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September 17, 2012

Sony A99 Developer Team Interview at Sony Japan!! Translated to English

SLT-A99V - Front Body Only

An Awesome interview with the engineers of the A99. Talks about all the different technologies and it’s very interesting!! I translated for you as it’s in Japanese, so some of the words might not be the best translation if you know what I mean! The Alpha symbol never comes over so it shows up as a ? mark all over.

What is particularly interesting about this interview is how the developers talk about why the A99 is so powerful, and what the gutz are inside that make it all happen. It’s goes into some decent detail about the new dual AF system as well as image quality and more!!

Sony A99 (SLT-A99) Developer Team Interview from Sony Japan.

Model that has the number “9” taking in “Alpha” feel special thoughts, photos, and even for the camera itself not only refers to the vertex, is produced.

Uchida: so is the flagship of the “A” series A99, it was a feeling that, of course is to achieve the highest image quality ever “A”. We have realized gradations like to feel a sense of three-dimensional sense of resolution and one by one, the petals thin hands stretched out like they do not think when you print. That’s why, “?” and at the same time expressive photography, I sought a shooting experience that can be achieved because of Sony and.

The xx – would be present to represent the “A” series is now A99, said that if given or taken and the resulting experience precisely because Sony camera?

Uchida: that it provides a value that is different from the traditional SLR camera by Sony’s unique technologies, including the “Translucent Mirror Technology” “?” series is one of the features of the current. New features such as dual phase difference AF and focus tracking continues to adjust the focus to ensure electronic viewfinder that can be in the photo as it is a landscape seen from the viewfinder, also moving subject. The unique feature of “?” was adopted together with the highest image quality ever “?”, the innovative technology, ?99 provides the experience and expression of a new photo shoot.

Four years has already passed since the advent of A900, had been heard many calls for a “flagship” next period.

Urushido: painfully felt in recent years “9” next? “is when I wonder out” the expectation that (laughs). From customer feedback that the course expectations for high-quality, new shooting features, we expect the new exciting technology has been transmitted and acutely. However, I can not “?” piggybacked “9” of the tradition out in front of our customers only high quality and new technology on a par. The camera will be as ultimate is a tool of expression, and the “machine name” for the first time in that photo of expression is aimed Ayatsureru freely. If you do not realize the sensation at the tip of the expressive power and ease of use, referred to as a “cozy with” is made and we will not. In mind that it has developed a top of the ? everyone involved planning, development, and design, the development is considered to finish I was convincing.

Expression in the photo is not born only image sensors and lenses

Please tell us about the quality of the 35mm full size sensor about 2.3 times larger compared to the APS-C size image sensors.

Urushido: You will be asked a number of elements in the photograph of the digital SLR camera, the lack of noise and the height of the resolution is a particularly important factor. There is no end to the way to achieve both resolution and low noise. Sense of resolution appears in the photo, but if increasing the resolution size of the image sensor is the same, the pixel noise is easy to ride each one is smaller. For each individual pixel can be larger than the APS-C size sensor, a 35mm full-size sensor, you will be able to take a picture of good tone much less noise if the same resolution. Of course, I mentioned as the benefits of a full size sensor also can be expressed in the blur width is wide.

Uchida: Increase the each and every pixel with an emphasis on low noise, or high priority to the resolution of the image sensor is the problem it is both technically difficult. There is also a problem will depend on the representation of the ideal photo. I can not say either to ignore either. Course as planners say is “us both” So.

How technical team for this challenge, did you Tachimuka~tsu?

Urushido: There is a need to address a number of factors to solve the problem, image processing engine and the front-end LSI that can be processed to high quality and fast image sensor that can achieve low noise and high resolution first, a large amount of data We begin by developing a “(Bionzu) BIONZ”. I have developed in their own state-of-the-art technology infuses because it is developed in-house by Sony either. However, this alone I can not achieve the objective. I solved the problem by repeating the test and tune many scenes than ever with these technologies, the level of finish that can respond to the request.

Aritome: the expressive power of the camera is not only determined by the performance of the image sensor. It’s not in those with and manipulation interface and image processing engine, the various elements were entangled is a digital still camera, a whole that is better if one Subarashikere penetrate something. I believe the best thing you can be sure that by bringing together all of the technology with Sony’s image sensor, image-processing engine, and the lens, combining the advantages of each.

Design was born from the pursuit of comfort and pride of the flagship

A900 body design is part of the key features pentaprism has been the body of the A99 guess is the impression that has followed the design, such as A65 and A77 recent genealogy of “A” series.

