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June 28, 2012

Sony’s New GoPro Killer?? Sony RX100 Hands On Reviews, Sony Nex-F3 Hands On Reviews, and more!!

Sony’s new action camera

Sony is on the move as always, and with the latest installment of the Sony RX100 the, they are clearly not playing games when it comes to beating the competition. In fact, they destroy the competition in my opinion in almost every photographic endeavor they take. The latest installment is a GoPro enthusiast go anywhere type camera!! I found out about this courtesy of

The latest news is Sony is coming out with as GoPro style camera, except it’s going to have Exmor sensor technology, and wide angle Zeiss lens of some sort, and Steady shot built in!! In my opinion Sony is entering a, lets face it, GoPro market. So, what can they do to compete realistically?? Make a much better product :)I have the GoPro 2 and it really is an awesome product, but there is room for improvement. Quality, Optics, Options, etc….

Check this out!!

Sony’s New Action Camera

Sony’s new action camera

Sony’s new action camera

Sony’s new action camera

Sony’s new action camera

Sony’s new action camera

Sony’s new action camera

Sony’s new action camera

Sony’s new action camera with waterproof housing!!


Courtesy of the Sony Blog:

The video camera is tiny and lightweight, but it houses Sony’s hallmark SteadyShot® image stabilization technology, Exmor® R CMOS image sensor, and an ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss® Tessar® lens.

That means, whether you’re shredding major powder, jumping out of a plane, or kayaking through an epic waterfall, you’re capturing super high-quality video of it to show off to your family and friends. And there’ll be ruggedized and waterproof housings available so the camera can do its job in even the most extreme environments.

We’ll keep sharing updates and details about the product so be sure to stay tuned.


The Sony RX100 Hype

The Sony RX100 is certainly making a splash in the compact camera market as expected 😉 Check out some of these reports!!

Sony RX100

A excellent review from TechRadar >>

Does Sony’s “game changing” premium compact deliver the goods?

Another really good review with sample photos from >>

Is it worth it? Absolutely. The RX100 will be exactly what many demanding photographers have been waiting for: a truly pocketable high-end, large-sensor compact. It’s not quite perfect, and some may query its price point against the NEX-series, but otherwise it’s a roaringly good first attempt. Tasty stuff.

Nex-F3 – Hands on Reviews

Sony Nex-F3

I found this really good hands review of the Nex-F3 on HD Video from Engadget:


And here is another very enthusiastic Hands On by


Cameras in Space??

Courtesy of

Donald Pettit

Donald Pettit

NASA astronaut and current International Space Station scientist Donald Pettit recently appeared at OnOrbit posing with an astonishing ten Nikon DSLRs and their accompanying lenses. However, Pettit isn’t in on the ISS as NASA’s official photographer — he’s a flight engineer with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and a veteran of several ISS missions. He’s even done some lighthearted physics experiments from space so that the rest of us can get an impression of what it’s actually like in zero gravity. Want to see what kind of images an astronaut with a serious penchant for photography can turn out? You can see several of them right here.

Closing Remarks

That is about it for now, have a good day 😉


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  1. I agree to you that sony is really creating some crazy good stuff with the SLT, NEX and RX100 but what they totaly lack is promotion. I think they have to create a better image in peoples heads when it comes to photography. Nikon and Canon are loudly screamin about every little chenge in any of their cameras and sony makes huge changes and what do you hear about it? almost nothing! How shall not sony-focused people know what good stuff they produce if they don’t talk about it?

    • Jay

      You have a great point and I think Sony spends way less money in the USA than Nikon and Canon when it comes to advertising. Honestly, that is the reason I had no clue about how good Sony was only 2 short years ago!! You and I talking about Sony helps get the word out, but the Canon and Nikon folks are relentless!!

      They do seem to be pushing the RX100 more than most other products. I’ve seen it all over the web and magazines etc.. The higher end stuff though, not so much.

      Sony is making some major changes company wide and a lot of employees are afraid they may lose their jobs do to re-organizing, or shifting of funds etc.. Tuff times for Sony, but they do seem to be plowing ahead with some amazing technology again and again despite the other issues. I guess we will have to wait and see what Photokina brings. That is the next big announcement I believe and it gets covered by the media, so hopefully Sony goes big!!

  2. In my humble opinion the biggest draw backs to the GoPro are the lens and lack of Raw files. I will also say I am not a big fan of Sony’s Raw file format and the way it doesn’t seem to play nicely with Apple. Would really like to see cameras especially such as this one to limit the jpg choices and include a Dng file option. I use to be against the Dng file format (Adobe becoming the next microsquash) but to simplify the archival process I really think cameras NEED to be providing this option in camera

    • Jay

      Hey Jeff,

      I totally agree about the .dng format. Should become the standard along with tiff and jpeg options!! I also agree about the GoPro limitations, but I really don’t care about raw format on that camera. The new Sony model should be killer with the on board steady shot. I’m not sure about the lens options though.


  3. How do you get so lucky not to care about Raw on those POV shots? I’m always running into latitude problems that I know I could pull more detail out of areas if I could just work with the Raw file. If the camera is mounted to a bike and it’s not completely overcast I know I’m going to have blown out skys. the steady shot will be nice, although it’s gotta be super durable the Go Pro sure isn’t and there are new costly housings just because of this fact.


    • Jay


      I don’t. I really only use it for video at the moment, as framing the shots is really tuff with no preview. I try and use a real camera when at all possible for photography. The lens is actually pretty decent considering I thought. The camera also has seems to meter pretty good for overcast shots. You can enable the spot meter function if your still having issues. It’s really limiting what you can do with it. It makes an awesome durable waterproof HD Video Camera though!!

      I agree the steadyshot is going to need to be super heavy duty. I would assume Sony engineers planned for this!!


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