In this guide I will cover all the different Remotes, and Cables that are available for the Sony Alpha Cameras!!



Sony RMT-VP1K Wireless Receiver and Remote Commander Kit

  • Remote Shutter Release
  • Video Start and Stop
  • 3-Channel Position
  • 360° IR Receiver
  • Time Code Reset, Multi Camera Shooting
  • For All Sony Cameras w/ Multi Terminal

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The Remote Commander – RMTDSLR2

Sony Wireless Remote Commander
  • Remote Shutter Release
  • Delayed Shutter Release
  • Video Start and Stop
  • Playback and Delete Control
  • HDTV Control
  • Compatible with Sony Alpha NEX and DSLRs

RMTDSLR2 for ~$27 US @ BHPhoto |  Amazon



Cable Style Remotes


Sony RM-VPR1 Remote Control

  • Wired Remote Control
  • Shutter and Zoom Control
  • Bulb Function
  • Multi-Terminal Cable and Remote Cable
  • For Select Sony Cameras and Camcorders

Sony RM-VPR1 Remote Control for ~$52.95 @ BHPhoto | Amazon


 Sony RM-L1AM Alpha Remote

Sony RM-L1AM Alpha RemotePerfect for landscapes and portrait photography, the Sony RM-L1AM Remote for Alpha Digital SLR cameras offers greater control and enhanced stability while shooting. The Remote Commander eliminates blur by controlling the shutter release apart from the camera. Capture images from up to a distance of 196.8″/5.0 m for greater flexibility with the RM-L1AM Remote Commander Control from Sony.

  • The Alpha Remote includes a 196.8″ (5.0 m) cord, and features a remote release button and shutter lock button.
  • It enables remote control of shutter release apart from camera and prevents image blurring caused by depressing the shutter release button on the camera.
  • Ideal for use with tripod or shooting at a distance from the camera.

Price: ~$57.00 US

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Vello Wired Remote Switch

Vello Wired Remote SwitchThe Vello Wired Remote Switch is designed for use with cameras that have the Sony Alpha style connection. Instead of hitting your camera’s shutter release button for long exposures, use the Remote Switch. The switch locks for long exposures and ensures that you won’t accidentally blur your images with camera shake. To operate simply press halfway to autofocus, and press the rest of the way to trigger the shutter. Press and slide forward to lock the remote for long exposures.

Compatible Cameras:
Sony: Alpha A100, A200, A300, A350, A500, A550, A560, A580, A700, A850, A900, SLT A33, SLT A35, SLT A37, SLT A55, SLT A57, SLT A77
Minolta: 7D, 5D, 7i, 7, A1, A2
Vello’s Wired Remote Switch is a better choice than your camera’s shutter release button for long exposures, continuous shots, or macro photography. It’s the easy way to limit vibrations that can blur your photos
Press halfway to autofocus
Press full to trigger shutter
Press and slide forward to lock for long exposure

Price: ~$9.00 US

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