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October 5, 2012

Sony Website Past, Present, and Future!! Photography Business?? Why Sony Alpha?? What Sony Alpha Gear I’m Buying??

Nex-6 w/ 16-5omm kit Lens

Welcome to SonyAlphaLab if this is your first time and please bare with me as I explain a ton of info, that is not necessarily Sony related, in the next few paragraphs πŸ˜‰ I’ve been wanted to recap my current situation with you all and let you know exactly where I stand in this insane camera market of today.Β  I also want to explain what my intentions were when I first started doing this website work, this way you can understand why I am doing what I am doing.

If you don’t know already, I’m a Pro Photographer that used to have a photography business and used all Canon gear including the 5D mark II and an assortment lot of L lenses. Michele and I had a part time photography business and did some wedding, portrait, and commercial photography work on the weekends and stuff. Needless to say the business grew so fast we could barley keep up with our growing customer base using all are spare time. Weddings were proving to be the most profitable, but the post processing work involved was so time consuming do to the shear quantity of images etc.. Especially making Albums!! Our portrait sessions were much more fun than the weddings, but we were really not able to charge enough for it to be worth while unfortunately.

Fast forward a few months and we now have Layla on the way!! It was time for me to make some serious decisions here. Leave my good paying full time job with benefits, for the photography business when we have a baby coming and a mortgage to pay etc.. I quickly decided to shut the Jason Hermann Photography Business down for a while πŸ˜‰ It’s been 2 years already!! The Photography business was going very well, but still in it’s infancy really, and wasn’t making anywhere near the amount of money I needed to continue our current lifestyle etc.. It did help me buy all the photography gear I have now though which is awesome!!

So, now I needed something to do to get my creative juices flowing and keep my insane passion for photography alive!! So, I started and created tons of video tutorials as well as other photography tutorials which really helped keep me sharp and even hone in of a few skills. I then started reviewing different camera equipment and writing reviews and creating tutorials on that stuff.


So Why Sony Alpha Then ??

What happened next is sorta odd, but true. I reviewed the Sony Nex-C3 and a few other Sony cameras and was blown away by the technological advances Sony had over Canon and Nikon!! I was convinced Sony was the way to go for my future photography needs and gear.

I was so convinced in fact, that I created, and have since been dedicated to reviewing mostly Sony cameras and lenses. I have since expanded on the Lab a bit and added the new Sony Alpha, Nex Forum which is growing fast and will incredible soon!! All my photography work will be shared over there as I get time as well if your interested πŸ™‚


So what is the deal then Jay?

Well, I need to replace my broken Sony Nex-7, and I wanted to upgrade my Full Frame Canon 5D mark II with the New Sony A99. Unfortunately, and especially after reading about the limited lens options, I can’t justify selling my Pro Canon gear to buy the A99. If it was an actual upgrade with better AF performance and image quality across the board it would be a simple yes, but that is not what happened. Sony clearly wants you to use only specific lenses with the New A99. This is totally crap in my opinion, and I will not invest in that sort of mentality for Pro Photography work. It’s just crazy when you have both Canon and Nikon coming out with cheaper and better full frame cameras for photography. Granted the Sony A99 will be leaps and bounds better with video and image quality will certainly be excellent. Photography is what the Camera’s primary purpose is though, and that is still lacking for Pro’s.

The AF module is a software tweakedΒ  A77 module?? Full Frame cameras should have a much larger AF Module than the one found in the crop factor sensor A77!! It needs to have a larger spread so the AF points actually cover the frame. The A77 AF module is very center oriented on the A99 as it relates to the sensor size. This is bad, and if the new AF module worked with all lenses like it should, this would not be an issue. As it turns out the Nikon D600 and the Canon 6D also have the smaller AF Module like the A99.

As is stands now though, I can’t in good conscience recommend the Sony A99 if your a looking for a Pro full frame camera for photography specific purposes. The Nikon D600 or Canon 6D would be a better way to go this time around my friends. If your hardcore into video and photography, perhaps this is a great match.

