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Thread: The Matrix by TurboAce - Twice the Flight Time of DJI and other Solutions!

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    The Matrix by TurboAce - Twice the Flight Time of DJI and other Solutions!

    This is the best quality drone I have ever seen and looks like a unit worth investing in for the hardcore users Top quality video and photography can be achieved with a 2-5 mile range with a quality video feed. Seriously impressive engineering!

    Not exactly cheap, but you get what you pay for it looks like to me!

    Jay - Comments, Questions, and Critiques always welcomed and encouraged!

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    Having recently sold my DJIF450, been doing some homework, I am working towards the 650 frame....
    When you're hanging expensive photographic equipment under an aerial platform, you should be thinking about a failsafe. Motors is not an if, it's a when. With only two motors spinning clockwise, and the others two spinning counter-clockwise....the math is simple. Crashing.
    When you have a three and three CW/CCW motor configuration, built in can still land if a motor dies. And the overall cost of a 650 frame is minimal compared to everything else in a 450 frame.

    Scott (heavy lift is the future) B

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