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September 5, 2013

Sony Allowing Third Party Apps for Remote Control Capture – API Release, Open Source

Sony dsc-qx10 lens camera

Sony announced yesterday on their news blog that they are going to release the API for using mobile devices via Apps and Wi-Fi control. This is fantastic news and really opens open the door for some awesome third party remote control capabilities soon. Sony usually keeps this stuff proprietary, like the current PlayMemories Apps available, so I’m excited to see this and also surprised.

We all know a company that specializing in developing software can create some amazing Apps, if allowed to. I’m curious how the Sony API will be locked down as far as what features on the cameras can be utilized via remote control? As it stand now, your very limited with the current remote control App. You can do the very basics, but all the advanced stuff like time lapse require alternative Apps and I have a feeling Sony will not anybody to take over the camera like that.

This could potential open a whole new market for awesome all-in one programs where you can point, shoot, edit, upload all in one application on your tablet or smart phone. Currently this will require a few different apps or programs along with saving in between etc..

Perfect for a QX10 or QX100 user in particular I’m thinking based on all the different mobile options these days? In fact the QX10 and QX100 are already the #1 and #2 Best selling Digital Cameras on Amazon (Click Here)

Best Selling Cameras on Amazon

Best Selling Cameras on Amazon



Here is the Official Press Release:


by Communications 09/04/2013

Sony is releasing the “Camera Remote API beta,” API (Application Program Interface) for remote operation of Sony camera with Wi-Fi-equipped smartphones and electronic tablets. The API for application developers of mobile devices is available in the “Camera Remote Apps Developer Program”?*1.

API specification, sample codes and related documents required for application development are available for download from the website. Using the app developed with this API, users will be able to shoot still images and movies, see real-time views of camera displays on the screens of smartphones and electronic tablets as well as operate the camera self-timer and zoom functions using mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

The following eight Sony cameras are compatible with the Camera Remote API beta:

  •  Action Cam HDR-AS30, HDR-AS15*2
  •  Music video recorder HDR-MV1
  • Digital still camera Cyber-shot® DSC-QX100, DSC-QX10
  • Interchangeable-lens digital camera @ ® NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-5T compatible with PlayMemories Camera Apps*3

More models will be added to this list in the future.

Developers can utilize the API specifications and related documents in accordance with the application development guidelines listed on the developer’s website, “Camera Remote Apps Developer Program”.

Developed applications can be released and distributed in Google Play for Android, or App Store for iOS.

Sony will create new opportunities by integrating features of camera and mobile devices to expand the creative possibilities of shooting content using the “Camera Remote Apps Developer Program” where the “Camera Remote API beta” is being released and views regarding development issues can be exchanged.

*1. Technical support for the “Camera Remote Apps Developer Program” is available only in the U.S. and Japan. ?Operation of the developer’s website “Camera Remote Apps Developer Program” will be conducted by Sony Electronics, Inc.?

*2. HDR-AS15 will become compatible with “Camera Remote API beta” only after software of the main unit is updated to the latest version.

*3. Cameras compatible with PlayMemories Camera Apps will become compatible with “Camera Remote API beta” only after installation of the most recent Smart Remote Control Ver. 2.00 that will start being distributed on September 26 (local time) from the countries providing PlayMemories Camera Apps. For countries providing PlayMemories Camera Apps, see the official website (


Closing Remarks:

That is about it for now, but have great day and please feel free to speculate on what Sony is up to and the incredible Pre-Order sales records the new QX series lens cameras are setting for Sony! How much you wanna bet Sony is going to run out of these QX lens cameras before they even start shipping? Hopefully not, but I would not be surprised at all 😉


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