When it comes to making money with photography, I want and need a Pro grade camera with Pro grade performance across the board in regards to photography. Not really good photography and great video. It should be best image quality ever, fastest focus ever with all lenses, best build quality and ergonomics. Fact is, it’s all lacking from a Pro Photography business perspective. That is not to say all the Semi-Pro cameras like the A57, A77 are not awesome. They are!! Pro Photography is another animal though as you can see with the insane lens costs and normal full frame camera costs. Full frame is a totally different animal when it comes to photography in my opinion.

I would rather invest my extra money in the Sony Nex camera system so I can still use my Canon Lenses with the adapter I already have, and keep the 5D mark IIΒ  if I ever need or want to do Pro Photography work for profit. The economy is garbage here in the US, so Michele or I could potential get laid off at any time!! If this happens, Jason Hermann Photography will be back in business hardcore and I need all the Pro gear as a fall back. I have a family now and I just can’t afford to play games trying to sell all my Canon stuff in order to replace it with the A99 and a few lenses. I wish I could, but I just can’t. I’m sure you understand if you read all this πŸ˜‰


So what Sony Alpha Gear am I going to buy then??

This leaves me with really only a few options. The Sony Nex-6 and which lens first??

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm power zoom lens

Sony Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm power zoom lens


The next Sony camera I will be purchasing is the Sony Nex-6 with theΒ  16-50mm lensSELP1650Β  I’m currently saving my pennies, so hopefully in a few months I can buy the kit. The SELP1650 is the perfect match for the Nex-6 APS-C sized sensor with a resulting focal length is equal to 24-75mm as it relates to 35mm. Check out my Crop Factor Tutorial if your curious about sensor sizes as it relates to perspective, effective focal lengths, and lens options!!

Once I have that paid off and some additional savings I will purchase a few E-Mount lenses as I can afford them. First being the New 10-18mm OSS lensSEL1018, then the 50mm f/1.8 OSS LensSEL50F18, and finally the 55-210mm OSS lensSEL55210 for a telephoto zoom.

I will then have all the Nex E-Mount lenses needed for most photography. I can also use my Canon L Glass with my Sony E-Mount to Canon EF Lens Adapter and get ridiculously killer photos using manual mode w/ focus peaking etc..

The Sony Nex system is more than good enough for 95% of the photography that I like to do, and is also the best mirrorless system available today in my opinion.

Please feel free to ask any questions on my ramblings here, and also if you have any specific A99, Nex-6, or other questions, fire away!!



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Sony SLT-A99 Pre-orders Now Available!!


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  1. Glad to hear something negative and “real” about the A99 (rather than the usual Canikon fanboi guff) and that’s enough of a reason to keep me from throwing down the bucks on that one. I figured the A99 was a bit of a half-arsed effort despite a lot of really awesome but minor specs.

    Nicely rationalised roadmap, buddy πŸ™‚

  2. Dave

    I am currently looking at upgrading my a700. and probably going to go to the a99 just for the fact of going to current full frame offering. I am hoping something comes out soon about a more photo (not video) oriented full frame from Sony that will of course be less expensive. I really like the NEX line up as well, but cant convince myself to be in both systems. (ideal would be for me to put wife in a NEX for her purse, that way I still get to play with it.)

    On a side note, I have seen the 16mm e-mount fish having some pretty deep discounts. (as far as Sony giving discounts.)

    • Jay

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comments and info on the discount!! I’ll update as necessary πŸ˜‰ As far as your situation, not having a full frame camera and all, the Sony A99 is still a valid option but a bit on the expensive side for photography use. You can get the same performance as far as photography goes and more lens options from the other guys and a cheaper cost. The A57 however, would make for a great camera in the meantime if you can wait till the next full frame attempt by Sony.

      Best of luck David,


  3. George

    Ken Rockwell noticed what seems to me to be the same problem with the AF module in the new Nikon D600

    “In FX mode, which is the whole point of the D600, all the AF sensors are congested towards the center of the frame. Nikon could have used only three sensors for about the same level of usefulness.”