Obata: consists of sharp lines on the top and grips forehead which arranged the Sony logo are in shades such as a curved surface smooth enough outward design “tensile skin (tensile skin)” of. “Tensile skin ‘all of the elements that make up the camera image sensor, shutter, and the grip is distinctive design concept,” ? “series came together. I keep a watchful eye on the top edge to the Sony logo only to claim a strong theme of the flagship model on it.

I think that weight and body size of A99 is larger of course in the fact that the flagship model that is equipped with a full size sensor, it is heavy, there was no impression such in the sense that I picked up.

: Aritome was from the beginning of the development is the desire to lightweight and compact with full size. Looking inside, I’m really tightly packed with. Did I say the top priority downsizing or say, I do not like that. The grip portion appears to be the same shape and size and ?77 for example, increase the height dare to make it easier and more familiar to the hand.

If you look closely, such as buttons and the back and around the shutter button, is clearly visible relief or are provided on the periphery of the button, and there is a step between the button and the button, “feel that touch” I’m supposed to interface.

Obata: ease of operation is one of the most important factors that directly take ease. ?99 interface, such as button placement, it can be used without hesitation even when you are looking through the viewfinder. Key without having to check the button eyes, is disposed adjacent is changing slightly the shape of the key top so you can see that is just touched with a fingertip. Because of the high and low accents also the height of the button or key, you can just touch the key that you use frequently. Also, I have placed diagonally to move naturally larger rear dial to operate with your thumb. Because the camera is a “tool” for the expression, I think good design is born of what it can be used comfortably. I aim to design a frame that could use comfortably upon attachment.

Proud of the development team that has been put to A99 was the pinnacle of the “A”

A99 image quality, ease of use, is aiming to create the ultimate in all aspects of design and. Is the culmination of the “?” series, please tell us what you want to convey towards the people who are trying to pick up the A99, which is also a vertex.

Urushido: in order to be the best in all aspects such as design as well as new systems and image sensor, fit comfortably in one’s hand and operability in order to take a picture of high expressive power, a99 is a new element of so many has developed. New expression born from Sony and its unique technology, is one of the attractive features of a99. I think me and a99 are always pleased to form as a tool to take a picture, the feelings of the photographer.

Uchida: I’m stuck in the picture when the video is so photos. Especially AF “always a translucent mirror technology” has enabled, you can take specific large-format sensors and interchangeable lenses, high-quality video in the sense that use the “Handycam” a99 is. Please come and experience the difference in expression in the video lens. User photo users want to enjoy video in a99 novel video representation brings digital SLR cameras, the fun of the movie.

: Obata I think I can achieve both ease of use and design a99 strong as the flagship model. I hope for the hand and once by all means please make sure the arrangement of buttons or touch. Surely should get convinced some people personal view on the camera.

: Aritome a99 and I think he could be the best camera as number 9, “?” as the successor to the ?900 in all aspects of performance, functionality, and the use and. Of course, people who is using the a900, you should surely get satisfied when you step up from the “a” of the other. quality of the 35mm full size sensor ?99 is can be said about the beauty of a new dimension. Please try and experience the difference.

Flagship of the “A” series, which appeared for the first time in four years. But what also increases the larger the expected pressure is greater, the words that come out of the development team was quite confident all. Engine “BIONZ” full-size 35mm and image processing sensor that is installed to achieve the highest picture quality ever “A”. The world’s first dual AF system (A) captures the subject does not let go. And “Translucent Mirror Technology” Sony’s proprietary . Many of the technologies that have been put in there as give off a convincing proof of their confidence. Thoughts of developers are stuck in the body of the A99 and all. * (To be released in October 2012) in a digital interchangeable lens camera with a full size sensor

It is four years since the advent of this year ?900 in 2008. Various technologies that make up the camera, such as image sensors has improved over time.

Hanada: Between the past four years, there have been major changes in the environment surrounding such as the spread of movie recording Full HD and the emergence of single-lens compact represented by (E mount) NEX of Sony, digital SLR cameras, camera There was a major evolution in terms of picture quality technology in itself. Then, in this technical evolution ?99, I’ve been promoting the realization of texture quality design that takes into account the coexistence of high resolution and low noise.

What do you bring to the photographic expression of ?99 is “realization of texture that takes into account the coexistence of high resolution and low noise”?

