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Thread: A bit of OFF Road

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    A bit of OFF Road

    Wow it has been a fair while since I last posted oh here, 6 pages of threads to go through lol. Anyway the reason I have been on lately is because I have been playing with the 4WD a fair bit as of late, so I thought I would share what I have been up to.

    Some of the cars in the club mine is in there somewhere

    _DSC6667 by paulrsims, on Flickr

    just a quick stop

    _DSC6838 by paulrsims, on Flickr

    Going down hill

    _DSC6792 by paulrsims, on Flickr

    Coming back up

    _DSC6777 by paulrsims, on Flickr

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    Yep girls get muddy too

    _DSC6678 by paulrsims, on Flickr

    Another quick stop

    _DSC6671 by paulrsims, on Flickr

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    It seems everybody was having fun.

    Enjoy 4WD.
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    yep kinda getting into it of tomorrow for another adventure must remember to take some better photos though this time.

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    Looks like fun Paul. I'm thinking the majority of folks where I live just by 4WD vehicles to look big and bad, but never seem to get them dirty. Good to see folks using them as intended.


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    I didn't see where you live on your profile but I'm guessing Australia. The Navarra isn't sold in the US (it is here in Colombia though). Looks like great fun and lots of help to tow you out of the deepest muck. I had a Frontier and loved it but it was higher geared than the Mazda 2600 4x4 I traded in. Preferred the lower gearing for hard work.
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    Very cool fun and photos I love off roading and used to have a Toyota tacoma. Thing was an animal off road.

    Great shots and thanks for sharing,


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    That is the beauty of being part of such clubs . It's really a great experience for sure . With a proper guidance, when you are able to do such things of your own you are really in cloud nine .Great shots and nice location.

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