    His conclusion:

    “No DSLR has full-frame AF yet, so it’s not that big a deal.”

    I am somewhat surprised if this statement is true. You would think that the very expensive pro line of cameras from Nikon and Canon would have full-frame AF.

    • Jay

      Hi George,

      Very interesting!! I did not know that, and it’s really good news for Sony!! They all saved money on the FF AF modules and wherever else they could cut I suppose. Sony has the clear advantage in video performance and AF if you use those lenses, so to the right market might be the better choice. Not for me though as a photographer.

      Thanks for the info George, as I do not read Ken’s site. I may need to revise my statement above a bit to reflect this new info as the Canon and Nikon should not be much better in the AF department than the A99. Very important to note, but still shows where the A99 is lacking. For the price point, it’s still a great deal considering the technology, but for a Pro Photographer a FF camera should have at the very least a Full Frame AF system. Even the A900 from 4-5 years ago is way better in my opinion. The Sony A99 actually went in reverse from the A900 as far as AF performance, by putting the smaller A77 AF Sensor for default use. Obviously if your using that AF-D mode it should be amazing, but being so limited with lenses, I just can’t see spending the money. The Nex system is a much better bang for the buck if your in my situation πŸ˜‰


  4. Justin

    Hi Jay. Thanks for the history lesson on your photo interest and business. I was interested to see you didn’t mention the sigma lenses for Nex being on your future shopping list as you gave them a great review on your site. What’s the reason?

    • Jay

      Hey Justin,

      Thanks for the sediments πŸ˜‰ As far as the Sigma lenses go, they are a great price for what you get no question. I really have little use for those focal lengths. I will already have the focal length covered with the 16-50mm kit lens. For speed I will have the 50mm f/1.8. If I were to buy another prime it would probably be the New Sony 35mm as it has OSS and is f/1.8!! Build quality also looks better than the Sigma lenses. Both the Sigmas are f/2.8 and I would rather have the extra speed of the Sony 35mm if I wanted that focal length at some point.

      That is my reasoning if it makes any sense πŸ˜‰


  5. Noovuss

    Thanks Jay for talking to us like we’re adults, it’s refreshing to see this.
    We live in a time that people prefer hope to substance and change for no reason. Thanks…

  6. Gerard

    The A99 was a disappointment to Me also, as was the offerings from Canon and Nikon (except for the 800, though the video capabilities is a turnoff to Me). I have no desire to do video. I do not want a microphone or even built-in flash. I just want to compose and take pictures. What I am waiting for, and may be waiting forever for, is a FF or larger sensor tetherable camera that will do as many bracketed shots EV-spaced as I want with full manual and partially-manual capabilities with every option available in all shooting modes… sort of a create-your-own-mode (if desired) type scheme. Lack of tetherability and crappy bracketing are probably the two greatest shortfalls of the A57; I would love to frame and set and shoot and view via a tablet instead of the tiny screen of which the viewfinder is actually better at even though it is many times smaller.

    Though You need not My opinion on Your decisions, I do agree with them.

    That’s My hay-penny worth:-)

    • Jay

      Hi Gerald,

      I really think you said it all very well!! I might add the Full Frame AF Module is a must as the crop factor module does not cover near enough of the frame. The bracketing, tethering, and un-limited manual modes is the way to go for sure!! Pop up flash not necessary or wanted for a Pro grade camera. No Pro would use that anyway unless totally screwed πŸ˜‰

      If you’ve even done studio work, the benefits of tethering are incredible!! Especially when shooting product shots where critical focus is necessary, or Portraits so the you and the model can see the results live on a large crisp screen.

      I love HDR Photography and bracketing is critical for this type of photography. The faster you can get all the frames needed the better for a variety of reasons like wind, clouds, cars, etc.. Sony seems to think AutoHDR, as good as it is, is all you’ll ever need. It’s silly, because clearly people want the bracketing power on the Semi-Pro level. I just use the exposure comp instead and get -2,0,+2 relatively quickly. Unless the .7 EV spread is enough, but usually is not.

