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August 17, 2012

Sony Rumors Round-Up: A99 Video Specs, Nex-5R and Nex-6 details, Full Frame Nex is coming and more!!

Tons of Rumors have been flying around the internet the past week or so and I wanted to share a few with you about the Sony A99, Nex-5R, Nex-6, and the New Nex lenses. There are also a bunch of little updates about the up in coming Nex-6, Nex-5r, and the New Nex Lenses that are coming down the line. The video specs on the A99 are incredible if true, so ee below for all the details.

I also just read on SAR that a Full Frame Nex camera is on the horizon and will be a revolutionary game changer!! Sony just doesn’t stop, and I bet this is the Hybrid camera we’ve heard about for a year or so now. I actually have a design I’m working on over Here>> if you care to take a look and share some input 😉 It’s a work in progress as I have limited time, but a really fun project nonetheless and will probably be similar in some ways to my design.  Time will tell  😉

I also just got an email about an all new Sony Camcorder called the NEX-EA50UH!!


Sony A99 Detailed Specs

So I know several Pro Photographers that are drooling over the rumors on the A99 as it has 102 x-point AF sensors which is clearly all about speed!! It also has a all new Full Frame translucent Mirror design and a bunch of other rumored specs.

Rumored A99 Specs:

  • 102 X-Point AF Sensors
  • Dual Memory Cards
  • 24mp Full Frame Sensor
  • AVCHD2.0 format , below 1080p it have the Bit rate of 50Mpbs – 4:2:2 Sampling (other model coming next year has 4:2:0)
  • 1080P with the highest 120fps,at 720P, the highest is 240FPS
  • MP4 format still 35Mbps
  • Center focus works with the largest Aperture, other AF Points still need f3.5 to work except for P mode. A and S mode can also auto-focus but M mode is still manual only.
  • 4X zooming in during 1080P can be captured
  • multi-recording can take a 2.4 Megapixels during recording
  • HDMI can be Non-destructive Output
  • new shoe can fit the wireless (bluetooth) mic
  • except the high speed model,other model Maximum recording time is 29min 59s
  • Time code support
Sony Phased Detection AF Sensor

Sony Phased Detection AF Sensor

New Nex Cameras and Lens Gear

Sounds like the Sony announcement on August 28th is going to be mostly Nex gear. The A mount lenses and the A99 should be announced about two weeks later or so.

The biggest news for the New Nex cameras is the all new 16MP sensor that has Phase Detection AF sensors built in!!

NEX-5R: Looks almost exactly like the Nex-5n, but has the  same flip screen found on the Nex-F3. It has a completely New 16MP APS-C sensor with Phase Detection AF pixels. It has WiFi connectivity, Application support, and you can even surf the web!!! The Nex-5r is said to be priced around $700 with kit lens.

NEX-6: It’s a mini Nex-7 with integrated viewfinder. Compared to the NEX’7 it has an EVF with less resolution and a newly designed 16 Megapixel APS-C sensor with Phase detection AF Pixels.  It has WiFi connectivity, app support, and web support and should be price between the NEX-5R and Nex-7 @ ~$1000 US

Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6: A quality pancake zoom lens

Sony 11-18 f/4.0: Standard zoom and more likely the size of the 18-55 kit lens.

Sony 35mm f/1.8: Fast affordable prime lens similar to the New Sigma 30mm lens I just reviewed.


New – Sony NEX-EA50UH Camcorder with 18-200mm Servo Zoom Lens

Product Highlights

  • Includes 18-200mm Servo Zoom Lens
  • Records Full HD 1080p up to 60 fps
  • Exmor APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • Lossless Digital Zoom Effect
  • Accepts E-mount Lenses
  • Two XLR Audio Inputs
  • SD/MS Memory Card Slot
  • FMU Slot for Flash Memory Unit
  • Still Photographs at 16 Megapixels
  • Hot Shoe for Traditional Flash Units

 Sony NEX-EA50UH Camcorder with 18-200mm Servo Zoom Lens

 Sony NEX-EA50UH Camcorder with 18-200mm Servo Zoom Lens

Price: ~$4500 US


Closing Remarks

That is about it for now, but stay tuned for the Sony Nex-F3 Hands on Review that I’m working on and more!!


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