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March 9, 2013

Sony News and Rumors Update!! Q&A With Sony’s Mark Weir, Nex-7n, RhinoCam, and more!!


In this article I wanted to go over some of the latest Sony news and rumors including a killer Q&A interview with Sony’s Mark Weir and some info on the New Nex-7n!!

I also wanted to catch up with you guys on the reviews front and what is happening in that department 😉 I plan on getting the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 50X mega zoom bridge style camera, and a bunch of lenses to try on my Nex-6!!You may wonder why the dsc-hx300?? Well, it has a 50x Zeiss lens, and it’s a Sony camera!! I really want to play with it as I’m a hardcore camera enthusiast Geek!! I totally admit it, you got me 🙂

I also received some really nice Nex-6 accessories courtesy of Lovecases!!  What did they send?? I got the Toma Nex-6 Half Case, and a Toma Wrist-Strap!! Both look like high quality items for a very affordable price point! I will be reviewing those Toma Products as soon as I finish the Sony E-Mount 10-18mm f/4 OSS Lens Review I’ve been working on the past few days 😉 Stay tuned for that later today or tomorrow!!


Vizelex RhinoCam for Sony NEX E-Mount Cameras also came out with an insane apparatus that basically turns the Nex camera system into a 140mp digital back that mounts to a killer lens!! It goes for about $500 US and that is not bad at all in my opinion!!

Check this out if you haven’t seen it already 😉

Medium Format Dream Offers- Intro

Rhinocam Image sensor size comparison

Rhinocam Image sensor size comparison

rhinocam sample image

Sample Photo!!


Sony Nex-7n Specs and Release Date – Re-Dated

Anybody who is a fan of Sony rumors should knows that is the place to go!! Andrea runs things over there, and he’s been posting snippets of info about the Nex-7n for weeks, but just posted some specs and release date info that you need to see!!

By Andrea,

Got some more bits about the future NEX-7n. Still not 100% sure about the specs yet but I think we are very close :)

This are some features of the new camera:
– New 24 Megapixel APS-C sensor with 1/2 stop improvement and increased dynamic range
– 3, 8 Million dot EVF
– touchscreen
– Hybrid Contrast and Phase Detection AF
– Tri Navi design reviewed
– Focus Peaking will be much improved with choice of colors
– Wifi, but no GPS on board.
– Same size and form factor of the current NEX-7 but with a minor redesign

Message to sources: Thanks for all the info you send me. Please be aware that it mat take time until I post your rumor because I usually try to double check the info I get. You can send me more info anonymously by using the contact form you see on the very right of your browser. You can also contact me directly at



So what do you think?? Is the Nex-7n what you have been waiting for?? Let Sony know by voting below!!

[poll id=”31″]


Q&A With Sony’s Mark Weir

Courtesy of ImageResource, we have an excellent Q&A Interview with Sony’s Mark Weir!! Really nice job with the interview and thanks for getting some of the most pressing questions and concerns addressed for us Sony Camera enthusiasts 😉 Clearly Sony is leading the way in several areas and a lot of things were clarified and acknowledged. It’s nice to know that Sony is listening!

by | posted Friday, February 8, 2013
Sony had a big year in digital cameras last year, especially when you consider that the company launched four cameras — the RX100, NEX-6, A99 and RX1 — that could all be considered blockbusters. So what does Mark Weir, senior technology manager at Sony Digital Imaging, have to say about their success? That’s what Imaging Resource’s publisher Dave Etchells, managing editor Roger Slavens and director of development Arthur Etchells aimed to find out in a recent sit-down interview where we discussed Sony’s product development and technology decisions, that sweet RX1 Carl Zeiss lens and sensor size, as well as overall camera industry trends.

Below are a few of my favorite Q&A exchanges

Click Here for the Full Q&A Article >>

DE: On another front, several of our readers want to know why camera manufacturers can’t agree upon and use a universal standard RAW file format. Right now, Adobe has DNG. Some manufacturers have adopted that either as a primary RAW format or an option. What are the advantages of having a proprietary RAW format versus one that’s shared by all manufacturers?