      Perhaps I’ll write an article with a Sony “wish list” for the next full frame camera??

      Sony seems to be catering to the amateur/ semi-pro in my opinion. In that market they are un-stopable with the technological and image quality. As you said the A57 is great minus the silly software limitations with bracketing and tethering. Other than that though, the A57 is the best Sony DSLR Camera I’ve tested to date!

      How about Sony starts with the A900 as a base. Simple upgrade and improve everything on that and re-release it as the A950 or whatever? How hard can that be as apposed to re-creating the wheel with the A99? Granted the A99 has some of the most amazing technology ever available to the consumer if you fit in that little nitch they carved out for it. Pro Photographers don’t want that though?


  7. Vacation

    Hello! Nice article.:) I think that Sony said that there will be firmware for all the lenses on a99.

    • Jay

      Thanks for the comments Vaca,

      They did announce a firmware update will allow for more lens support. I think I read another 6 lenses or so. Still no good for me, Should be all lenses and the A99 should most definitely have a Full Frame AF sensor Module like the A900 has.


  8. Ace Disgrace

    Thanks Jay for another great read. I have a question… name 5 must have lens for your use/opinion for the NEX line? Cant add the 3 new ones and the other new zeiss. πŸ™‚ Thanks im just curious and i very much trust your reviews.

    • Jay

      Hi Ace,

      There really isn’t that many lenses my friend. You want 5 lenses not including the three new awesome lenses?? ok πŸ™‚

      50mm f/1.8
      16mm Pancake
      Both conversions lenses for the 16mm pancake
      My next choice would definitely be the 16-50m power zoom, but if that is off the table I would go with the kit 18-55mm lens. Very versatile, sharp, and the OSS seals the deal.
      Maybe the 30mm Macro before I got the 16mm conversion lenses as I love Macro Photography.

      I hope that helps bud πŸ˜‰

      E-Mount Lens Guide over here for more info on those lenses with links to reviews etc..

  9. Linz53

    Nice to hear an honest opinion !
    Although I cannot afford (or justify) a full frame body, I do relate to your “what were they thinking” description of the A99 (and Sony in general …) I own a 4 year old A350 and have been down the path of “have I chosen the right brand..” Had I backed the wrong team etc…(previously had a Canon G5 and liked the swivel screen, and also Sony came out with “Live View” and thats what my decision was based on…)
    In the meantime I bought some nice glass and have taken some great pictures with them, sold a few as well (semi-pro) After much discussion with Carl Garrard, he said “Lindsay, your photos are working, you dont need to change…etc. (or words to that effect) and I think it was there that I learn’t a valuable lesson….focus on the picture, not the gear (or in Frank Zappas words) “Shut up and play your guitar” I say this knowing the pressures a pro has as opposed to me are quite different, but at times when I have been getting envious of other peoples new gear, that principle has worked… saying that though, I am seriously considering selling a guitar from my collection and buying an A57, as you and Carl (and a few others) have got excited with Sony again thanks to the A 57 !
    The technology has come a long way since my old Pentax Spotmatic, but the idea behind it all hasn’t changed…Like your site Jay πŸ™‚

    • Jay


      Thanks for the comments! Very interesting way to say it and I totally agree. Now that I know “How to take Photos” It really doesn’t matter as much what brand or kind of camera. As long as it has the basic exposure settings and a decent lens of course πŸ˜‰

      The Sony A57 is a Camera I would considering buying for a second shooter at a wedding for the killer video and overall power. Holding that and a full frame at the same time would be awesome!! I wouldn’t hesitate to use the A57 at all. Of course a FF camera would be better quality in some ways, but it’s not necessary. My first Wedding was shot with a Canon 40D (Myself) and a Canon Rebel XTI (Michele). Sony Equiv today would be the A57 for the 40D, and the A35 for the Rebel XTI. Of course the technology is different but no matter. Check them out over Here >> on the New Forum if your interested. Clearly these images are not as good as what a full frame camera can produce, but Gear is not near as important as the photography itself. Having the best tools for the job is always nice although certainly not possible for the average user. It takes a long time to justify dropping so much cash. It did for me anyway πŸ˜‰

      Good luck and thanks again for your comments,

      • Linz53

        Just had a look at the wedding shots…I like what you ended up with…..what would be the basic difference if they were taken with a full frame (particularly in the closer shots ?)
        Nice clean shots with a little tasty post processing !
        Incidentally, the groom looks so young !

