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August 3, 2012

Sony News!! Nex-5R and Nex-6 Coming and Three More E-Mount lenses!! New Sigma Lens Rebates for August!!

For this article I’m going to cover the most recent Sony News that I feel is worth sharing ๐Ÿ˜‰ To start off we have a New Sigma lens Promotion for the month of August, and I’ll have a full breakdown of all the lenses it pertains to below!! I will also catch up on all the questions lingering out their, especially on the A57 review over Here >> Sry about the delay, but it’s bee busy with my family up from Texas, and my regular job is busier than ever!!

Courtesy of our friends @ Sonyalpharumors, we have a bunch of New Sony Nex Gear coming soon!! Better and more refined of course as you would expect from Sony these days.

As far as the Sony Nex is concerned, we have a two new cameras coming!! To start we have the Sony Nex-5R.ย  The Nex-5R will have the same style flip screen as the Nex-F3, but with a more powerful feature set that matches the higher price point. Most likely including the New Illustration Mode found on the RX100, and 1080/60p HD Video recording. The Nex-5R is also supposed to have Wi-fi support which is a good thing in my opinion, although it will raise the cost most likely. I’m a fan of the convenience of the wi-fi and instant upload ability it will most likely have.

New Sony Nex Cameras!!

Then we have the New Sony Nex-6 whichย  is the highlight of the new Nex models as it will have a built in viewfinder similar to the A57, and Wi-Fi support. It’s also supposed to be priced between the Nex-7 and the Nex-5F, so my guess is the build quality will be similar to the Nex-7.

New Sony Nex Lenses!!

On top of these new Nex cameras, we have Three New E-Mount lenses coming as well!! First a pancake style 16-50mm f/2.8 zoom lens, and the a 11-18mm Zoom lens. We also have another fast prime coming according the Sony 2012 lens expansion chart below:

Click for a larger easier read version!!




New Sigma Lens Rebates for August!!

All Sigma lenses for Sony that are eligible for the rebates @ BHPhoto >>, and Amazon >>

BHPhoto Direct Links >>


Amazon Direct Links >>


Closing Remarks

I have a lot more to come with the Sony RX1oo as well as the Sony Nex-F3 using the New Rokinon 8mm Fisheye and the New Sony 18-200mm OS Lens which are both quite nice so far. The Fisheye looks really sharp corner to corner from what I can tell on the screen of the camera at 100%. It also seems to have excellent chromatic aberrations control in the corners from what I can tell. Sample Photos coming shortly and some HD video footage using the Sony RX100!!


John enjoying his 4th Slice :) Sony RX100 - Illsutration Mode on High

John enjoying his 4th Slice ๐Ÿ™‚ Sony RX100 – Illsutration Mode on High

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