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May 31, 2012

Sony’s Stradegy?? HD Video Showing Off What The E-Mount Yasurhara Nanoha 5:1 Macro Lens Can Do!!

YASUHARA Nanoha Macro Lens 5:1 for Sony E Mount (NEX)

Sony’s strategy as it relates to the Alpha Camera line is a bit perplexing at times. On the one hand, Sony has the best sensors and advanced camera technology currently available. And on the other, we have new cameras coming out constantly and poor support when it comes to firmware updates. The Nex-7 for example should have a firmware update to disable the annoying video button accidentally being pressed. It’s been an issues since day one and a simple firmware update would make so many people even happier Nex-7 users!! It almost seems like they don’t care, and that is alarming to me. It just doesn’t make logical sense to do that to your loyal customers on any level?

This issue is clearly being caused by human error in my opinion, and is hopefully being addressed with the new management re-structuring!!


My Thoughts on the Issues

This could be interpreted as really bad, but remember Sony is changing it’s strategy as a whole!! They announced only a few weeks ago about a huge re-structuring of management, and then Digital Imaging was moved up in priority. Sony is currently trying to figure out a way to up the Zeiss lens production, but being made by a 3rd party and is at max capacity apparently. Perhaps another 3rd party manufacture is needed??

Sony is in financial crisis due to not only the Thailand flood, but a failing TV and PC segment of the business. Why Sony carries so many different models of electronics is mind boggling to me. Why not copy a business model that works?? Apple always comes to mind when stuff like this is brought up. What exactly does apple do differently?? Well, they come out with amazing products, but only 2 or at most 3 versions of it. Just look at their product line. It’s relatively short list if you look the stuff like iPhones, ipads and iMacs.

Sony on the other hand comes out with new versions of cameras every couple of months with only slight improvements that should be handled by a firmware updates. Why not release New Alpha cameras at a slower rate, and release firmware updates periodically addressing Current Users Requests!! As long as Sony gives firmware updates, Sony Alpha users will be happy with what they have for a longer period of time in my opinion. Therefore, the photographer can focus on photography and confidently invest in lenses knowing the next Gen camera body will be a substantial upgrade. The Mega-pixel race is over and image quality is better than ever!! We do not need a new version of x camera body ever 6-9 months or whatever the cycle is.

I personally don’t mind waiting for a new product, if the current product line is still being supported, and I know the next Gen product will be a substantial upgrade. If it’s only a mild upgrade, why bother? Perhaps it has something to do with the stock market shares and I just don’t get it? Who knows, but it seems odd to me.

Less is better when it comes to camera bodies. More is better when it comes to Quality Optics I say 😉

I can see perhaps a faster turn around time for low cost point and shoots, but when you get into the alpha leagues, it should not be that way in my opinion. Seems to me Sony could do away with both the A65, and A37. Possible a few point and shoots and/or cyber shots. At least 1 or 2 per series should be cut in my opinion.

The A77 and A57 are enough in my opinion for the SLT’s, and firmware updates should be released as needed for these cameras until a significantly better next generation model comes out.  The A35 for example was fine and a firmware update would have done the job. Instead Sony comes out with the A37. Why Sony? Why not focus on refining the camera body based on user input and firmware updates for a while? The A57 and A77 are available if the user needs to upgrade for professional purposes or build quality improvements.

Speaking of build quality; In my opinion their should be a better distinction between camera bodies build qualities. For example, the A77 should be much better than the A57, yet they are almost identical? Why is that?

I would like to see a much more rugged version of the A77 and a tank of an A99. The A57 is perfect where it is in my opinion. Sony really did hit it out of the park with the A57. It’s the perfect balance of everything in my opinion, and worth investing in.

My Sony A57 Hands on Review – This Way >>

Ultimately the intro SLT (DSLR) could be the A57, and the A77 can be the Semi-Pro/ affordable Pro Camera. The New A99 Full Frame will be for the serious professional, and the Nex Cameras can cover from the Pro with the Nex-7 to the beginner using the Nex-C3. The Nex-5n is a nice middle ground actually and 3 cameras make sense for the Sony Nex Line in my opinion.

Just my .o2cents worth, and please keep in mind I have no clue how the internals of Sony’s actually work. This is all based on reading I’ve done, speculation, and opinion!


YASUHARA Nanoha 5:1 Magnification Macro Lens  – HD Sample Video!!

NANOHA is a new macro lens for the Sony Nex Cameras which offers up to 5x magnification capabilities. (It means 1 pixel on the picture is about 1 micrometer on the shooting target.) Microscope optics for your camera without needing microscope. With NANOHA, you can find small wonders easily. We have used some patented technologies for your easy shooting. NANOHA is naturally designed for mirror-less cameras. So the pictures are clear to the corners and it has small distortion. You can take artistic photos of small targets with this lens.

The name NANOHA, NANO is from nanometer, which is 1/1000 micrometer. NANOHA is the gate to the nanometer world.


Yasuhara Nanoha Macro Lens 5:1 for Sony E Mount (NEX)

YASUHARA Nanoha Macro Lens 5:1 for Sony E Mount (NEX)Heart of the NANOHA x5 consists of ten spherical glass lenses arranged in seven groups. Individual elements are coated by one or more surface layers, which prevent reflection and mechanical damage. It is possible to focus in 11 – 19 mm range with resulting 4x to 5x magnification, that is 4:1 and 5:1. The body of the lens is mostly metal, excluding the light module and the material of the mount differs depending on the camera type. The mount is made of steel on the Sony NEX (E-mount) and of aluminum on the micro 4/3. The removable light module includes 3 LEDs, whose running life is thousands of hours according to the manufacturer. The lens was designed in Japan and manufactured in China, but before sale every single piece undergoes a final inspection in Japan.

Tested at >>

More Pics

YASUHARA Nanoha Macro Lens 5:1 for Sony E Mount (NEX)YASUHARA Nanoha Macro Lens 5:1 for Sony E Mount (NEX)

USB Power Supply

Product Highlights

  • 4x to 5x Magnification
  • Removable 3-LED Macro Lighting
  • Focusing Range of 0.43-0.78″
  • Four Plastic Holders for Subjects Inc

Price: ~$499.99

Compare Prices @ BHPhoto (Click Here) Amazon (Click Here)


Closing Remarks

Sony has serious potential in my opinion as one of the best camera manufactures in the world. They do need to step up their game as it relates to Pro photography and lens production. Hopefully the Full Frame A99 will blow us away and Sony will then start pumping out quality glass and firmware updates!! Seems to me it would save them money and keep/ convert users at a higher percentage. As I said in the beginning of this article, Sony has the best value for the dollar camera products out their. Killer HD Video with Auto focus and APS-C size sensor image quality that rivals FF competition at a fraction of the cost. A-Mount lens line-up is pretty solid, but could use a few more Pro grade fast primes. The E-Mount Lens line-up needs to double at least in my opinion. Priority going to fast Prime Lenses!!


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