        Cheers Lindsay

      • Jay

        Hey Lindsey,

        Thanks for the kind words on our First Wedding Photography efforts!! The difference Full frame would have made is negligible considering I really would not have known how to take advantage of it most likely. Depth of field would have been more shallow for sure!!

        Nowadays, that is a completely different story though πŸ˜‰ What the Full Frame would have provided is a much shallower depth of field, which creates awesome separation between your subject and background. I would have used more natural light most likely. The dynamic range would have been much better (larger Sensor Pixels), so the outside shots would have been less harsh after processing. Also, the perspective advantage you gain from the larger sensor is better in my opinion. Everything has more of a 3D look to it because of this I believe. The Crop Factor Tutorial goes over this in more detail.


  10. Uc

    I want to thank you for your continued honest reviews. I bought the A57 because of you and the reviews you put up. I haven’t for one second regretted it at all. I’m so happy I did. Thank you yet again sincerely from my heart.


    • Jay


      Thank you so much for saying that, and your very welcome!! It’s really nice to hear that you are enjoying your new Sony A57 DSLR and hope you get everything out of it you were hoping for πŸ™‚

      If you ever have any questions or need some thoughts on a lens or something, please feel free to ask anytime!!


  11. matt

    Hi Jay,

    I am in a very similar situation like you, new kids and a full time job, a nex 7 and quite a few Canon L-Glass lenses. But i felt compelled to let you know if you don’t already: Meta-bones has the new Speed Booster adaptor coming end of this month. Do a search, it looks like it can make good use of that Nex camera and L-series glass. I have ordered one and cant wait, best of luck for the future!!

    • Jay

      Hey Matt,

      That new adapter does look enticing, but I must say I prefer the manual focus and focus peaking these days. I’ve gotten used to it now and really don’t mind full manual. It would be worth it for the aperture though on the canon lenses for sure πŸ˜‰ I also have the 5d Mark II if I really need the focus speed for some Pro work or whatever.

      Curious how fast do you think the AF will actually be in the real world with the new adapter?


  12. Zoltan

    Hi Jay,

    love your website and thanks for your efforts πŸ™‚

    I always loved taking photos but I only had a P&S and never had a good camera so I am new to the enthusiast level photography but learning quickly πŸ™‚

    I wondered it you could help me out:

    I have a Sony NEX-7 and have only one lens with it so far, the SEL18200 (big silver one). I really like that lens for it’s versatility, IQ and IS. I am thinking on a second lens that would be smaller is size and better in low light and hopefully even sharper.

    I am considering the new SEL35f18 which is a prime so I guess is sharper and it’s f1.8 so should be brighter and better in low light and it has IS and quite small in size too.

    I’m thinking on using it for Landscape photography + for in door photography and for night photography.

    I am just worried whether the 35mm is a good focal length for these(especially in the house where I’m space limited).
    So I guess zooming would be done by stepping forward or backwards a step or two.

    Alternatively I could get the Sony 50mm(SEL50f18) + the Zeiss 24mm(SEL24f18z) but I’m that’s a LOT more expensive option plus I’d have to replace lenses more often & carry 3 lenses…

    Do you think the SEL35f18 could be good for my needs what I suggested above & also what’s your opinion on the IQ of this lens compared to the SEL18200 zoom lens that I already have?

    Thanks very much in advance, Zoltan.

