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September 9, 2011

Sony a35 (SLT-A35) Sample HD Video Now Up!!

Sony a35 sample HD Video - Abby

Sorry for the delay in getting this HD footage up from the Sony a35 (SLT_A35), but unfortunately I had issues finding a program to converter the .mts files to something usable on the web.  I’m very disappointed that Sony doesn’t include something for the Mac in the software package for converting the HD video footage. I couldn’t find anything on the Sony Support site either, so I called Sony Tech Support. To my surprise they offer Nothing for the Mac to convert video or even view the the video. Unbelievable if you ask me, and I was left amazed on the other end of the phone. The tech support guy told me to try the Picture Motion Browser, but I informed him that was for a Windows Platform. He then suggested I do a Google search?? You have to be kidding me right? ( Sorry Mac friends, but Sony totally dropped the ball on this in my opinion.

In any event, there is a simple solution for us Mac people, and that is Wondershare and the VLC Video Player. Wondershare is a great video converter program made for Mac that costs $40 bucks. It’s not to expensive and I must admit it works awesome!!  The VLC video player is free and plays pretty much every video format under the sun so make sure to download that as well for viewing the .mts files in full HD on your Mac.


In all these movies I used the Sony a35 and the Sony SAL-1680Z 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss Lens as shown below:

Sony Alpha 35, Sony SAL-1680Z 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss Lens

Sony Alpha 35, Sony SAL-1680Z 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss Lens

Now moving on the the HD video:

Note: Be sure to select the HD 1080p, or atleast 720p option in the lower part of the Youtube player window. On my Mac/ firefox it only pops up once I start playing the video so it’s a little odd hence the note 😉

Here’s a video Montage of a bunch of videos put together in iMovie and Exported directly to Youtube as 1080p 🙂 Be sure to select Full screen and give it a few seconds to load as the 1080p HD Footage takes some time to buffer.

In this close-up video of Abby I’m showing off the amazing autofocus capabilities, clarity, and Depth of Field the Sony a35 offers:

In this video I filmed some spinning fair rides. I need to note that the lens hood was not on all the way and you will see dark spots appear on the corners. Sorry about that! Totally my fault and I still thought the video was good enough to share otherwise.

Some pretty cool pics of these 2 rides at night from the video above 😉 Click the pics for a nice large pop-up version and be sure to check out all the sample photos in the Full Res Sample Gallery for critical inspection!

Sony a35 Sample Photo

The Roundup – Sony a35, Sony 16-80mm 3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss Lens @ f/18, 4 seconds ISO 100, Tripod

Sony a35 Sample Photo

Trabant – Sony a35, Sony 16-80mm 3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss Lens @ f/14, seconds, ISO 100, Tripod

In this video I wanted to film some night footage and what better than colorful Fair rides!!

Here’s that same Demon Loop from above with a 20 second exposure 😉

Sony a35 Sample Photo

Demon Loop – The Roundup – Sony a35, Sony 16-80mm 3.5-4.5 Carl Zeiss Lens @ f/16,, 20mm, 20 seconds, ISO 100, Tripod

This Video is Fallsburgh Falls raging from all the hurricane rain:

This video I just took Today at lake Minnewaska Sept 10th 😉 Notice how well the camera handles the exposure on Awosting Falls.

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