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January 4, 2014

Sony RX-series Speculation?? APS-C Sized Sensor Camera Missing?


A gap is open in the RX-series for a APS-C sized sensor camera and I wonder if it will be called the Sony RX20? I was thinking about the gap in image quality between the 1″ sensor Sony RX10/ RX100 II, and the Full Frame Sensor RX1/ RX1r cameras. The gap is significant when you look at the DXOMark sensor scores, and it makes sense to me that it will have a 20mp APS-C sized sensor which will split the twenty point image quality spread that currently exists.

~70 for the 1 inch sensor and ~90 for the full frame sensor. The APS-C sized A3000 sensor comes at a score of ~80. Again, I’m just using the A3000 sensor score as a reference, not the actual camera.


RX- Series Speculation and Possible Sensor?

Looking at the other RX cameras and the evolution thus far, it seems apparent to me that Sony will come out with a APS-C Packing RX-series camera soon. In my opinion, it will have the 20mp APS-C sized sensor the A3000 is currently packing. I wanted to show you the sensor scores of all the RX cameras so you can see where the RX20 will fit in the image quality spectrum. Pretty much right where the A3000 currently resides.

This is obviously a total guess on my part, but does seem to make sense based on Sony’s recent RX-series camera evolution. Check out the 70, 80, 90 scores that I based my speculation on courtesy of DXOMark (Click Here)


rx10-a3000-rx1-sensor-score via


Sony RX10 vs RX100 II vs RX100

The RX10 has a slight edge on the older RX100 II and RX100, but only by a small fraction. Note the ISO score is actually a bit lower on the RX10 compared to the RX100 II which has the same exact sensor.


rx10-rx100m2-rx100-sensor-score via


Look at the Gap!


rx-series-camera speculation


What about a Lens?

My guess would be a fast ~50mm equivalent lens; setting it apart from the RX1 and making it more ideal for portraits. Something like the E-Mount 35mm f/1.8 OSS lens comes to mind. That lens reviewed here: SEL35f18 Lens Review >>

Perhaps it will have a more modest f/2.8 24-70mm equivalent constant aperture zoom, but I doubt it. I wonder what Sony is thinking?

Camera Body?

Well, here is an issue. No camera body exists in the RX line for the APS-C sized sensor, except the RX1, and that is big. Sony will need to come up with something new, or put it in a camera body like the RX10 and call it a day? Not exactly pocket worthy in size, but not that big either.

Other features?

Not really sure, but the RX10 has way more power in the video department than the other RX-series cameras. Hopefully Sony will stick with that and something new.


Hopefully not much more than the RX10 which goes for ~$1300 US. Realistically,  ~$1800 US I would say based on increased size of hardware and cost.


Closing remarks

Sony RX100 Sensor vs a Standard Point and Shoot

Sony RX100 Sensor vs a Standard Point and Shoot

I really don’t know Sonys plans, but it sure is fun to speculate. The RX20, or whatever it’s called, has to make sense for Sony to build it. With Sony already having the APS-C sensor packing Nex series cameras, it may not seem worth while to make another RX-Series camera with the same size sensor. I disagree with that though, and think people would totally spend the money based on RX1 and RX1r image quality and sales success. The cost of the full frame RX1 is out of reach for a lot of people though, like myself for example. An APS-C sized version of that camera might be more doable though? I’m loving the RX10 and the image quality is pretty awesome, but not as good as my Nex-6. It’s hard to justify buying a new camera if the image quality is not better, but then again I don’t need better. What I want is the most fun experience possible using the camera, and killer IQ results. Lightning fast AF would also be cool, but not likely.

That is all for now, but please stay tuned for some studio sample photos of my Dad using both the Sony A7 and RX10, plus a new Lightroom 5 video tutorial on Developing Sony Raw files! It’s going to be a long video and possible multiple parter by the time I’m done 😉 I have several Lightroom tutorials (Click Here) already published if you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of post processing! I know you want to 🙂

The older Sony RX100 is currently on sale for $548 US, and if you’re in the market for an ultra compact camera it’s a great deal in my opinion. Sony RX100 @ BHPhoto (Click Here) | Amazon (Click Here) | Ebay (Click Here)

Comments Area?

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Thanks again,


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  1. Angelus

    Have to admit, i never saw it in that perspective.
    But don’t u think people with an lower budget, coming from P&S camera, wants to grap on body not with an fixed lens?
    The reason is quite simple, because it looks more pro 😛 and people want more “pro” when they paying for a “better” camera.
    If the RX10 is 1300$ with his zoom rage, i can’t imaging how expensive the APS-C would be 🙂 it destroy’s his own purpose.

    There is 1 thing i really want from Sony, but i dont think is going to happen anytime soon. A really nice 12/16 to 35mm F2-F2.8 with OSS and PDAF. I would buy it instantly for my NEX 6.
    I dont mind the short zoom rage if the lens could be kept as small as possible.
    If i want more zoom the 18-200 and the 55-210 is perfect 2. But we already have those option.
    The worst thing that could be happening is, that Sony wont make any E-mount APSC lenses at all.

    • Jay

      Sorry for the delayed reply Angelus. Still working on fixing all the crap that the hackers keep messing up. I added a new comment system to make it much easier hopefully 😉

      In regards to your question, I agree a killer f/2.8 16-35mm with OSS would be nice. Sony is still making e-mount lenses, so hopefully sooner than later.f/2.8 and OSS would make it huge, as would lens corrections issues needed for the close flange to sensor distance 🙁 Engineers are amazing though, so who knows!

      Don’t worry, Sony plan’s to continue the APS-C and Full frame E-Mount cameras for some time. They are the bread and butter. APS-C is almost as good as full frame, plus the extra zoom from the crop factor is great for many. The depth of field is also easier to work with, so not everybody wants full frame. Especially at the current price point in comparison.


    • Jay

      Check out what Samsung just came out with for the NX series cameras Angelus! Incredible, you just mentioned this…


  2. To whom it may concern: I would particularly like to see the renewal of the sony camera RX10 thus:

    RX10 + SENSOR APS-H (27.90 x 18.6) + VIDEO + 4K = SENSOR CURVO RX20,

    thus this camera come close to perfection, with aps-h sensor, would not come into friction with other cameras of sony.

  3. Eduardo

    Some are talking about the price ending up being too high with an APS-C sensor and I might agree. Sony has to thnk a bit about that, plus maybe think about going half way in between the RX10 and the a3000 built.
    They can make and sell a fantastic camera, yes with some drawbacks but with great quality pictures, in the a3000 for less than $400. Why not an RX20 with some of the a3000 internals and externals, you know, a bit of a plasticky body, with 10 fps, fast focusing a la a6000, a 24-400 zoom, etc., for around $800.

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