    • Jay

      Hello Zoltan,

      Thank you so much for the comments and kind words πŸ™‚ I hear what your saying and I think your in good shape! I would consider the 50mm or the 35mm as they are both high quality optics with OSS. The 24mm Zeiss is on another level of optical quality, hence the price tag. It’s razor sharp pretty much corner to corner. The Sony lenses are not, but very good regardless. The Sigma’s are a great cheaper Non OSS alternative that you want want to consider.

      The IQ will probably be a little better on the 35mm than the 18-200mm in my opinion, but I have not used it yet personally so I can’t say for sure. The 50mm is great for the price all around. I can’t recommend it enough, and think the 35mm will be the same.

      The f/1.8 will help dramatically in low light and keep your ISO under 3200 in almost all situations unless it’s really dark!! The OSS will also allow for 1/15sec hand held shots if you brace yourself. Possible even slower on the 35mm depending how steady you can hold.

      Perhaps the 35mm and the sigma 19mm to keep within budget? If you don’t feel like changing lenses you have the 18-200mm don’t forget πŸ˜‰

      I hope this helps!!


      Sony E-Mount Lens Guide >>

      • Zoltan

        Thanks very much Jay for taking the time and answering in such a length. I must say your reasoning is perfectly understandable and actually just what I was looking for!

        The 35mmf1.8 for indoor and night with OSS will be a killer so that fills that gap for me and the Sigma 19mm will do my landscape photography: wide and sharp plus and even though it’s only f2.8 with no OSS but for landscape I don’t need it because it will be mostly in good light and likely on a tripod.

        And it fits in the budget too because it’s only Β£109 and the 35mmf1.8 is Β£339

        So together they cost only Β£448 with 2 focal lengths to choose from one with OSS

        That’s almost half price compared to the Zeiss that’s Β£759 and has no OSS.

        So I think that’s the perfect combo I was looking for, thanks very much again Jay you solved my headache!

        P.s. The 50mmf1.8 sounds good too and will definitely consider adding it to my collection later on especially that it only costs Β£209! Pretty good…

      • Jay

        Anytime Zoltan πŸ˜‰ One other note about the Sigma 19mm for landscapes purposes is, you will most likely not need anything faster than f/8 for Landscapes unless your going for a creative depth of field type image. But in that case I would break out another lens πŸ˜‰ For my landscapes I like to have the scene sharp all the way through usually, and often f/16 will be needed on the crop factor cameras to achieve this. I don’t like going beyond f/16 though unless I have to because the diffraction starts to noticeable soften the image!!

        Thanks again,

      • Zoltan

        Oh I see f16 for landscapes, sounds good, I’ll keep that in mind!

        Which is your favourite landscape photography e mount lens by the way?

        Do you use the NEX-7 often or you have another favourite camera?

        Thanks again for your tips Jay they are greatly appreciated!

      • Jay

        Oh I see f16 for landscapes, sounds good, I’ll keep that in mind

        Well, not exactly. I would not recommend going higher than f/16. F/5.6 – f/8 is the best aperture to use more maxum sharpness and contrast quality. However the depth of field my require a Higher Aperture. More on Aperture and Depth of field over Here if you need: Photography Aperture
        Explained >>

        I’m using the Nex-6 these days, because I broke my Nex-7. Check it out all Naked Here: Naked Nex-7

        Lens wise I’m really liking the Sigma 10-20mm for that ultra wide-angle on the crop factor camera, but other than that I’ve been using the 16mm and 18-55mm kit lens. They work great on the 16mp sensor Nex-6. The Nex-7 has a much higher resolution, so the optical quality of the lenses really does become more important. The 24mm Zeiss price is much more justified for the Nex-7 than it is for the Nex-6 in my opinion, because of the huge resolution advantage.


  13. Zoltan

    OMG you broke your NEX-7?!? Ouch πŸ™‚

    I see, I’ll definitely study your article on Apertures, thanks!

    What would be the best application for the Zeiss 24mm?

    My thinking is this:
    I assume the Sony 35mmf1.8 is better in handheld low light and handheld indoor photography because of the OSS.

