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September 21, 2013

Website and SonyAlphaLab -Forum News, Updates, and More….

SonyAlphaLab - Forum

I have some website and Forum updates I wanted to share encase you’re wondering what the heck happened. Basically what happened was got hacked and I lost the forum πŸ™

I tried everything in my power, but was unable to restore the forum from the website back-up do to corrupted database files. I had other redundant back-ups of all the forum and website content, but did not have redundant back-ups of the specific database files for the forum itself. I only had the database files for in the redundant back-ups. This was an oversight on my part and I am terrible sorry to those that joined the forum, shared, and lost it all. On the bright side,Β  I was able to save itself thankfully.

I hired a watchdog firm ( to watch over the website and close-up any potential vulnerabilities.

I think the hackers came in thru the install file directory of the forum, but I don’t know for sure. I closed up a few holes that I was unaware of, but the website is being scanned now and I should get a report fairly son with an update hopefully.I don’t know why I was targeted for being hacked, but based off the re-search I did, it seems I was being made aware of weaknesses in my website security. That seems to be the justification for hacking, and I must admit most of the files were not harmed. We still lost the forum and that was devastating to say the least.More discussion on the forum about this if you want more specific details.


SonyAlphaLab – Forum

I’ve been re-building the Forum (Click Here) over the past week and that is why you have not seen much action over here lately besides a few comments replies. I will get to the rest of your comments, don’t worry! If time is a critical factor, please use the contact form for faster help and let me know that in your question please.

I added some photos to pretty much every photography genre, and encourage you to check them out and consider joining or even sharing again. I don’t blame you for not signing up for the forum again after losing your efforts that you already contributed, but I do have a much better back-up system now. Lots of the older photos are not taken with Sony cameras, but all the newer images will be for sure. I hope to help show you what can be done photography wise, and if you have any questions on how I took or edited any of my photos, I can help more specifically on a per photo bases.

I also plan on adding a marketplace area where members only can share lenses with me and others that are willing to participate in a loner program I’ve been thinking about. Pay for shipping and borrow the lenses available to see if you like them. I’m thinking this will be great with the old school lenses and lens adapter combinations in particular?? Anybody interested in participating in a potential program like this? It would based on the honor system, so clearly this not be for everyone πŸ˜‰ I’m game though! Register for the Forum Here >>


SonyAlphaLab – Forum | Photography Genes


Closing Remarks

That is about it for now, but as I promised over a week ago, the Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8 Lens Review is coming soon…Β  (a few sample pics on the forum)

Thanks again for your support, patience, and understanding with the loss of the old forum. Hackers got me good and I’m really sorry for all that content you all helped me create got lost. Fresh start equals better usually, and in this case it’s a fact! The forum is more robust, more secure, and will have much more power in the future. For now I will continue to populate the forum with all my photos from over the years with various cameras and techniques. Please consider joining the forum and sharing in the photo fun with me πŸ˜‰ Remember, I own the nex-6 if you try and register….

If nothing else, enjoy looking at the photos, articles, and links, and everything else that will be going on at the SonyAlphaLab – Forum (Click Here)

I’ll catch up with you later, and have a great rest of the weekend,



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  1. Gerard

    1) Obviously now You (or a moderator) do not have to respond to My message to You that I sent this most recent previous week.

    2) I am fifty-seven and have seen many a scam propagated by those with financial interests. Though “industry” and “government” decries hackers, I am certain for My experience and knowledge that the industry and government stimulates commerce in creative ways that most “religiously trusting” sheeple would not ever want to admit to, and therefore ignores (and hence just pays up).

    3) I’m still working an income producing job more than I prefer (no thanks to the college educated managers who are [censored]), so I do not get to Your forum or do photography as much as I would prefer/like. Though highly intermittent, I do still at least visit.

    4) Beware that bright side for it being blinding.

    5) Thanks for what You do and share.

    • Jay


      Which comment are you referring from the previous week?? I must have missed it, or lost it?? Sorry for the delayed reply, but I’ve been loading up the forum like crazy with all my older photography!

      The bright side is often blinding, and what a great way to word it πŸ˜‰

      Thanks bud,

      • Gerard

        Jay, I had sent a message through “Contact Us” from when I could not sign into SAL Forum on that fateful day. Hindsight tells Me that the site must have been well in the process of going down to some inoperable level already at that time for there were some other issues that were notable. I’m usually a patient (out of My necessity) and busy (out of their necessity) guy so I was in no hurry for a reply from SAL. Then this post of Yours explained probably why the forum was as it was on the day that I tried signing in. But the same day of which I made My initial comment here, to which You just now replied, I had already gotten an email from Y’all stating that My account had been validated… or is that, re-validated. TY for that. Now all I need is more time for Me:-)

      • Jay

        lol, Thanks for the explanation πŸ˜‰ I never got that message, because the site was not working properly.

        On another note, remember the image quality issue you raised a few weeks ago about sharpness? It’s been bothering me and I think I might have found something. I was saving the jpeg files @ 65% quality, but they were already compressed jpeg files for the Samsung NX300 and RX100 II. An oversight on my part and should have left the jpeg export quality @ 85% or so instead of %65. I double compressed the jpeg files to much. When I shot Raw quality, I am creating a Jpeg file from the raw for the first time. So there is no double compression, and loss of quality in that method. Perhaps this is what caused the slightly softer images. Poorer Jpeg quality than your used to seeing do to the double compression factor?

        I really think this might be what happened Gerard, and I really wanted to thank you again for pointing this out and helping me with the issue. I’m working on the Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8 lens review now, and the images look really sharp to me. Curious what your thoughts will be once I get the review done.

        How I figured this out was by uploading photos to the forum and watching the images turn to crap. The forum software automatically compressed the photos upon upload, and it made my good image look softer. I played with the quality settings for output and on the forum and now the images look awesome. So, clearly the double jpeg compression was a contributing factor to this issue? Not necessary the whole issue though πŸ˜‰


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