: Hanada We’ve set a goal to pursue further in the representation of the sense of reality that ?99 “?” is aiming for all, capture the feeling and texture of the object that is the source of air presence. I suppose you have a landscape photograph pale light of the sun is plugged into it here, for example. The light reflected on the leaves of the trees or a sunset or redness, or a shine of the morning glow. ?99 aims, such as those that feel the difference, that you might want a hand stretched out to involuntarily picture, texture representation with depth. All aspects until the output as the data from stage to represent the difference between a slight higher dimension that sought to machine full-size flagship, the light comes into the image sensor, all of the design and technology that was used at ?900 I think should be reviewed in.

35mm full size CMOS sensor with 24.6 million pixel is equally valid for 35mm full-size image sensor 24.3 million effective pixels, of the ?900 ?99. Although I have very obvious What is the image sensor of the ?900 and ?99 difference If you look at the numbers only on the surface.

Hanada: Based on customer feedback, including a professional photographer on your digital SLR cameras, including the Sony ?900, ?99 are optimized by incorporating technological advances of the last four years. Upon part of the evolution concrete in the input portion of the light, the use of this, “and process technology condensing” high image sensor technology “extended photodiode” performance gradation expression and sensitivity characteristics dramatically compared with the ?900 for example has been improved. Also, the amount of information the rich of 14bit Raw and performance black level control accurate, and key technology for providing image quality performance high basic, together with the evolution of the image sensor and high-speed front-end LSI newly developed You had to.

Various proprietary technologies have been employed to achieve the highest picture quality ever “A”

 As a device related to resolution and low noise photo, attention has been paid to the low-pass optical filter that is placed between the lens and the image sensor. The optical low-pass filter can be reduced (moire) patterns and (false color) there should be no color on the subject, there is also a drawback that results in a decrease in resolution.

Hanada: optical low-pass filter is an optical component that has the role of separating each of the RGB pixel is disposed on the image sensor, the light coming through the lens. It is possible to suppress false signals (false color, moire) the optical separation, that the other hand, resolution performance under difficult issues that this separation width is generally known. Although the resolution is better once you remove the optical low-pass filter, a false signal that had been suppressed on the other hand occurs. ?99 is applying the optical low-pass filter separating multiple points that are mounted on the video camera for the professional broadcast, controls the intensity point spread, suppression of false signals and improve this resolution, the challenges of performance quality to the contrary I have to solve it. Also,, and the optical low-pass filter to achieve both sharpening and noise suppression adaptive, previously described is mounted to the engine “(Bionzu) BIONZ” image processing technology “(Noise Reduction area division) Adaptive Noise Reduction” The synergy has been achieved high texture representation.

In the end, the experience offered by A99 in the photo?

Hanada: Well I think, and you can feel worthy performance as the flagship model in terms of image quality, I would like you to feel the height of its maturity and the flow of the A99 is of particularly until the shutter is released. “Dual AF” system and “Translucent Mirror Technology” in advance, such as making the bokeh and color reproduction, and the eye of the photographer, “(true finder) XGA OLED Tru-Finder” keep the subject always accurately captured can be confirmed. Through photographic expression in various scenes, please experience the height of the potential possessed by all means ?99.

A99 that has evolved dramatically gradation performance and high sensitivity, resolution, etc., in terms of image quality is the culmination of “a” of the last four years, including not just the “A” mount, and “E Mount” have. It was said during the interview, “We thoroughly pursued quality performance flagship model should have” Hanada, A99 that I realized the quality of the best ever “?” exactly. In various situations, but I should be able to provide the quality that exceed the expectations of the photographer.

by the image sensor surface phase difference A combination of the phase difference AF module proven, what change AF of A99.

Kageyama: AF sensor module 19 out of phase difference, which is mounted on the a99 is provided with a full-size 35mm AF performance suitable for both sensors at a single speed and accuracy. However, it is assumed that AF sensor module is restricted, such as location of the camera, the number and location of the AF sensor is limited, and the limited size and shape of the focus area capturing a subject. On the other hand, since the imaging surface of the image sensor can be used large, AF sensor image plane retardation, the degree of freedom in the focus area is significantly improved. That is, the AF sensor to operate in combination AF sensor module and the image plane retardation phase difference autofocus can be realized which can be precision, high speed and yet continue to capture the subject.

