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November 13, 2011

Sony Alpha 77 Vs Canon 5D Mark II – Real World Photo Comparison

To start off the Real world photo based comparison between the Sony Alpha 77 and The Canon 5D Mark II, I want to drive the point home that optics plays a huge roll in image quality. Contrast and color are greatly affected by optics in addition to sharpness. I’m fortunate enough to only own L glass for my Canon 5D Mark II and it’s incredible sharp with almost no Chromatic aberrations and other common lens flaws. That being said the Sony A-Mount Lenses are awesome as well, but there is a noticeable more chromatic aberration and softness near the edges in comparison to the Canon Lenses that I have. SO you need to take that into consideration in some cases. Overall however the Sony optics are very good.

My goal here is to compare is Image Quality ultimately, but we can break that down into several categories for critical evaluation!

Dynamic Range, Noise, Shadow Detail, Highlight Detail, Depth, Color, Sharpness, Clarity, etc…..

I really want you to take a close look at these photos paying attention to the image quality parameters mention above. See for yourself how the Sony A77  holds up next to the renowned Full Frame Canon 5D Mark II!!  Some of these shots are slightly edited as well, so you can see final product etc.. Score:

DXOMark Canon 5d Mark II vs Sony Alpha 77

DXOMark Canon 5d Mark II vs Sony Alpha 77

Simple click on the photos and they will blow up to a gorgeous 1200px crisp image. You can then navigate through all the images using the arrows on the left and right as you hover over the image. If that doesn’t work for some reason, I put all this pics up in a Google+ Gallery as well. Sony A77 vs 5D Mark II Gallery >>

Please let me and others know what you think below in the comments!

High ISO Comparison Between the Canon 5D Mark II and the Sony A77 >>>

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  1. Frank

    very nice pictures! you are a great photographer!
    about the comparison it would be nice to see shoots at night with poor light 🙂 and also to be able to compare the same scene shoot with both cameras

    Thank you so much


    • Jay

      Hey Frank,
      Thanks for your comments and suggestion!!

      I’m doing some High ISO comparison shots aright now and will put them up in a few minutes!! 🙂


  2. I think most cameras perform beautifully in these nearly lighting situations. I agree with the other poster, ironically named Frank as well. I purchased the 5D mark II for low-light / high ISO situations – if I didn’t need to shoot in dark churches without flash, I would have stuck with my original 5D.

    Nice images BTW.

    • Jay

      Thank for the comments and suggestion Frank 🙂

      I’m working on some High ISO comparison shots now and I’ll put them up shortly!!


  3. dirk

    Hi Jay

    From what i have seen i would pick the A77 as images seem more natural in colours compaired to the canon , and i like a what more bulky dslr

    the images embeded i would sort them out so that each picture is the twice like dog a77, than dog 5dmkII than i thin k it it easier to see and to compare

    but good work it is and from me i like to see the full works review between the two where you discuss the pro and cons

  4. neo

    I think a77 is the best one as compared to price,depth,sharpness and resolution. The only disadvantage of this camera is iso.Other specifications of alpha are excellent.

  5. Ramon

    Me quedo con la A77 por precio y por calidad de imagen, aunque he leído que hay un tema complicado con la tecnología SLT, ya que tratándose de un sistema que hace pasar la imagen a través de un plano translúcido fijo antes de llegar al sensor este es proclive a contaminarse durante los recambio de objetivos después de un tiempo, llevando a la necesidad de hacer limpiezas internas muy complicadas y que de no hacerse, pudieran comprometer la nitidez de la fotografía. En otro orden de cosas, le estoy sumamente agradecido por la exposición detallada de las comparaciones, ya que me interpretó muy bien, por encontrarme en proceso de adquirir mi primera reflex. Tengo una DSC HX 200V Sony, pero creo que le llegó la hora de irse para dar paso a una nueva máquina.

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