    For landscape the Zeiss is probably better than the Sigma 19mm but the Zeiss is Β£759 and the Sigma is Β£109 and I cannot image the Zeiss to be 7x better πŸ™‚

    So I was thinking the Zeiss is probably a good all rounder and awesome landscape lens if you can afford it but has no OSS that worries me or am I talking out of my backside here? πŸ˜€

    • Jay

      What would be the best application for the Zeiss 24mm?

      Professional grade work where 24mp resolution output is actually needed. Meaning Very Large prints or High Res stock photography images that require the highest standards for the most value. Right off off the camera tack sharp, high contrast, low distortion, Raw Files!!

      Regular photography I honestly feel that the in camera software and post processing options can fix almost all the inherit flaws in lesser the Pro quality optics. Chromatic aberrations, distortion, lens contrast ect.. can all be fixed in post processing software easily.

      The OSS will drastically help with low light and video and unless you require what I mentioned above, I would not get the Zeiss lens. It’s a luxury item otherwise in my opinion, that if you can afford by all means it’s a killer lens with no OS.

      Hope that helps.

      • Zoltan

        That makes sense, thanks for your opinion I really like your reasoning and how you can explain it to me as a totally novice photography enthusiast!

        I must read through your whole website! πŸ™‚

        By the way do you by any chance have any UK shopping links like Amazon and DigitalRevs where if I buy anything you get commission? I wouldn’t mind using them when I buy stuff, you deserve it for your fantastic work!

      • Jay

        Thanks very much Zoltan for the link question and consideration!! That really means a lot and I thank you πŸ™‚

        I don’t have any links set-up for the UK just yet, but I have been meaning to look into it for some time. Which superstores do you all use on that side of the pond?? BHPhoto, Amazon, and Adorama are the best venders over here with BH being #1. Amazon and Ebay I can definitely set-up for the UK and a few other areas. I’ve really have been meaning to do it for a while and you just gave me an excellent reason!

        Stay tuned for a few Amazon UK links and thanks again Zoltan!!


      • Jay


        Here is a Link to Sony E-Mount Lenses on Amazon UK with my tracking code. so would get the referral credit and I thank you very much!! I need to update the lens guide pages now!! lots of work πŸ˜‰

        Camera & Photo @ Amazon UK >>

        Thanks again,

      • Zoltan

        I’d say Amazon UK &

        (But I’ve only just bought my camera last month so not quite qualified to say where I’d normally shop. I used Jessops but they just went bust…)

        If I click through your link and start shopping for anything(ie: batteries, mobile phone, etc…) you still get referral credit right?
        I think that’s how some other sites advertise their links, is that how your link works too?

      • Zoltan

        Now I just have to persuade the wife about me needing the two lenses – and a Tripod of course – after that I have only just bought the NEX-7 + 18-200 lens last month πŸ™‚
        Next month or so, fingers crossed πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for the link Jay! I’ll be enjoying reading your site πŸ™‚

      • Jay

        Hey Bud,

        Thanks for the info on your preferred venders and yes, you can click the any link to amazon and then shop around and we should get the referral. One tip to insure that we get the referral is to make sure your shopping cart is empty then from click the given link and then add to the cart. If you happen to visit another website you can be using there affiliate links without even knowing it. It happened to me once when I purchased another 5d Mark II and got no credit for it. Somebody did though πŸ˜‰

        I added the direct links to Amazon and Ebay in my sign-off text that appears on almost every page. Those links can also be used if you want.

        Thanks again, and I’m in the process of updated my E-Mount lens Guide with all the extra links.

        On another note, I checked my google stats for an it looks like almost 40% of the readership is now Canada and the UK!! with another 15% or so Germany, Australia, Spain, and France.Last time I looked at the demographics it was 80% US!! WOW πŸ™‚

        Thanks again for the support and questions Zoltan!!

      • Zoltan

        I guess you didn’t loose the US readers but gained some more from the other areas πŸ˜‰

      • Jay

        The word about the lab is spreading thanks to folks like you Zoltan πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend!!


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