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November 1, 2011

Sony is working on some new Sensor Technology that appears to be Revolutionary!!

Courtesy of SonyAlphaRumors I came across this incredible news!!

Sony’s patented imaging device using a photochromic film”Biomaterials Chemical Technology”

Sony is by using a photochromic film dynamic range imaging device for expanding a patent is pending. It might hang on a par with film highlights.

Photochromic Image Sensor
patent: Photochromic Image Sensor

Patent literature, self-interpretation and summary

  • Patent Publication No. 2011-216701
    • Published 2011.10.27
    • Filing date 2010.3.31
  • Photochromic film
    • Light transmittance varies depending on the intensity of incident light
    • Low and high light transmittance of incident light
    • The material is used for hexa aryl bis imidazole derivatives
  • Measure the amount of light absorbed by the photochromic film
  • Photochromic film is the wavelength (RGB) for each different material, which is formed of the same material or
  • From the image readout time, the short half-life of more light transmittance of photochromic film
    • 1 if 30fps frame because it is 33ms, half-time to recover the value of permeability is below 33ms

Highlights include dark shadows and bright

To expand the dynamic range of technology There are many, I lacks any decisive. Using a photochromic film, is now incorporated in many dark light, with the high-intensity light to limit, to obtain the property is convenient for digital. I think digital is stronger than the dark portion in the past, the improvement is still required, I welcome the technology.

transmittance and lightThe vertical axis is transmittance, the horizontal axis is light value

The silver-halide film Renai, natural color reproduction and tonality, and highlights and sticky, there is a quality advantage (the film was actually superior, but it is never Nantes? One Let’s take compared). Sony’s patented technology, more than a day might be close to the digital film. But even existing digital, medium format digital’ll highlight is a strong and sticky. JPEG picture quality is taken out unwatchable, you will get unlimited gradations in highlights and fiddling with curves taken in RAW.

The key to the image sensor manufacturers

Software technology, electronics technology, chemical technology, mechatronics, Sony can invest resources in research and development are all areas I beneficial. Cameras from Sony adopts the imager manufacturers, faster recovery of development costs, rather than following research investment would possible. If the number of patent applications Panasonic but I never even inferior. The film stock had a lot to do, just so boring that even the one Sony image sensors, other than manufacturers luck with Sony.

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