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August 6, 2011

Sony Nex-C3 HD Video Samples

I took a few short HD video clips with the new Sony Nex-C3 and I was very impressed with the quality. To start recording the videos I simple hit the record button and pointed accordingly using the handy tilt screen to my viewing advantage of course. This camera is definitely set-up for the non professional and is incredible easy to use

I uploaded the .mp4 HD files right off the camera un-touched, so there is some extra footage I would have normally edited out. I did not want to compromise the quality though by re-saving the video files and de-grading them. Be sure to select the 720p HD Viewing mode in the bottom right side of the payer!

I will have many more video samples to come, so stay tuned!!

About the Author

Hello, I'm the owner and operator of Please check out the About page for a full background on myself and the Lab ;) Google+ | Twitter | RSS-feed | Email Updates!!


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