• Planting the flower we bought

    Today is Sunday and on Saturday we went to a local market called the Farmers Market.
    When we were there I seen these flowers and I knew I wanted to get a photo of it.
    So we bought the bought it and I really liked it and its an African Daisy and they have got many colours.
    So next time its on I will take my camera and go down to the river and take photo's while the wife does the market thing.

    But this flower had to be planted so today, Sunday I planted it and I had to do a little bit of weeding.
    While I was weeding I looked down and there it was a frog.
    I know we had frogs here that like to burrow into the ground and stay there and a weeds root system must have been in the burrow.

    I got the wife to get a jar as I know they are sensitive to what chemical we have on us so I didn't want to touch it.
    Once I had it I washed it off so I could see it better and I think its a Mallee Spadefoot Toad, but it could be another one just not real sure.
    But I think it makes a nice little story to post up.
    And yes once I took the photo's I made a nice moist spot back in the garden bed ready to put him back in.

    The flower that got this thread going. Its called Royal Blue

    One angle of it

    Front on view

    Cropped in view

    And back in the ground that I got ready for it.
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