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September 23, 2011

My thoughts on the New Nikon 1 Mirroless Camera System – Real Competition to the Nex??

Nikon 1

I finally got a chance to read up the new Nikon 1 Mirrorless system, and at first I was like “waste of time”.  Then I read on and from a marketing perspective Nikon is definitely on to something and creating lens adapters for the new lens mount will definitely help keep some the Nikon folks loyalty in my opinion. DPReview wrote a good article on the “why” Nikon would do this.  Basically Nikon decided to bridge the gap between sensor sizes. The Nikon 1 sensor size is directly between the high end Compacts and the APS Sony Nex Cameras pretty much.

How exactly this is going to even come close to the Sony Nex cameras image quality is beyond me, and worse than that Nikon defends there sensor size based on image processing limitations?

Nikon 1 vs Nex-C3

Nikon 1 vs Nex

Nikon has defended its design decisions behind the company’s new 1 Series V1 and J1 interchangeable lens cameras, arguing that a smaller sensor was a necessary compromise considering the software crunching included. Although smaller than what you’d find in a Micro Four Thirds camera, Nikon UK product planning manager Ken Kusakari told Amateur Photographer, the CMOS sensor in the 1 Series allows for faster image processing and features like Smart Photo Selector.

That is incredible!! Basically if I interpreted this correctly they would have used a larger sensor, but because the camera does fancy image processing similar to the Sony Cameras, it can only be 10 megapixel or it won’t work. How about a faster processor Nikon? The price of these new cameras seems really high as well so what gives? I look forward to more info on these, but I wouldn’t worry about any serious competition 😉

Check out this chart I just made up in Photoshop so you can see all the sensor sizes, and where the New Nikon CX Format falls in comparison to others.

All Digital Sensor Sizes

All Digital Sensor Sizes


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