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Thread: Critical Review of A7R in Photography Life

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    Critical Review of A7R in Photography Life

    I am not really interested in the A7R but ran across this review ( in Photography Life which was pretty critical on a couple of issues which I found interesting: the use of a lossy RAW format (common to all the A7 cameras, and maybe all Sony cameras) and the lack of an Electronic Front Curtain Shutter (leading to noticeable shutter shock). Those interested in this camera should take a look.


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    Thanks for sharing David No camera is perfect we need to remember, and cost to benefit always becomes a factor with features etc... I have known about the raw format compression for a while, but in the real world it has not effected my photography at all. It is worth noting though for sure!

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    The reviewer was doing a lot of "pixel peeping" - but on a high resolution camera like the a7r, that is probably inevitable. I think the market for these cameras - such as the Nikon 800 and the new Canon 50 Mpix camera, are very limited. I haven't seen any reviews of the new Canon yet, but that will be interesting too. The shutter shock effect was documented clearly in the review. I think the reviewer was more negative because he couldn't see the reason why Sony had not corrected these issues (there is apparently a petition to Sony to fix the RAW issue). The issue of how visible the defects are aside, I don't understand that decision either - Sony makes the best sensors, and the cameras should support that image excellence in the RAW format.

    (For my A6000, and my style of photography, JPGs are very good - and it has almost convinced me to stop shooting RAW. Almost.)


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    Here is a follow up posting by the reviewer:

    Quite positive - he believes all (or almost all) of his criticisms have been addressed. The only outstanding issue was the RAW format.

    This camera sounds very impressive. I am interested, however, in what Sony can do at a (much) lower price point, e.g., the A6000 successor.


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