Water: the world’s first “dual AF” system (?) is, AF sensor image plane phase difference of 102 points to drive to work at the same time as the “surface”, and a 19-point AF sensor module. If only the conventional AF sensor module has a limited number of sensors, there is a case that the subject is not on the “out” focus distance measurement is not “pulled out” occurs. Phase difference AF sensor image plane with the role of “surface” in the “dual AF” system will continue to capture the subject. You can continue to focus on the object with high accuracy if it takes somewhere in the “surface” wider, even when the subject moves. ?99 of a combination of “surface” and “point” “Dual AF”, you’ll come in handy some pictures when the subject moves fast active sports and animals. * (To be released in October 2012) in a digital interchangeable lens camera with a full size sensor

A new autofocus system that was born in eliminating the status quo and compromise

 AF sensors embedded in the image sensor pixels are laid. It is easy to put into words, how do you you probably have realized?

Kageyama: to capture the light, for a digital still camera, so to speak, because it is the most important part, the image sensor was a series of trial and error work to embed the AF sensor so that it does not affect the image quality shot. From the development stage 102 in the form of course, be working with a signal processing technology developers and image sensor, the hard work the image sensor members also developed auto focus, satisfied Neither the performance Autofocus quality ultimately I was able to embed the image plane of the phase difference AF sensor point.

that there is also a 19-point AF sensor is +102, had changed in the control process of the auto focus and also the processing of data acquired by the sensor?


Water enormous arithmetic processing is required to control the autofocus always. However ?77 AF sensor module with only 19 points, were used to full operational capability which is assigned to the microcomputer, for example. Orders of magnitude difference in the amount of information, ?99 that the image plane of the phase difference AF sensor point 102 was not applied at the level of control and data processing and auto focus up to now will be compared exactly.

simultaneously driven by the “dual” AF sensor and the image plane phase difference AF sensor module yet.

Water was found to be not only faster calculation method so far, it is necessary to devise new ideas and control and data processing of the sensor. Therefore, by Overhaul the AF system, I realized what needs to be done.Great rather than data obtained from the phase difference AF sensor image plane is great in terms of both quality and quantity! It is not enough to say. I tasted the sense that has entered the ranging performance went up like a single stage, to another dimension.

high-speed and high-precision auto focus of A99 is changing the representation of movie shooting

movie shooting with the digital SLR camera is one of the shooting that everyone would like to try very attractive is the expressive power varies with the type of lens exchange richness and gradation, cameras and video if you like. There was also on the structure, as a weak point auto-focus during video recording, digital SLR cameras must give up some of the opportunities taken great pains, however.

Water: “alpha” series has been adopted in the same way as when you take a photo during movie shooting and other ?99 a “translucent mirror technology”, you can always use a high-speed auto focus. We will be able to challenge people to shoot video for the first time in ?99 Digital SLR camera if you are shooting with a video camera, to concentrate on shooting without feeling frustrated usually focus speed. If toward the subject ?99, you can leave the video a moment of change in facial expression is also focused quickly.

Kageyama: photos will be required to auto-focus with agility in order to cut the moment, the video rather focus and Jiwa~tsu because visible in a natural atmosphere, ?99 are three stages the reaction rate of the auto focus during video recording I’m supposed to choose from. When shooting fast-moving subject, the image of the car and bike approaching, for example, so as to focus on the moment, when you take pictures of people and in some pictures of the calm but the focus of late, the reaction rate of the focus new wording could be provided by the difference in the video.

Begins with “A” new autofocus

I’m sure some people think I come to be flagship of “A” that, with the world’s first AF system (?), embrace the emotional feelings.

:Kageyama Well. Full-fledged technology autofocus SLR camera was commercialized for the first time in the “?” Minolta once. By Sony technology such as the CPU and the image sensor is combined, of course, I have to level up the camera itself, a variety of techniques like auto focus and up to make a stage. One of them is the phase difference detection image plane.Phase difference detection technique image plane wanted to put to practical use as those involved in auto focus technology. I feel very lucky that it was able to participate in the launch of the “dual AF” system on top of the camera to say “?” that ?99, a symbol.

: Water in order to achieve the speed and accuracy suitable for the flagship model, the master of the huge volume of information that jumped over the frame of the AF process conventional scratching their heads and really, with the AF phase difference image plane is a high-tech made. I think such a system could be made as a result, open a new autofocus technology, the basis for the future, however. * (To be released in October 2012) in a digital interchangeable lens camera with a full size sensor

The combination of the image plane of the phase difference AF system and the latest AF system modules proven, auto focus Taku of A99 “dual AF” system was in (Hira) a new way. In the high-speed, high-precision, auto focus with excellent tracking than ever, the flagship machine suitable to be required to ensure that the products of the moment photo opportunities. One has blossomed in the “A” auto focus also of a new era.

