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February 17, 2013

Question & Answer with Jay – Episode #1

Q & A with Jay - Episode #1

In this very first Episode of Question and Answer with Jay, I’m going to answer a few very good, yet common Sony questions I get on a regular basis. I decided to go for the video format (YouTube), for this new series as it feels more personal to me. Kinda like I’m actually talking to you live pretty much ๐Ÿ™‚

I spend a fair amount of time behind the scenes answering questions and doing re-search to try to be as correct as possible!! Obviously I’m human and far from all-knowing!! I also make mistakes, or I just might be wrong about something in general, because I’ve excepted it as fact long ago. This is a very common shared trait among us humans, and can often be confused with arrogance or stubbornness. I assure you that is not my intention if it comes across that way!!

This world is getting smaller by the day, thanks to the internet, and this website!! Why not take it to the next level I say??

I’m not a broadcaster by any means, so please bear with me as I learn to speak to the camera in my total amateurish fashion. It’s a new “skill” that is going to take practice like anything else. Tips and tricks appreciated for those in the know!!


Q & A with Jay – Episode #1

Torn between cameras? Have lens questions? Wonder why the camera does something? Need Help on a specific Photography topic??

Ask a question!!

Be sure to select the HD 720 quality option for the best viewing experience!


Q&A With Jay – Episode #1 Questions

Question #1

Hi Jay. What lens would you recommend to replace the SELP1650? I mean something with approx the same focal range and price.
A few more questions. If I use anything other than the SELP1650, will it have to be manual focus only?
Sony E-Mount Lens Guide >>

And will the anti-shake and twilight hand-held functions work with the alternative lenses?
Can the NEX-6 do TTL flash?

Question #2

Hi I live in the UK your video’s are fantastic since looking into buying a Sony NEX Camera I have decided to go for the 6 after your review’s.I do use a Nikon D90 and have a couple of lenses to suit could you advise on what adapter I would need for the NEX 6 to fit these lenses.One more question about the NEX 6 is can you shoot slow movie video’s with the NEX camera.
Hope you don’t mind me asking these questions once again keep the good work up and a big thanks.

Question #3

Hi jay, great website. will a zoom lens like say a canon, tamron, sigma 18-200 oss and using a cheep adapter for my sony nex 5r still offer image stabilization even though there is no electrical contact between body and lens, I know it will be manual focus only and don’t mind that.I just want the stabilization feature, any recommendations. Mark from UK

New Comments/ Questions from Youtube Channel

So I am torn between the Nex 5r and the Nex 6…is one better than the other or will I be pleased with either one? Also great job and keep the videos coming!

Hello Jay,

Thanks for the amazing Q&A work you’re doing. Nobody else helps users with these questions like you do. So thank you.

My questions to fill up your show ;-):

1. I didn’t buy the NEX-5n because of its slow AF speed. Then there was the NEX-5r with hybrid AF. But then I’ve read the phase detection af would only work with pictures not in video. Is that true?

2. How much faster is the AF speed at all in comparison to the NEX-5n?

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards from Germany


“Mark from the UK” Jay is of right in that the cheap adapters don’t have the power going through to the lens to power the image stabilization in the lens. but some of the more expensive adapters, like the metabones speedbooster works with IS, and very well. I am really happy with being able to use the stabilization form my Canon EF lenses on my Nex using this adaptor. ๐Ÿ™‚

Awesome info, thanks!!

Metabones Canon EF to Sony Nex Adapter: $599.00 –ย  Link to Metabones Lens Adapters >>


what lens do you recommend? sel 50mm vs sel 35mm? thanks!


Closing Remarks

Thanks again for checking in to SonyAlphaLab and please keep the questionsย  and comments coming!! Links below for subscribing, following, and sharing with your friends!!

Torn between cameras? Have lens questions? Wonder why the camera does something? Need Help on a specific Photography topic??

Ask a question!!


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  1. Joe

    how does the speed of the wifi and OS responsiveness compare between the 5r and the 6? Does either have a significantly better user experiance ?

