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July 13, 2013

Sony News, RX1R Reviews, New Nex FF Rumors, and “Lab” Updates


In this article we have some New Sony Romors, RX1R and RX100II Reviews, Nex-9 Full Frame Rumor Updates, and “Lab” Updates! I’ll also give you a bunch of links to the goods around the web 😉

I’m currently reviewing the Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8 lens (Click Here), and so far I’m very impressed with the build quality and sharpness. I set-up a scene in the “Lab” for testing the lens out and it does work, although I am not very happy with the results to be honest. The measuring of the camera/ lens, and focus targets is really hard with such a wide angle lens. I have to have the lens super close to the scene which creates an extremely shallow depth of field.

The set-up does work in illustrating what the lens can do in that particular scene though which is useful in some ways. I’m going to set-up another scene again today and spread things out a bit more, so I can get the camera and lens further back. I will then re-shoot and update the Zeiss Touit lens Rolling Review with the latest results later today!

This is clearly a work in progress and and will continue to refine and learn from my “lab” tests. Please feel free to suggest ideas, critiques, or whatever, in the comments area below, or on the actual reviews. I’m always open for suggestions and ideas when it comes to testing things. I do want to offer something different and col though if possible.


New Sony Rumors?

One the latest Sony Rumors I heard was about a new “DSLR Style” E-Mount camera. This is excellent news and makes sense to those in the market for an affordable DSLR. I don’t know exactly what the body will look like, but the lens to mount flange distance on the Nex is 18mm. That will remain the same, so is the camera going to have a thinker back? Or maintain that super slim-line Nex design? It’s going to need to be more like the Nex-6 I guess, but cheaper. Not really sure but Andrea @ SonyAlphaRumors gave it a SR5 rating which means it’s very likely to be true!

The Sony Alpha DSLR design in comparison to Nex can be seen more clearly in the image to the right. Notice how thick the camera body is do to the 44mm sensor to lens flange distance. The Nex is only 18mm which allows for the super slim body, and completely new line of native E-Mount lenses. I’m really curious to see how Sony designed this new camera! I wish I was faster with the 3D modeling programs so I could quickly render a guess, but it would take me all day to come up with something presentable and I have to go to work 😉 I’m on-call for work again!


Sony Nex Full Frame Rumors/ Speculation

I got to some thinking about the new Sony Nex Full Frame Camera that is coming soon! Possible even before 2014 I heard 😉 Anyway, the full frame sensor is what i was pondering specifically. How is Sony going to get the Full Frame native lenses to have sharp corners with such a short sensor to flange distance?Well, they figured it out with the DSC-RX1 I just reviewed (Click Here), so have no fear! The downside to the full frame native lenses is that they will need to be new and specifically designed for the Nex Camera system. This is costly and time consuming. The lenses will also need to be relatively large in order to cover the full frame sensor at a decent speed.

My Guess is the Sony will come out with a 35mm f/2 Zeiss full frame lens for the new E-mount Full Frame Nex-9. It will be a slightly modified RX1 Lens. I wonder if we will get full frame coverage with the LA-EA3 lens adapter and A-Mount Lenses? It should work I would think, but you never know. I also wonder if the sensor will only work in crop factor mode with non native e-mount full frame lenses. In other words, no full frame coverage when using lens adapters? I hope not, but the thought did cross my mind as it will have a crop facotr mode for the normal E-Mount lenses we all already have. They are specifically designed for the APS-C sized sensor, not full frame.

Latest from SAR:

two new Zeiss FulL Frame and E-mount lenses. One will be a zoom and the other one a prime lens. And important…everything will be expensive :( The NEX-FF definitely has on sensor PDAF. I am now working to get full reliable specs but the chance is high we are talking about a very compact camera with 30+ Megapixel sensor.

Nex-7 Successor?

It is coming, but was delayed and re-designed to be significantly better! One huge upgrade is the much larger grip and NP-FM500 battery! That is the same battery the full frame SLT-A99 has, and should drastically increase battery life to 4-500+ shots I would hope. Standard Hot Shoe is also expected and welcomed as is the more advanced on camera flash.

Here are the latest rumored specs courtesy of SAR:

The body will be similar as nex7 but the lens Mount will be moved 3mm on the left
3mm taller
lens Mount 3mm deeper so lens will come out 3mm less
bigger grip. taller,deeper and wider, due to new battery and better grip feeling.increased volume by 2.9cubiccm
slimmer rear screen design.8.2cm diagonal 1,080dots.same movement as nex 7
magnesium alloy construction dust sealed. weight 23grams more
NP-FM500 battery
standard hotshoe
new popup flash unit with tilting capability”

Nex-7 Price: ~$1098 (body Only)

Compare Nex-7 Prices @ BHPhoto | Amazon >> | Ebay >>


New Sony Sensor Patent

Check out this insanely cool concept sensor design. Combine this with some organic synthetic film like materials for huge dynamic range, and I think we have the next generation sensor technology on the horizon possible??

new sensor design with hexagonal and triangle pixel design. The aim of the design is to increase the color fidelity by using a RGBCMY instead of the classic RGB pixel design. I doubt this kind of sensor design will ever make it into a real camera…

source Egami:



Sony RX1R and RX100II Reviews

It’s been a while since the announcement of the new Cyber-shot RX1R and RX100II, and the results are in at a few reliable sources. One of them being Steve Huff. Check out this hands on review where he goes over the RX1R and RX100II in detail up close.


