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Thread: A58 with METAL mount!

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    A58 with METAL mount!

    I looked on ebay for Sony Alpha parts, found a seller with a few mirror boxes, and asked him for a lens flange and screws. If the flange is one-piece like the LA-EA4, that's all you need. SOME metal flanges are two-piece, so you'll also need the black metal backing plate to go with the stainless lens flange. Very similar to the pieces you REMOVE in doing the A7/A6000 Fotodiox flange swap. I received a two-piece flange, and the screws. It took 3 minutes and fit even BETTER than the flange from the LA-EA4. Now my A58 has a proper metal flange for $22.00. A fun little adventure!

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    Looks great! Do you notice an improvement compared to the plastic mount?

    Do you have a link to the parts needed for the upgrade?
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    I agree it looks great and good work Thanks for sharing the great photo as well!

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    There's isn't a noticeable difference in performance, just a better feel. This was just a curiosity satisfied and annoyance with plastic lens mounts.

    Here's a link to the ebay auction the seller set up for me. Contact the seller to see if they can replicate. The seller's ebay name is "cktina" if that's faster.

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    Wonder why you couldn't take some parts from an old Minolta camera.
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