Have a reputation for goodness of “see” the finder of “?” series. Highly evaluated from the user’s optical viewfinder with 100% field of view ?900 Among them was the presence that can be called the pinnacle of optical viewfinder. adopted the electronic viewfinder for the first time as “?” of “9” number is ?99. So what was there in the background that has taken a new step.

Adachi: the viewfinder of the digital SLR camera has the advantage that you can see in the photo finish “see” a constant without being affected by external light.You can feel the sense of unity with the camera by looking at the scene through the viewfinder lens is further captured. I think the guiding light of the lens viewfinder, and I think a mechanism which is indispensable for those who love the photos why. On the other hand, is proceeding begins with the adoption of a giant image sensor, such as the installation of a digital level to check the peak level using a histogram, digital SLR cameras are always to the destination to destination.

spread widely, such as full HD movie shooting and Auto HDR, and the range of expression possible in ?99. How do you contribute to the electronic viewfinder cameras continue to evolve.

: Adachi That’s when you think of your customers become the ?99, becomes important that you first check is performed to ensure that the focus position, and quickly. The fact

is the optical viewfinder have come is occurring even in harsh conditions the basic act of “Locate the focus” by the high pixel of the image sensor. In addition, in the mountains of the optical viewfinder is hard to grasp really focus in dark or low-contrast situations, such as. You can provide functions such as peaking or larger, the “appearance” best electronic viewfinder even if under such conditions.

Uchida: The addition of further give, not just a tool for the viewfinder to see what you want to shoot, I think that is also a photographer and the camera contacts intersect each other. In order to provide not far behind at all compared to the view optical viewfinder, and the drawer to the highest degree the various features of the ?99 to “see”, the electronic viewfinder technology that Sony has acquired the ?99 I think is the best to use.

Was created aiming at the tip of a “useful”, “easy to see” “XGA OLED Tru-Finder”

and performance in digital SLR cameras equipped with 35mm full-size image sensors, is required for the electronic viewfinder?

Uchida of ?99 “XGA OLED Tru-Finder” has been established to take over development in ?77, four concepts of “certainty”, “safety”, “useful”, “easy to read”. And “legible”, along with the pursuit of natural look of the image, it is also 100% field of view optical viewfinder and ?900. It is to realize there is no inevitable in “Optical attenuation of light” In addition, the image quality with vivid and clear. “Convenient” to be able to keep an eye on confirmation from the viewfinder of the camera, such as histogram data. “Peace of mind” that is reflected in the scene shooting settings such as exposure and white balance are excluded. That all of these are overlapping, you can drop into to the picture to “ensure” the expression that you are and aim.

Is there any features of ?99, which is the flagship model of the “?” is “XGA OLED Tru-Finder”?

Adachi: “natural color reproduction”, it is the idea finder ?99. I realized I do not feel the discomfort even see who was coming with the optical viewfinder until now, the exact color and natural look. Gradation of color in particular is a key to ensure the fidelity on the subject, I made a new control system of the organic EL panel for that. It will not collapse even under low luminance under high luminance Thus, the expression of stickiness. Now, in order to realize the “see this”, I’m also completely revamped the device you are using. For example, the organic EL panel, now you can use in the comfort of a wider environment, by reviewing the performance you need with the same basic structure. In addition, it also managed with high precision optical system has realized the “appearance” distortion is less than clear. Of course, by switching the display of the frame image has adopted an organic EL panel, very fast without feeling image blur even fast-moving subject, it is one of the features also can be considered secure.

Viewfinder that supports the representation of a photographer photo

Unique benefits of the electronic viewfinder, he would show me what concretely in the actual scene.

Urushido: the optical viewfinder will display only the whole of the image capture lens is basically, the ?99 “XGA OLED Tru-Finder” you can see an enlarged image by a factor of up to 11.7. For, to see an enlarged image focus, a picture can not be taken in the optical viewfinder. You can also check on the viewfinder also displays peaking parts that are in focus. Makes it easy to focus even when the display function peaking expansion and focus position, using the MF lens.

Adachi: know well over the viewfinder lens performance, can also be seen, such as the aperture blur. In addition, it is one of the advantages of “XGA OLED Tru-Finder” when using the dedicated lens DT APS-C format, or you can view an image of the exact angle of view to fill the viewfinder. Checking the focus is not only convenient, you do not need to be aware of the difference between the format of the lens when it was replaced by DT lens view finder full spread.