    • Jay

      Hi Joe,

      Great question, and as far as I can tell they perform about the same as far as wi-fi and OS responsiveness. The Nex-5r has the touchscreen though which makes things a bit different if you choose to take advantage of it. Smart Phone and tablet users may prefer the touchscreen user experience more. I personally do not, and prefer the Nex-6 buttons user experience better.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Steff

    Could you tell me what the Auto default settings are on a Sony Alpha 100 for the Portrait, Landscape, Night, Sunset, Sports, & Macro Modes are? I am a newbie to the ISO, Focus, White Balance modes & wondered what the auto settings were so I had an idea for a starting point. I took some great pics in Auto but have no idea what the settings would have been!

    Thanks for all your info

    • Jay


      If you take a picture in any of those modes with your camera and then review your photo on the camera itself, the info will be there. Are you using the A100 now? are you trying to use manual mode or something?


  3. Jay, I have A77 question or two.
    Have you noticed or could comment on sensor spots? I have both the A900 and a A77 Cameras. Using the 70-400G lens on both I have gotten MANY sensor spots on the A77 within a short amount of time. (a couple of months or less). And yet with the SAME lens and over 5 times the time (years) I do not have this issue with my A900.
    I have sent the A77 back to Sony Repair (USA Laredo, Tx) three times now.
    It appears this model camera sucks the dust into its body. I thought it had more coatings and anti dust capabilities but this does not seem true.
    No I am not changing lenses in a dust storm either.
    Have you or anyone else seen this? I take airplane, bird pics mostly. THe spots are very visible using my 70-400 at f8 and above.
    At this point in time ai am extremly frustrated the A77. I bought it becuase the the A900 does not have focus tracking.


    • Jay

      Hi Frank and thanks for the comments/ questions!!

      I have not had that many dust issues myself, but I only have the cameras for about a month or so. Dust getting into cameras is normal and unfortunate. It’s really noticeable unfortunately when using telephoto lenses and getting that awesome bokeh blur. The dust just stands out in those types of shots. Same issue on my Canon 5d mark II and Nex-6. The Nex-6 is wide open when you take a lens off, make me a little nervous at times, but it is easy to clean if you take proper precautions and use the correct tools for the job.

      I wonder if the dust is getting on the translucent mirror or the sensor?? do you know? The a900 did not have this issue is why I’m curious, and if that is the case I would just clean it yourself. I’ll find a tutorial and the tools you need for the job if you want to do it. I should buy them for myself anyway as they are pretty affordable little swabs. They are special though and designed for cleaning microscopes and stuff.

      Sorry for your frustration and I look forward to your reply!


  4. Jay, I have a Nex 7, a Sony 50 mm F 1.8, Sony/Zeiss 24 mm F 1.8- I am learning to shoot street scenes at twilight (and after) and the 2 lenses are fine. I now want to add a short to mid telephoto. Questions- 1. Will using the LEA2 on the NEX cause a loss of focusing speed or light the lens would have on an A mount? 2. I am tempted by the Canon FD 85 mm f 1.8 and/or the Contax G 90 F 2.8. Any advice on these or other solutions?

    • Jay

      Hello CP Dukes,

      Great questions!!

      Will using the LEA2 on the NEX cause a loss of focusing speed or light the lens would have on an A mount?

      Only in video mode does the LA-EA2 limit you to f/3.5 for max aperture. Photography wise, you can use faster apertures and they work just like you would expect ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I am tempted by the Canon FD 85 mm f 1.8 and/or the Contax G 90 F 2.8. Any advice on these or other solutions?

      If you go down the road of old school lenses, you will need to use manual focus. I highly recommend this though as you can’t beat the deals on Ebay for those older fully manual lenses!! The Canon FD’s are awesome. Minolta MC/MD lenses are also great!! Contax G 90 f/2.8 is also great from what I hear. You will need a lens adapter for those, but they are pretty affordable!! Check out this article on the ultimate Lens and Lens Adapter combo’s!!

      I hope that helps!!


  5. anubhav

    hi Jay
    i recently bought sony alpha 58k and i am looking for video tutorials of my model. in youtube i could only find details of other camera companies but not sony and i am a newbee so i find the settings a difficult task. please help.

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