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February 18, 2012

Three New Sigma Lenses: Two for the Sony Nex E-Mount, and a Monster Macro for the A-Mount!!

Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens

igma recently announced three new lenses to the Digital Photography market. Two really small lenses for the Sony Nex and 4/3rds camera community, and a huge Fast Macro lens with optical stabilization for the Full Frame and crop factor DSLr’s.

The first two new Sigma lenses are the 19mm F2.8 EX DN and 30mm F2.8 EX DN. Both are totally new and designed from the ground up with the mirrorless camera market in sharp focus when designing. Hence the incredible small size, light weight and fast apertures!!This is great news from Sigma as they make very good lenses and I’m very excited to try these primes. My prediction is they will be very good based on my previous experience with Sigma lenses. We shall see though 😉

Check these new lenses out:

Sony 30mm f/2.8 EX DN lens

Sony 30mm f/2.8 EX DN lens

Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens

Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens


From Sigmaphoto:

The telecentric optical design of these lenses is designed specifically for light transmission to digital sensors for edge to edge  image quality, and there’s a new AF system designed for the DN lenses for both still and video capture.  On Micro Four Thirds cameras with their 2x lens factor, the 19mm F2.8 EX DN translates to a 38mm F2.8, and the 30mm F2.8 EX DN translates to a 60mm F2.8. On Sony E-Mount NEX cameras with a 1.5x lens factor, the 19mm F2.8 equates to a 28.5mm and the 30mm F2.8 equates to a 45mm F2.8. These are two new  serious lenses for a class of cameras that I think are great go-everywhere cameras.

Let’s be totally clear. These are not just DG or DC SLR lenses with new mounts for MILC cameras. These are the first two in our new Digital Neo DN line lenses for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. These cameras pack a different feature set and offer a different user experience than DSLRs, including HD DSLRs. I personally have been a big fan of this camera class since I first met the original Olympus Pen EP-1 a few years back, and since then, I’ve shot tons and tons of family memories–both stills and videos–with the E-P1 and E-PL2. And I’m very excited about shooting with both these lenses and also about Sigma’s entrée as a lens maker for this rapidly expanding class of image-making devices.

For comparison, the maximum F/stops on the typical kit lens shipping with this breed of camera will be around F/4 at 19mm and F/5.0 at 30mm.  So, with the 19mm, that’s a full stop more light-gathering and background bokeh loveliness, and almost two full stops for the 30mm F2.8 EX DN compared to the 14-42 kits. That’s enough light to make a real difference in indoor and available light imaging in low light. (And remember, no amount of optical stabilization can stop subject movement–only camera jitters!)


In addition to the two new DN lenses, Sigma also just announced the world’s first 1:1 180mm F2.8 Macro with Optical Stabilizer! The Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens. This looks really nice and I would love to try it out on the new A57 that is to be announced on March 13th!!

Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens

Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Lens

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