Uchida: I can check before taking the photo will be taken now or what kind of finish, you can see the image in the viewfinder even after you have taken. Of course, you can also do in the Finder menu. That is, to capture, play back, but I do not need to keep an eye on the viewfinder as well moment when you are operating the camera to change the settings

The ? ? that, you can concentrate on shooting without having to look away from the viewfinder, it can be said that even if the new value was added to the convenience of digital SLR cameras. Toward that those who have been loyal to this optical viewfinder, you want to tell you about this new finder?

: Adachi want to tell a “please try looking through the viewfinder of ?99 first once.”Each person has been involved in the development of memories “” It is better ?900 was good “is called” so as not to say. And I believe that it’s just become a finder can have confidence. “See” natural, unique electronic viewfinder, such as if you are like an optical viewfinder except “convenience” Please come to experience them.

while seeking to “see” as a model for natural optical viewfinder, the ?99 “XGA OLED Tru-Finder”, the optical viewfinder can also check on how difficult a soft blur spread. The image is projected, but the feeling that you are trying to take pictures right now appears in front of you. You can check the information of the camera and the photo finish, “XGA OLED Tru-Finder” is, it has become a bridge between the photographer and ?99.

Always fast and reliable operation is required, such as landscape and sports, shooting various scenes. Where is the source of quick and reliable operation there would A99.

Okazaki: In order to provide a sense of consistent operation in the “?” series, has been laid out based on the ?77 basically button placement ?99, we have tuned up assuming a high professional and amateur. You should feel the strength of the presence of buttons and keys in hand and try. ?99 is we have to take into account that you can operate the buttons under the assumption that there are many people who are looking through the viewfinder to shoot, even without looking at the buttons. With changing the shape of the button adjacent vertices, each wearing a change to the height of each button. And multi-selector button frequently used function keys and the excitement that high, you will be able to access as soon as by touch.

indeed, know what is touching any buttons and keys by feel transmitted to your fingertips! In addition, the feeling of when you press any button, but I have to Tsutawa~tsu finger, I will not sound.

: Okazaki would be many opportunities to shoot video as well as photos in ?99.Consideration to shooting a movie, the contacts of each button are becoming nearly silent operation using the rubber. Also, with the structure sealing friendly (dustproof) drip-proof and dust button, as enclosed structure, such as the HDMI terminal cover portion are also increases reliability in the outdoors, such as in the rain.

The operation screen (interface), compared with what “?” traditional points that you have evolved?

: Oikawa had the concept of “Let’s make a (tool) tool pro is convinced” in the development of A99. It is a “Quick Navi Pro” is one of the features which carries assume that the functionality is needed easier to access the A99 is that, I wonder what that. I used the “Quick Links” has evolved directly manipulate each function list the information and settings of the camera was equipped with A900, the LCD monitor.

on the screen of the “Quick Navigation Pro” that is displayed on the LCD monitor There are remnants of the A900 during shooting.

Oikawa: lists the settings and information on the LCD monitor “Quick Navi Pro”, a photo finish is more predictable by using in conjunction with the viewfinder.Also when you want to shoot you change your configuration, you can change the settings of the current situation and immediately. Both, as a result of it should be considered as a professional tool is one that has been born.

Reliability demanded a tool to express “feelings”

What are the efforts of the reliability of the A99 that are used in a variety of environments and situations?

Okazaki: the upper part of the ?99 and rear exterior member is adopted as the magnesium. Magnesium material had been used previously, such as ?900, have also used the internal structure of the body (frame) is a major advantage in ?99. The camera is used in various scenes, each person is also shooting style. ?99 is we must always respond to the photographer as a tool that can be trusted.
I would also mechanical parts, but can be increased to 200,000 times durability by adopting a blade made of carbon in the shutter Furthermore, those improve the performance of the individual such that have led to the reliability of the camera .

such as the placement of the buttons is also a problem that leads to “correct” choice is also difficult to complete.

Oikawa: Arufa99 ISO button and AE lock, AF / MF button, custom buttons, and the preview button is placed on the button at the top right side and back of the body is assigned the function of the 31 types. In addition, a new feature that allows dial operation, the left front is equipped with a multi-controller silent. You can assign the desired functions, such as exposure compensation, and AF area to operate to direct its functions in a multi-controller silent.

Difficulty, each correlated to fatigue, and ease of use

When you actually get the A99, you get the impression that as the flagship model is lightweight and small.

