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November 16, 2011

What is up with the Sony Nex-7 delays??

As you probably know if your waiting a Sony Nex-7, manufacturing has been delayed due to some flooding. Courtesy of SonyAlphaRumors I’ve been fallowing the rumors and a factory in Ayutthaya was totally flooded out.

Sony had to stop production of the Nex-7 and a77!

Sony is now “rumored” to have converted a factory in Chonburi Thailand to a fully operational A77/65 and NEX-7/5n production factory! Oh yeah 🙂

Check this out:


sony nex-7 factory

New Sony A77/65 and NEX-7/5n factory

My updated skinny on the Nex-7:

After using the Nex-5n for several weeks I really fell in love with the little ultra compact power house. The ergonomics really bothered me at first coming from an slr, but once I adapted it was totally usable. Check out my Full Hands on Review of the Nex-5n over here >> 

In any event the Nex-5n left a few spots open for improvement in my opinion. One being a built in viewfinder so shooting in the sun is easier, and the other being more physical buttons so the screen did not have to be used all the time to access common features.

Nex-7 Viewfinder

Nex-7 Viewfinder

The Nex-7 addresses both these issues with it’s built in view finder and dual adjustment wheel design:

Adjustment Wheels

Adjustment Wheels

What has me concerned about the Nex-7 is the 24mp sensor. I’ve been shooting with the a77 for about a week now and just did some High ISO Testing against the 5D Mark II and it really hit me how poor the Sony 24mp sensor in the a77 is at high ISO in comparison to the 5d Mark II in particular. So that brought me back to the question? Do I really want the Nex-7 now or would I be better off with the Nex-5n and the option Viewfinder?? Seems pretty clear to me I would be better off with the Nex-5n for low light which is exactly what it’s primary use would end up being most likely. In fairness I do need to compare the high ISO performance of nex-5n vs the a77 to really see. Also the Nex-7 will not have the translucent mirror so that should help a bit in the noise department, but it still won’t make up for the incredible pixel density on that APS-C sensor size.


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  1. I own the 5n with viewfinder. I also have the 7 on pre-order. I own a 5DMKII.

    I recently shot a wedding ceremony in a church using the 5n and a Canon FD 50mm f1.4.

    I love the 5n and has replaced my 5D for many tasks, but it still a long way in low-light performance.

    I too have concerns about the 24MP sensor on the NEX-7, it reminds me of my 7D—it can really stress out the glass.

    I will still get the NEX-7 just so I can shoot with the viewfinder and flash.

    • Jay

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your comments and sharing your experiences with your equipment and profession 🙂 Good point about the flash and that is a sweet set-up with the FD 50mm f/1.4!! The depth of field must be incredible with that lens on their.
      I’m not sure about the glass being stressed, or if it’s just the pixel density on the chip causing the light to spill over and corrupt other pixels. Seems like diffraction would be a serious issue also at anything beyond f/11 or so if I had to guess. The 5d Mark II still holds it’s own in the low light department there is no question!! Seems like the nex-5n would be great for the ring and detail shots. What do use the Nex-5n for in particular if you don’t mind sharing?


      • Jay,

        I plan to use the 5N as a general purpose camera—I now have enough glass for landscape, macro, portraits, birds, still life, sporting events and possibly some video.

        I’m hoping the NEX-7 will enable me to cover corporate events.

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