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October 17, 2012

Sony A99 Reviews, Sony Nex-6 and Nex-5R Reviews, New Sony Alpha Forum Updates!!

Sony A99 Chassis

Over the past week or so several Sony A99 Reviews, NEX-6 reviews, and NEX-5R reviews have sprouted up all over the internet. I’ve read through all the Sony camera reviews and will only link to the the really good ones.

Starting with the SLT-A99 we have a New Full Frame, weather sealed, “Pro Grade” camera from Sony. Very similar in styling to the A77 camera body wise.  Sure, Sony may have limited the lens compatibility of the A99, but if you were in the market to upgrade your existing full frame Sony Camera, the the A99 might just be worth it. Assuming you already have a few of the supported Sony a lenses would also be relevant to take full advantage of the technology offered. I would not mind getting one at all if I had the extra 5 Grand for the camera and a lens or two.


Sony Alpha 99

Sony a99 lcd Screen

Sony a99 lcd Screen Courtesy of


Sony Alpha 99 Reviews and Testing


Sony Nex-6 and Nex-5R

Next we have the camera I’m going to purchase, the Nex-6, and the Nex-5R. Both extremely high quality mirrorless cameras with huge sensors to capture unprecedented image quality in such a small form factor. Both Sony Nex cameras offer built in wifi, a 3″ screen, and 16.1mp sensor with PDAF built in. The difference between the two Sony cameras is pretty simple!! The Nex-6 has a viewfinder, built in flash, better build quality, and a Real Hot Shoe!! The Nex-5R does not have a built in flash, or hot shoe, but does have a touch screen and full 180 degree articulation. This makes the Nex-5r a little more affordable at ~$650 US for the camera body only. The Nex-6 is going for ~850 US camera body only.

Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm lens

Nex-6 w/ 16-50mm lens

Nex-5r w/ 16-50mm lens (Black)

Nex-5r w/ 16-50mm lens (Black)


Nex-6 and Nex-5R – Reviews, Movies, Testing


New Forum Updates

SonyAlphaLab Forums >>

The new Sony Alpha, Nex Forum is taking off pretty quick with nearly 100 members already!! We’ve been populating a bunch of the photography forums including Architecture, HDR Photography, Portraits Photography, and More >>

My friends Alan and Walter have been helping out with the Sony Forum as well, so be sure to say whats up to those guys when you cruising around. Please consider joining and sharing some photos, or joining the many discussions we have going on! The Sony A99 Review thread is a pretty good one to check out if you curious about how Full Frame AF Module differs from APS-C sized AF module found in the A99.

If you have any specific Sony Alha or Nex questions, be sure to check out the Sony Question and Answer Forums >> | I’m working on populating these forums in my spare time with the ton of emails, comments, and questions I’ve gotten over the years. Sort of a Database of Q&A. A perfect place to ask new questions though, and get answers by several photographers including myself 😉

Closing Remarks

Thanks again for checking in, and I’ll catch up with on the Forum!!


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Sony Pre-Orders

Sony Nex-6 and Nex-5r Pre-orders now available!!

Sony RX1 Pre-orders Now Available!!

Sony SLT-A99 Pre-orders Now Available!!


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  1. Our name is The Phoblographer 😉 But thanks for the link over.

  2. The Sony SLT-A99 is the Japanese camera maker’s flagship model, directed squarely at DSLR enthusiasts who will resolve for nothing less than a full border sensor in a rugged body with a plethora of external and customizable controls. It arrives nearly four years after its predecessor, the A900, the company’s first full border DSLR. You’d certainly anticipate significant new features given such a long gap between products and Sony has lost no opening to equip the A99 with every bit of electronic expertise they’ve incorporated into their NEX and SLT models in the interim. while the A900 was a defiantly accepted SLR that would have been directly well known to Konica Minolta film-camera users, the A99 is something of a technological tour-de-force.

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