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March 27, 2015

So Whats Up?? News, Reviews, Firmware, Deals, and Rumors…

So it’s been pretty slow here on the main website, but the forum has really been kicking some tail with killer photos and many other topics relating to photography.

As far as new Sony gear reviews are concerned, I will be getting the four new full frame e-mount lenses that were just announced ASAP. All the new lenses are on order from BHPhoto, and should arrive as they are re-leased. I also just wrapped up the Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 Biogon Lens review Here>> Anything else perking your interests?? I was thinking I could get the 50mm f/2.8 Touit Macro Lens to play with on my Nex-6 if anybody is interested? Otherwise I will be waiting for the new full frame e-mount lenses.


Sony Rumors

As far as cameras go? Not much is new except the Alpha A7r II which is rumored to come out some time shortly. Looks like the same 36mp sensor as the original A7r which I currently own, but I have a feeling the shutter mechanism is updated also along with the new body with IBIS of course. I did here a rumor about a RX20 possible, but that was a while ago. I do still hope Sony comes out with an updated RX10 unit at some point. The camera is so good as is, I think Sony is holding off for a serious upgrade or competitive offering. I was thinking a 3 or 400mm lens with a variable aperture could do the trick, F/2.8 – f/4 perhaps? Not sure about the market viability or lens logistics, but the 200mm on the rx10 was not enough for some. I felt it was perfect all around though and my detailed RX10 review is Here >>

In other Sony Rumor news, it looks like the curved sensor camera is finally coming out. It will be a full frame fixed lens compact RX1 style camera most likely according to SonyAlphaRumors (Click Here) Perhaps the RX2?



Firmware Update – A7, A7r, A7s, A6000

The new firmware adds support for the new FE lenses, and you can enter your model name of your camera and download the software here: Sony US, Sony Germany, Sony UK, Sony France, Sony Italy, Sony Spain, Sony Holland, Sony Belgium, Sony CH, Sony Austria, Sony Portugal, Sony Sweden, Sony Norway, Sony Finland.



Latest Deals and Pre-Orders

New Sony FE lenses e-mount


SonyAlphaLab – Forums

The forum has been on fire lately and below are some of the most popular and interesting threads in my opinion 😉 Please take a few minutes to check them out!

Killer Photography Threads

Birthday Cake - Loxia 35mm f/2 Biogon T* Lens

Birthday Cake – Loxia 35mm f/2 Biogon T* Lens


Awesome Gear Threads


Informative Q & A Treads

Nissin i40 Compact Flash for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe


Other Threads Worth Checking Out


Looking for Even More?

Well the forum also has some other areas that I and many others enjoy. Most notable the General Discussion area, the Sharing your favorite Music Videos Area and also Crazy, Must See Stuff Stuff On the Web.

In general discussion, we have some cool topics like:

I love music and several of us members are adding songs of the day which is a great little treat to listen to as you surf around on the forum. That is how I like to use the songs anyways… It’s a great area and we often discuss the music in great detail depending on the artist and what not. Not for everybody, but it’s there for those like us interested…

The crazy stuff on the web area is not for everybody either, but I enjoy studying many many things besides photography, and that area is where I share all that stuff. Lots of technology, and many other things that question our universe and reality as we know it to be quite honestly 😉 Take a look if you dare…


Closing Remarks

So, as you can see we have an awesome growing community in the forums area, so please consider joining and sharing some photos and/or discussions if you have the means. Register Here >>

Future prize winning contests will be coming soon, but you must be a forum member just like last time with the RX100 III which Will Hucks Won (See Here)

That is about it for now, and I hope you all have a great weekend and take care,


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  1. Brandon

    I would be very interested in a review of the 50mm Touit lens to see if the quality is in line with the other two lenses in the Touit series. There aren’t too many macro options so hopefully this is a great lens.

    • Jay

      Thanks for the feedback Brandon! I will try and get one of those next month for the April flowers 😉


      • Brandon

        Thanks, I’m looking forward to that! I’m curious to get your thoughts on how the Touit 50mm compares to the Sony 50mm lens in sharpness, bokeh, low light performance, and color straight from the camera and if its worth the extra investment. Hopefully it lives up to the high expectations set by the other two Touit lenses!

      • Jay

        Hi Brandon,

        The 50mm Touit lens is on the way to the lab, so I will give it the full review treatment this month 😉


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