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August 9, 2011

Sony Nex-C3 – Extremely Low Light High ISO HD Video

I’ve taken a decent amount of video with the Sony Nex-C3 so far and overall it does a very good job. The focus is a little finicky in low light which is expected, but overall performed quite well.

It’s worth noting that when using iA (Auto Intelligent) Mode on the Nex-C3, the ISO tops out at 1600. ISO 1600 is definitely not enough for very low light and will result in dark video as the minimum shutter speed is 30fps for video.  However, if you switch to one of the creative modes such as Aperture Priority (A), you can jack up the ISO all the way to 12800!!ISO 12800 allows for some serious low light recording that was just not possible only a short time ago.

The downside to using this extremely high ISO is digital noise of course, but it’s certainly better than no video at all 😉

Check out this short clip and be sure to select the HD 720p and full screen option:

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  1. Alexia

    Hey, i really like to buy this camara, do you recommend it?!

    • Jay

      Absolutely! I Highly recommend the Nex-C3. I’m working on the full In-Depth Hands On review now and it should be out in a day or so….


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