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May 20, 2013

Recommended Camera Bags for Sony Nex Cameras – Travel and More..

I have gotten a lot of questions lately on recommendations for lenses, camera bags, and other gear for travel purposes, so I figured it was time to write an article on the matter. I had to do some re-search as new bags and gear are constantly coming out or are being updated, so prepare yourself for a lot of info! Most likely more than you need, but hopefully you will find my re-search and suggestions valuable in some way or another 😉

So I just got back from Disney and I used my Medium sized Tenba Shootout bag to hold all my camera gear and my laptop. All I brought camera gear wise, was the Sony Nex-6, the 15mm f/2.8 lens, the 18-55mm kit lens, and I ended up purchasing the 55-210mm lens in Florida, but that is now in the bag as well. The Tenba shootout back is an awesome solution and a really well made bag. Much better than my previous and more expensive LorPro bag that started to rip at the seems and had zipper failures. These days I’m using much smaller and lighter gear than I used to, so the Tenba bag is no longer necessary for light travel. For serious travel however, it does make a great laptop/ camera bag combo for sure.


I really want something much smaller and lighter for the parks or occasional hike as the Sony Nex camera gear is so much smaller and lighter. Read on to check out what I found!


Camera Bags – What To Look For

  • Size and weight
  • good zippers
  • waterproof and/or weather resistant
  • belt compatibility
  • shoulder compatibility
  • user reviews
  • cost

Camera Bag Recommendations

Check out the Shoulder and Holster styles bags first.

Holster Style Bags

Here are a few of the most popular and best user reviewed holster style bags I found on Amazon:


Sling Style Bags

Here are a few of the most popular and best user reviewed Sling Style Bags I found on Amazon:


Shoulder Style Bags

The shoulder style bag is basically either a Small Backpack with one strap, or a hand-held bag with a Shoulder strap. The Sling bad could fit in this category as well technically 😉


Backpack Style Bags

Often larger, backpack style bags give you much more room for extra gear such as lenses, cloths, food, or even a laptop. This is often necessary for travel, but necessary ideal for the parks or a modest hike. Back packs have now incorporated rollers into some models which is great for navigating airport! Check out few of the Best Selling and Best User Reviewed BackPack Style Camera bags on Amazon


Rugged Cases??

Need serious protection? Then the rugged cases are the way to go. Tons to chose from and custom foam configurations for all applications. Cases vary is size and features such as wheels etc..


BHPhotoVideo also has tons of Bags to choose from with an intuitive interface for sorting. See Category links below:


Closing Remarks

I hope this strait forward breakdown of Camera Bags helps you sort things out when it comes to camera bags and what you need. With so many styles to chose from it can be totally overwhelming where to begin, and I hope this article helps those in need 😉

Please let me know in the comments below what bags your using and if you have any recommendations to share. Clearly I don’t know everything so I’m sure there are many more quality bags on the market.

Have a great day,


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  1. Christian Purcell

    Think Tank also has some good shoulder bags that work well, one is the Sub Urban Disguise series, and also one series that is specially made with mirrorless cameras in mind, Mirrorless Mover. Both worth checking out, these are some that I’m looking at for my NEX 6.

  2. Peter Stowe

    I’ve just purchased a Lowepro Classic 100 ILC shoulder bag – holds NEX-6 with kit lens or 35mm prime, 18-200 telephoto and small flash or charger. Excellent quality but a bit pricy. There’s also the smaller Classic 50 for camera and kit lens only.

  3. Thanks for the article. Another way for handling Camera gears is to have few tiny bags that get attached to your belts, you can use these bags to put filters and lets say 1 additional lens, then you keep only a small bag for the camera itself (using shoulder style bag). I am thinking to use this style for handling all the camera gears, as I think it is more convenient, for my case it will be:

    Sony nex-5 + sel18-200 (using the smallest shoulder style bag that hold this configuration)
    2 filter, adaptors, filter holder,extra battery, cleaning pen (Bag attached to the belt)
    1 lens (a second small bag attached to the belt)

    What do you think?

    • FlavioRoss

      I think these tiny belt bags is more for people who are carrying a ton of stuff in a backpack and need quick access to gear.
      A shoulder bag usually give easier access to gear, so I don’t think you need more than one bag. Check bags like the Mirrorless Mover, pretty sure you can find one that fit all you gear and still keep small.

    • Jay

      I think that is a great solution Karim 🙂

      Individualized makes searching through a bag a non issue. Sometimes putting a bag down or having a should bag is not an option, so I really like this idea. Maximum jumping and climbing ability with this method, so for a spirited hike, or the parks, this system seems like a great option to me.

      Thanks for sharing,

  4. Mat

    In my opinion if you want a backpack style might as well go with something for hiking like an osprey daypack. I carried one with all my equiptment and then some and my back and legs felt great. Hiking day packs are cheaper than the camera bags and can be adapted to hold anything!

  5. FlavioRoss

    Unless you really need to carry big telephotos lenses or big accessories (like a tripod), the shoulder bag is the way to go. And better yet if the bag don’t looks like a camera bag. So, at least in the city, better avoid big bags with huge logos from SONY, Nikon or “Photo something” 😉

    • Jay

      Great points Flavio 😉

      Thanks for sharing your perspective and experience. Makes perfect sense to me about the logos, and I often think about that with my bag in the car. It’s black on black, so the Tenba logo is not that noticeable. Sometimes I will put a towel over it or something if the place seems shady.

      Thanks again,

  6. Patrick

    I use a Lowepro Adventura 140 shoulderbag, which fits everything I need and is still as small and convenient as I would like it to be. It fits my nex-6, sel18-200, sel18-55 and charger in the main pocket. At the sides there are some stow pockets for my lens cleaner and small stuff and at the front you dan store memory cards and filters.

    • Jay

      Thank you Patrick for sharing your bag of choice and experience with it. I greatly appreciate it, and that bad sounds perfect for when I don’t have my laptop!

      Have a good day,

  7. Hey guys, great work here! You’ve listed so many options in camera bags. I was going through some links when I came across this one here which seems to have some interesting options as well:

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