Cyber-shot RX1R, RX100 II Q&A with Sony product experts

Published on Jul 2, 2013

If you missed the 7/1 livestream Q&A on the newly-announced Cyber-shot RX1R and RX100 II, no worries! You can catch it right here.

Sony product experts Mark Weir and Amy Koppmann as well as professional photographer Jeff Berlin answered community questions about these exciting new cameras.

If this video doesn’t answer yours, tweet it to @SonyElectronics using #RX100 or #RX1 and we’ll find out for you.

For more info on RX100 II:
For more info on RX1R:


More RX1R and RX100II Related Links


July – Rebates and Deals Links


Closing Remarks

Stay tuned for more on the Zeiss Touit 12mm Rolling Review later today, and the New Sigma E-Mount lenses soon… Please let me know what you think of the “Lab” set-up and if it’s worth the time and effort, or if you have some ideas etc..I only habve limited time, so if you think it would be better spent with real world photography only, please let me know! Have a great weekend everybody 🙂

Catch up you later and thanks again for checking in and your continued loyalty/ support with the affiliate links! 😉


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  1. Lou

    I was talking a few days ago about triangular pixels. I am in fact a Rabbi of the secret doctrine of Kabbalah, and that doctrine is about GOD, what is an old dusty metaphor and that we replaced and call today in a modern and more scientific way, Energy.

    Kabbalah teaches us how energy builds all matter, what pattern and overlays are used, what spins act inside matter, what fields of holographic nature and gravitational nature make the whole simulation we see and in which we live become and act the way it does. Like any 64 bit computer system, the whole works with 2 fields in 1, what is a neutral space and 2 polarities, 0 and 1, or positive and negative. The whole matter we see obeys to 2 geometrical figures only, where the first generates the second. What we will probably ignore for ever, is what or who wrote the program for it. So we stay with the name of the absolute or the great architect, or like we Jews say, all that exists is GOD, and a little bit more. The little bit more is the program that makes energy act that way and produce the illusion we live in.

    It are indeed only triangles that form circles. In setting triangles side by side and back to back, we can form all the matter we see by overlaying pattern, an by rotation we create the resulting moiré effects. In our life space, all we see is round edged, even if this is optical illusion for the reason that triangles are slightly concave and if you order them side by side, you never can get a straight or round line or a solid measurement, since circles are transcendent, expanding permanently in a hyperbolic expansion.

    Even the wall we build with a water levels and a square is a part of the earth larger circle. There is no straight line in nature, nor is there any symmetry. All repeats and looks the same, but different. Symmetry can only be found on the profound nuclear level and we can say the visible is an inverted mirror to what is visible.

    Now, what is then more evident than using triangles to read the pattern of the matrix. So, I was impressed to see today here that Sony has found that out as well, and on my side, I doubt at no moment that the sensor of the future will have that pattern, since it is working with the structure of the matrix. We use square pattern, what is a composition of 4 triangles, and if we had split them in 4 fields, 2 green, one red, one blue, we could have made better shots since along time.

    So, let’s see what the future will tell us. Sony’s engineers are not dumb, and when we consider that more than 75% of all digital cameras rest on their shoulders, we can say that this company has written history in this field, and, it will continue to do it.

    I do not await the new NEX. For me, there is not much improvement possible in the 24 mpix APSC sensor. The way it is, it is amazingly good at low ISO, and I doubt that with the technology used, only software cheats can do any improvement, noise is there, and improving the body will not help me in anyway. I save money for my next toy, and this will probably be when Sony comes with new technology. I want to see what will be the next full mirrorless A model, the A99 seems not to be a runner, and the A77 is sold at dumping prices, what leaves me presume that we will see something new coming soon. I would like to see a FF ILS system, a body similar to Fuji’s Pro X series, not too small and solid as a rock and dust and humidity proof.

    And like always, lets wait and see what will happen, we have no other choice anyway. And, there is this 20 mpix sensor we find in the A58, maybe that will enter a new Nex as well, who knows.

    • Jay

      Fascinating read Lou and thanks for sharing. I’ve read it like 10x, but still feel like I missing something. I am of the mindset of energy though and that we are all connected. Sounds like that is what your talking about pretty much.

      I find the repeated ratio found in nature on flowers and shells fascinating. Saw a show on it once and it went pretty deep.

      Sensor technology is very interesting to me and I think all companies are moving towards organic materials and more advanced on sensor auto-focus technologies. Sony is the leader in Sensors by far, but Fuji is no joke, and we need to keep a close eye on them as well. They seem to be more focused on retro high build quality though.

      This triangle matrix seems to make sense, but a number of patterns can work I would think. The issue is getting the AF to work, High Dynamic range, Low power consumption, fast frame rates for on/off, and countless other variables.

      Sony has some options, and I think a more durable Nex would be attractive to many. Perhaps the New Nex-5T that is being rumored will be “Tough” rugged series Nex camera??

      I agree the new aps-c sized sensor Nex cameras are not the exciting for me either other than the possible rugged model I just mentioned. I’m much more interested in new camera technology and full frame cameras!

      The IBIS could be a game changer for a lot of people if old school lenses will work effectively of course.

      Your correct that the 20mp sensor may make it into a Nex, but i don’t think so only because it’s not a Hybrid AF sensor. I think all the future Nex cameras will have Hybrid AF Sensors or something better. I was pretty surprised the Nex-3n did not have the hybrid af actually.

      Thanks again for sharing and I’ll catch up with you later,

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