Other Flash Brackets certainly worth noting:

When I was doing re-search for camera flash brackets I camera across some pretty solid designs that are definitely worth sharing:

Custom Brackets Digital PRO Camera Rotating Bracket:

The first flash bracket I looked at was the Digital PRO Camera Rotating Bracket. It’s pretty expensive though at ~$269.95, but your getting aircraft grade aluminum and it’s very lite weight. Solid rig for sure and if weight is an issue for you, I would recommend Digital Pro over the QRS-H2. Unfortunately the digital Pro was a little out of my price range at the time, but I would consider this model if I ever have the need!!

Custom Brackets Digital PRO Camera Rotation Bracket


Custom Brackets Digital PRO Camera Rotation Bracket Custom Brackets Digital PRO Camera Rotation Bracket

CustomBrackets CB Digital-T Flash Rotating Bracket:

The next rotating flash bracket I considered was the CustomBrackets CB Digital-T Flash Rotating Bracket:

This model is incredible affordable at only $39.95 and features a pivoting flash arm that keeps the flash centered above the lens in both horizontal and vertical position. This will definitely do the job, but I really wanted the camera to rotate on something like the other two brackets.

Custom-Brackets CB Digital-S Flash Rotating Bracket

Stroboframe Pro-RL Bracket:

Another really nice flash bracket solution I found was the Stroboframe Pro-RL Bracket. This bracket looks pretty well made and can easily rotate the camera from vertical to horizontal quickly. It goes for a pretty good price at $129.95. The quality just didn’t look quite good enough for me based on the pictures, but I honestly was not able to handhold this bracket so I really can’t say.

Stroboframe Pro-RL Bracket

Stratos ProFlip 90 Flash Bracket:

I also checked out the Stratos ProFlip 90 Flash Bracket. This one looked pretty good, but with my battery grip I wasn’t 100% sure if it would fit and work properly. This bracket goes fora very fair price at ~$118.95.

Stratos ProFlip 90 Flash Bracket


Newton Di100FR2, FR3:

Yet another high quality and very highly regarded flash bracket system is the Newton Products. I received a lot off feedback from Pro Photographers that were using the Newton Brackets, and they loved them. Also the customer service was the best ever. I even read that the actual owner picks up the phone a lot of the time! After reading up on the products I must admit they look awesome and are certainly worth considering if your in the market! When I was doing my re-search on the Newton Brackets I came across the Di100FR2. It starts at $189.95 for the base unit, but you will need another small accessory bracket to attach the flash depending on you manufacture. This Di100F2R can accommodate SLR’s with or without the batter grip and only weighs 8.5oz! The fact that this is super light is incredible appealing to me as my QRS-H2 is far from lite! Check this sucker out!

The Di100FR2:

Di100FR2 Folding Flash Rotator Bracket

Newton Di100FR2 Folding Flash Rotator Bracket

Di100FR2 Folding Flash Rotator Bracket
Newton Di100FR3

Newton also just came out with the New Di100FR3:

The Di100FR3 is designed for photographers that use hand held flash but also use a tripod with quick release plates. The Di100FR3 uses the same rotator as the Di100FR2. This guy is a bit more expensive starting at $229.95, but it only weighs 8.4oz.

Di100FR3 Folding Flash Rotator Bracket

Di100FR3 Folding Flash Rotator Bracket

Di100FR3 Folding Flash Rotator Bracket The FR3 Base Stays On Camera

The base of the FR3 holds your quick release plates and is designed to stay on the bottom of your camera so that you can use the base with the vertical platform to mount your camera on your tripod in horizontal or vertical position without moving your tripod head.

Di100FR3 Folding Flash Rotator Bracket The Rotator Can Be Removed

Since the base of the FR3 stays on the bottom of your camera we have designed the rotator to be removable. To remove the rotator simply loosen the knurled knob that holds the vertical section of the rotator to the bottom of the base.



When choosing a flash bracket you really need to figure out what your needs are and what you can physically handle. Our situation is very common, so this set-up could very well work for you assuming the weight isn’t an issue and your shooting weddings or something. In the end I’m really glad I purchased the QRS-H2 Custom Bracket and I highly recommend it!!

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