MW: I think that the position of the majority of the manufacturers is very much the same. As sensor technology evolves, the RAW format often needs to evolve to embrace what new sensor technology can do. To create a universal RAW file that all sensor manufacturers would adhere to may limit the opportunities of what we can be achieved.
Are there advantages to universal standard? Sure, and those manufacturers that have accepted universal standards would suggest that those advantages are most important. But I believe that all we have to do is take a look at the evolution of sensor technology over the last 3 or 4 years and we can see things that we couldn’t have even imagined that far ago. So I would think that unless and until someone creates a universal standard that could anticipate everything that sensor technology could achieve as it evolves, it would be difficult to imagine that such a universal standard would be adopted by all sensor manufacturers and camera manufacturers.

DE:  Ah – you’re saying the LSI is more hardwired and that’s handling a lot of very high-speed work. You count that as part of the processing power. So, in reality, the A99 does have two processors, one just happens to be an LSI chip.

MW: Yes.

DE: The NEX doesn’t use sensor-shift. I guess the issue there was just the depth: you had such a shallow envelope to work with there that it wasn’t really practical to fit in a sensor-shift mechanism?

MW: Well, I think that the decision to use optical-shift instead of sensor-shift in NEX was based on the intention to miniaturize the camera body. And if you look at the size of NEX, particularly from in the depth dimension, you can see that with 18 mm from flange to sensor and then there’s very little room from the sensor to the back of the camera, yes, there just wasn’t room.

DE: How is the other end of the market with interchangeable-lens cameras? Mirrorless cameras were an immediate hit in Japan, but initially faced much slower growth in the U.S. and Europe. These cameras seem to finally be catching on in the U.S. What’s that trend look like, and what’s the balance between mirrorless and DSLRs?

MW: We are very aware of the balance between mirrorless and digital SLRs; we track it quite frequently. Obviously, mirrorless growth is greater than that of DSLR growth on a unit basis. And as a result, mirrorless continues its upward climb as a percentage of the total interchangeable-lens camera business. Obviously, the growth rate is not as quick as it was in other areas, such as Asia. But at the same time, the growth is steady. The next challenge for the mirrorless camera industry is to attract another kind of buyer because the initial adoption of mirrorless cameras, at least in the U.S., appears to be from consumers who were already familiar with interchangeable-lens photography. The real opportunity for mirrorless cameras is to capture the interest of first time interchangeable-lens camera buyers, and to present mirrorless as an attractive alternative to DSLRs.


Closing Remarks

That is it for now, and thanks for checking in!! Please feel free to fire away in the comments area below if you have any questions or concerns in regards to this article or whatever. Also, be sure to check out the growing Forum >>

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Luis

    Looking forward to the NEX 7N!

  2. Lou

    “Failed To Verify Referrer” is all I get from the poll, on voting and on verify results. ????? Doesn’t works for me as it seems. But anyway, I wait to see results of the new NEX7N, but will not get one. I await a new NEX with the new 20 mpix sensor, and there is no doubt that there will be one. A58 is a step down in dslr technology, but some way to give the sensor a try.

  3. Jay

    I’m not sure why the Poll isn’t working Lou. Seems fine on my end with firefox.

    Nex-9 full frame is definitely coming, nit sure about the Nex-7n or a 20mp nex-7. Hopefully we will see something soon!


  4. Lou

    The poll worked a bit later, Jay. In some way I am happy that Sony drops the NEX-7N project, for me it did not make sense in the way that I knew Sony is working on a new designed sensor with intermediate values of green. Better wait and bring something really new in technology, without dropping the design and features of that fantastic body, and here I target mainly it’s flexibility.

    But, I hope the Sony will not drop APSC sensors in NEX systems. A 20 mpix system, even a smaller sized ILS unit with the 1 sensor would make sense, and that can be done with a NEX E-mount without any problem. My point of view is DOF, and here minds split. When I read what people write, it seems that all of them seek 3/4 blurred pictures with smaller sharpness zone and all of them shoot in the middle of the night only, thus seek ISO dust to hook on cameras and find a way or an excuse not to buy them. I would like to be able to send them all back in time to the sixties, they would see what photography is all about.