Okazaki: The flagship models such as A99 is ahead to be able to photograph and reflect exactly what you want to express the photographer. I was constantly striving to be important because it is of course also be a small and lightweight, and to avoid heavy but carelessly. Also, I got an extremely popular and easy to hold grip portion A77, A99 grip portion has further increased the height from A77. to improve grip is focused from the time of the development of ?77, I have repeatedly fabricated wall evaluation beyond gender and racial, ethnic, so that a more optimal shape in A99.

indeed, A99 grip portion has a shape as well as finger across the palm of the hand grip.

Okazaki: We are also expanding the area of the thumb fit on the back of the finger rest to be well. A99 you can secure the entire camera can not put into force by the thumb finger rest naturally fit, and can hold a grip with the whole palm of the hand, not just your fingers. Long period of time, during video recording will be holding the camera, especially with a sense of tension.Operational errors and camera shake so as to prevent, not to avoid tiring the hand holding the camera with all the hand it should not be.

There is in the goodness A99 only number that can not be represented

comfort and fun of shooting is highly dependent on the ease-of-use. Think two people, and A99 charm that can not be expressed in numbers?

: Okazaki It is a sensual element that can not be the size and weight is different, and ease of use represents the figure number. It is thought A99 because it is a tool for representation by professional use, even in addition to weight and body size, and the most important is the balance of the total up to and including the ease of use robustness, and reliability. I say as a result of pursuing the ideal balance as a tool, and also could feel small camera lightly greater than or equal to the number. Once, for the hand to ?99, please try to set up means.

: Oikawa I spread greater than field scenes and use of ?99 and ?900 in that flagship model that corresponds to the video shoot. It can be operated smoothly comfortably in any scene, you will be able to work and dropped to ensure that you want to express ?99. I think that the pursuit of customization, such a point, and you’ll have to pay attention to the part that can be changed flexibly in a way that is easy to use shooting themselves the most.

buttons that can be operated to ensure easy-to-hold grip A99, also by touch, the thought of “A” was ease of use has become a form. You can certainly reflect a sense of each person to a99 called “preference” button that you can customize. Operability and intuitive to adapt to the shape of the a99 is nicely hand, it should help to change the mind of the photographer to work in any situation.

such as delicate bright color representation resulting in a large image sensor, video camera digital SLR is attractive beautiful images such as photos or start moving.

Hanada: as well as a camera that provides a still high quality suitable for the flagship model, ?99 is the initial stage of development it is necessary to combine even video performance that makes the best use of the width of the image representation with a full-size sensor, a camera positioned such I was captured from. In the design of the video quality of the ?99, we are increasing the degree of its completion by the video camera in cooperation with the in-house team, we also incorporated video tuning perspective.Smoothness of the video output is provided 60p full HDTV and other TV control AE / AF / AWB was based on the (original) face recognition, and the gradation processing, such as D-range optimizer backlight compensation and example we are as a video quality optimization that takes into account the creation of the monitor screen of the external output. By incorporating the (active mode) image stabilization, which is very strong even for shooting shake-specific videos, “Handycam” also.

? ? by different methods of expression also photos and videos. Although the focus of the photo will be asked to meet in a moment, for example, are better suited in Video Jiwa~tsu feeling over time that little look natural.

Hanada: As typified by focusing speed, unlike in still and video representation methods and know-how as well as technology. There are a variety of techniques and ideas developed in the camcorder and professional “Handycam” as well as “?” to Sony for many years has been involved in the video. Features that you can select from 3 levels in AF sensitivity movie recording, in full-fledged movie shooting is essential. On the other hand to achieve the highest quality still images, ?99 cameras have become drawn to vector video performance of the possibilities of visual expression of large format sensor 35mm. The expectations of those who are supposed to be shooting at a moving subject ?99, quality and performance that is supposed to finish that can respond adequately.

High-performance built-in microphone is one of the driving forces produce great works

? ? such as bringing a sense of realism and of a more powerful image, audio and video is always closely related.

Adachi: the camera is required Good to excellent voice as well as video. Since we will have to shoot a video on the flagship model of the “?”, ?99 are all image quality, sound quality, shooting functions, scalability and I must be one of the best. About the sound, I was thinking it would be a matter of course that corresponds to the built-in microphone stereo recording. Sound is also certainly the idea of Re may be recorded at another microphone and optional equipment. However, without good sound accessories are not recorded by all means, the movie shooting will itself become a wet blanket.

located directly above the lens, in front of the accessory shoe It is built-in microphone.

