended just fine, they have good build quality. The fact that the Wireless TTL used to work flawlessly, the easy to use HSS and the usefulness of the quick shift bounce kept me happy... until they didn't fire in the recent shooting.

    This is my opinion, the Nissin for the cost, I find them just too cheap to be excellent (Build quality, Recycle time, good TTL with HSS) but I don't have a hands on experience.

    Doesn't seem like I have many options so I will probably get one. Checked with other transmitter/receivers from Pixel King & Phottix and they are not supported anymore.

    I will probably give a try to the Nissin, I'm just sad that I can't use the current set of flashes I already have.

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    Great info and read guys! Thanks and best of luck with the flash

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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