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September 23, 2012

Website Updates and Current Thoughts on Sony’s Alpha Line!!

Hey everybody it’s Jay, and thanks for checking in!! Seriously exciting times the past few weeks with all the Sony announces at Photokina and all. It’s absolutely incredible what Sony has done in just a few years as far as revolutionizing the large sensor small camera market. Think about it? Just a few years ago know body (besides the m4/3rds crowd) was using mirrorless cameras with huge sensors, except Leica. Now, it accounts for almost 40 % of the camera sales as it pertains to the higher end market. Fascinating stuff and it seems like the industry is pushing harder than ever in that direction as Olympus, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, and Samsung, have all come out with large sensor mirrorless camera systems with a growing lens archive.

Luckily for Sony, they are the innovators for a lot of this technology and were first with it. Therefore they have a pretty nice E-Mount lens line-up that has been building for a few years now. Admittedly it’s slow going with new E-Mount lenses, but nowadays it’s really not an issue in my opinion like it was just a year ago. Plus when a New Sony E-Mount lens does come out they are almost always an excellent value in my opinion.

Be sure to check out my lens guides for more detailed info on all the lenses available for the Sony Alpha Camera system!


Sony A99 and Nex-6 Thoughts

A99 AF Sensor

A99 AF Sensors

The Sony A99, or SLT-A99,  has a 24mp Full Frame Sensor with the same Phase Detection Autofocus system found in the A77. Plus a new 102 point plane type AF sensor that actually produces a depth map of the given scene. Designed specifically to work together, this new Dual AF system should be absolutely incredible from everything I have read. Should yield a much better hit rate when taking pics of the running dogs!! Tether support is also a great feature that calls to me for Studio work. My Pro Canon gear is all set-up for the studio and tethering, so it’s super easy to use when needed for product photography etc.. If I’m going to sell my Canon 5D Mark II this feature is an absolute must for me. The body of the A99 looks solid, so I’m not worried about that at all. Battery life is a concern, honestly, but not that big a deal as I don’t plan to shoot many weddings anymore. Portraits for sure though, so Full Frame is critical in my opinion.

Here’s my issue with the Sony A99.  I simply can’t afford it, and I already have 100% Canon Pro stuff if I need to do any Pro photography. I can’t afford to have both cameras at the same time, and I need a bunch of lenses as well. Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait till Tax time or possible a little later next year to get the A99.

The Nex-6 however, is much more affordable, more compact, and has all the specs I’m looking for in a mirrorless camera!! More importantly, it’s somewhat I can actually save up and buy it in a reasonable amount of time. This will also leave me with all my Canon Pro gear for the time being if I need or want to do some Pro work. This situation kinda sucks, but as somebody who needs to have the equipment on hand for Pro use I just can’t afford to float both systems, and a simple swap out is next to impossible. I’ll have to peice it together over time, then sell off the Canon stuff as I get Equal or Better Sony gear.


New SAL Forum?? What the??

The Good News:

First off, I just want to thank all of you that have been checking out the New SAL Forum and taking the time to register, and comment. I’ve Also been extremely busy trying to get the forum up to speed with all the latest and greatest news, articles, photos, etc..

Here’s the thing; the free forum software I was using totally sucked! I’ve lost my photos and Alan’s photos a bunch of times for some un explained reason, and the administrative work is an absolute nightmare! I’m pretty familiar with website stuff as I do everything for this site, but when it comes to editing config.php files, it can get a bit confusing.  Bottom line; the Forum software sucked and I needed to upgrade before more members joined!!

After doing a lot of research, and determined to find the best solution, I spent a chunk of my Nex-6 camera fund and purchased the latest and greatest vBulletin Forum Software!! It’s really powerful and super robust forum software. With this software I’ll be able to integrate everything from this site, users can easily share pics, videos, etc.. It even has options for user blogs, reviews, and stuff like that. Most importantly though, the administrative back end is comprehensive and somewhat easy to use!! It’s also supported, so if I ever do have an issue I can’t figure out help is just a phone call away. That was a major concern for me due to the amount of potential users the forum could have at some point. Losing data sucks, but losing other peoples data is unacceptable and I had to do something quickly!!

The Bad News:

I accidentally deleted all the files for the old forum 🙁  I’m terrible sorry for those who took the time to share posts and register!!! This was 100% my fault as the instillation process for the new forum was much more complicated then I was anticipating. I had to create a Sub-Domain, but didn’t know how to reference the url in the config.php file. In any event I knocked down everything by trying to fix a weird folder structure issue on the server. Luckily I was able to get back pretty quick considering, but the old forum did not survive. I had over 250 posts and a couple hundred pics, all gone 🙁  Plus Alan, Walter, and a few others have been actively posting so there efforts were lost as well.

Forum Future:

Everything is being backed up daily off site and the new forum software is killer!! It’s incredible powerful and in my opinion with your help, it will be the best Sony forum/ Community for learning and sharing on the web!! It will take some time for me to set-up the forum of course, so please bare with me as I integrate, update, and shuffle stuff around. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to fire away in the comments area or on the New SAL Forum!! 




Sony Pre-Orders

Sony Nex-6 and Nex-5r Pre-orders now available!!

Sony RX1 Pre-orders Now Available!!

Sony SLT-A99 Pre-orders Now Available!!


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