Adachi: in the space pentaprism is seated, in a typical single-lens reflex camera with a built-in microphone in ?99. There is no need to use a pentaprism thanks “Translucent Mirror Technology” ?99. I was able to mount the microphone on the front row seat in terms of ease of use also in quality. That there is a

microphone in the center line of the lens, you can record the audio of a natural impression that there is a sense of unity with the video. I would not even occur that would hide the microphone with your fingers too much addicted to this position if further shooting.

I think that the digital SLR camera equipped with a microphone to the idea was not to record video and sound up to now, and I made some measures must be taken to the noise emitted by the camera.

: Adachi have become quiet operation of the ?99 itself first. The quieter the sound operation of the button operation by not only reduces the sound and vibration of the mechanical behavior in the internal frame made of high-strength magnesium, use a rubber switch. Mounting of the microphone also, based on the technology that has been developed in the camcorder, we have adopted the anti-vibration structure while optimizing the ?99. As for sound quality, I have been working with a thorough commitment. I think that using the same camcorder for professional audio LSI, as a digital SLR camera, and was able to achieve a high-quality sound overwhelming. As sounds, we’re aiming at a realistic natural sound in a wide band from low frequency to high frequency range. You can record clear sound with less noise very well S / N.By Good said, driving sound and lens mecha while eliminating as much as possible the effects of wind noise, of course, even when shooting without using an external microphone, ?99, leaving the stereo audio and clear realistic You can.

A99 unique shooting experience that will bring high expressive power and scalability

extension with accessories is one of the attractions of digital SLR cameras. Not only useful when a photo shoot, grip “VG-C99AM” vertical position can be extended to up to three times the continuous operating time of a99 incorporates two spare batteries. You can hope with confidence to shoot video for a long time.

Hanada: The height of the expressive power of a digital SLR camera has been attracting attention in the world of video production. For this area has been a variety of proposals, we also are in the field shooting, you will need two video output for the photographer, and for supervision. corresponds to the simultaneous video output terminal on the rear LCD monitor and HDMI a99, you can see the same footage while shooting the director and cameraman.

Adachi: In terms of sound, we now can also be done while the headphone output of the microphone sound during shooting, to control the audio recording level to check the level in the audio level meter display. In addition, ?99, etc. can be selected in the menu “lip-sync and live” headphone output can be applied as a method of filming of the video camera, with features that did not exist digital SLR cameras In the dedicated machine video ever I will help you in making a new video with digital SLR cameras by. In the accessories I would like you to focus on the XLR adapter “XLR-K1M” to enable the device to be connected at a99 XLR terminal, such as a microphone. Be available in the equipment a99 XLR connection you are using, such as a video camera will continue. Wide dynamic range with low noise compared to the built-in microphone, you can record the best sound quality. For those who are thinking of upgrading the sound collecting equipment, can lead to a wider range of equipment selection.

In addition, the accessory shoe on the top – so unified as “Handycam” the standard, of course, the traditional accessories for ?, such as a microphone that will be released in the future, that you use in ?99 accessories more is possible. I believe that holding hands with each other beyond the genre of camera, more enjoyable shooting DSLR video camera, and should greatly expand the range of expression more.

Digital SLR camera that inherits the DNA of Sony video, ?99

A99 that I was equipped with the familiar and ease of use of the “Handycam” in addition to a variety of visual expression. Is your message to people who are thinking about shooting a movie in such ?99.

Hanada: The adoption of the 35mm full size sensor, A99 combines even lighting environment of only candles number, performance is also sensitive to leave a smooth images with less noise while leaving the atmosphere.Please enjoy the video in conjunction with a variety of differences of expression born in interchangeable lenses, so you can express A99.

Adachi: Some people do not usually take much video, I want you to feel free to try shooting a movie. ?99 is a beautiful picture can leave some realistic stereo sound clear of course that you have a high-performance built-in microphone. I’d be surprised at the high quality in the video that began to take casually. Please try to come taste the difference of expression that changes in the exchange of lens or microphone.

Rich functionality and excellent accessories to assist images such as backlight compensation and focus tracking that combines face detection, and microphone, built-in high-performance. Movie filming feature of the A99 that’s been developed in cooperation with the development team, “Handycam”, the expressive power video deep pockets that can respond not only to those who challenge the video digital SLR camera new, but also to the needs of professional and amateur I have a. Video capabilities of ?99 that are both high expressive power and ease of use, will going to be a new standard for digital SLR cameras.


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