    But, fortunately,some of us do not seek that, and all have different points of view. I need a deep sharpness in the whole range, and you know yourself that with super fast lenses, a Noktor, for example, we can reduce DOF, but with a FF sensor, you can’t get what the’ sensor does not allows you to do. I do all kind of pictures, landscape, tourism, portrait, Makro, and thus I need all DOF range possibilities, and here the only way to go is smaller sensors with good IQ, or you go for medium format with real large sensors, and that is another field in size of body and wallet content.

    Another thing I would welcome is an add-on grip for NEX-6 and 7, one that gives the gear more battery power and weight, something you need in handheld Makro shooting. Here a NEX fails due to the fact that you have “nothing” to hold on, it is just too light.

    I do not see much sense for Sony and others to continue APSC in cheap DSLR systems, or they reduce it to a real high end Pro APSC DSLR, like Nikon used to have them, D300 for example. DSLR will lose more and more interest among profane public, those systems will on the end only serve Pro’s reporters mainly. But also here, smaller mirrorless systems start
    taking it over, all we need are units like the OMD, water and dust sealed and all of them fitted with a sidewards inlaid EVF asw e find it on NEX 6 and 7. A better external system for the EVF would be nice too, something where you can add a magnifying system or other accessories and for sure, not lose the eyecup at every minute. On weather sealing for the mirrorless, Sony is a step back in time. So, let’s wait a FF intermediate DSLR look like and wait it to come on the market, mid sized, handsome and light. The future will tell us.

    My wishlist is simple, an ILS RX10 system with 1 inch sensor, a 20 mpix NEX-7?? with weather sealing and better AF system, and a FF NEX with the same attributes, weather sealed and flexible.

    Sony is on the good way, definitely.

    • Jay


      Thanks for the update on the poll, and detailed analysis of the Sony situation. You have some excellent ideas on thoughts!

      for me it did not make sense in the way that I knew Sony is working on a new designed sensor with intermediate values of green

      Very interesting news about the intermediate green pixel’s!! The green channel often has the most detail, so that makes sense.I wonder how much more dynamic range Sony will be able to pull out of the spectrum?

      But, I hope the Sony will not drop APSC sensors in NEX systems.

      Sony has way to much invested in the E-mount crop factor lens line-up to drop it. Not happening, but a new full frame lens line-up will come, and A-mount lenses should get full frame abilities on the Nex with a lens adapter!

      The 1″ sensor E-Mount camera is a great idea for a ILC style camera, especially for a high quality super zoom. The depth of field issue makes total sense from the perspective your referring to and the micro 4/3rds cameras have the edge here by far. I still want the killer full frame depth of field though on my future Nex-9 ILC.

      Another thing I would welcome is an add-on grip for NEX-6 and 7, one that gives the gear more battery power and weight, something you need in handheld Makro shooting. Here a NEX fails due to the fact that you have “nothing” to hold on, it is just too light.

      I also totally agree about the grip and need for extra battery power. The issue of weight when shooting Macro is also totally accurate, although the Nex-6 is not bad in that regard compared to other models. I wish I had more time, because designing a killer battery grip would be fun. With a 3d printer, I could probably do the whole thing at home 😉

      My wishlist is simple, an ILS RX10 system with 1 inch sensor, a 20 mpix NEX-7?? with weather sealing and better AF system, and a FF NEX with the same attributes, weather sealed and flexible.

      Sony is on the good way, definitely.

      I really like your wish list! 2omp seems reasonable for aps-c sensors these days. Sony is going to leave the new “DSLR Like” mirrorless cameras for the weather sealed bodies I think. Not sure though as they have so many water proof/ water resistant products. Perhaps it will add to much overhead costs to the Nex system and bump it out of the market. I don’t think so, but what do I know. They came out with the RX1, so clearly Sony is not afraid to go out on a limb with with quality point and shoots. I would like to see a much better grip on the next gen RX1 as well do to the weight.

      I can’t wait for the next gen gear, and thanks again for sharing your thoughts and info,

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