• SAL Photography Challenge #14 - Patterns

    Cool bokeh Jay. Very even and round. Second picture is my favorite; the blurred table is exceptional.

    Steve, with regards to the lighting I used for the glasses, the following diagram (not to scale) should give you an idea:

    The most critical aspect of this setup is the placement of the reflecting boards (red elements). They need to clear the field of view (dashed lines), be slightly inclined away from the glasses and aligned one to the other and with the glasses. They are roughly the same height as the glasses. Notice that the glasses separation increases a little towards the back. I used soft-boxes as primary lighting but anything that is not-too-hard should work. Try not to illuminate your lens but you need to clear (be higher than) the reflectors. You can adjust the light source under the table to your taste (power, color, orientation). The back of the glass plate resting on the table is your horizon line.

    Hoping this helps...

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