I had to work yesterday which is not normal, but I'm on call and the Tuesday to Saturday shift comes with that In any event I had to go to the town of Goshen, NY for a circuit trouble and noticed a Mustang car show was taking place. The show had some pretty nice looking new and old cars and on thew way out of town I stopped quick and took a few snapshots. Wish I had more time!

I'm loving the Minolta MC 50mm Rokkor lens on my Nex-6, I must say! I was shooting wide open @ f/1.4 as much as possible, so the depth of field focus is extremely shallow.



#3 - This old Ford car was special, because it had a Mazda rotary engine inside.


#5 - One of the coolest towe trucks I've seen in some time!


#7 - Boss 302


Thanks for looking,