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August 23, 2013

Photos of the Sony Nex-5T and Three New E-Mount Lenses!!

Sony Nex-5t mirrorless camera

Check out some photos of the New Sony Nex-5T and three new e-mount lenses including the Sony E-Mount 18-105 f/4 OSS Power Zoom Lens, the Sony E-Mount 16-70mm f/4 OSS Lens, and a Black version of the E-Mount 50mm f/1.8 OSS Lens (sel50f18).

The Sony Nex-5T appears to have a very similar design to the Nex-5r I reviewed (Click Here). Rumors are the Nex-5T may have a new menu system (finally!) and the inclusion of NFC for better wireless connectivity I believe. Similar to the Samsung NX300 I’m currently reviewing (Click Here). The sensor will likely be the same 16mp hybrid AF unit, or a 20mp version to compete with Samsung I’m thinking? These features alone don’t seem like enough to justify a new camera though, so I think they will be more significant than were currently speculating. Remember, Sony canceled the Nex-7N because it was NOT significantly better than the Nex-7. Therefore the Nex-5T should offer something special I think. What that is, I don’t know? Special rear screen? Dust proof? Anybody??


Sony Nex-5T Mirrorless Camera

Images courtesy of Digicaminfo.

Sony Nex-5t mirrorless camera

Sony Nex-5T mirrorless camera – Body Only

Sony Nex-5t mirrorless camera

Sony Nex-5T mirrorless camera


Sony E-Mount 18-105 f/4 OSS PowerZoom Lens – SELP18105

This lens looks like a beast and looks like the lens filter thread is 72mm in the photo below. That is huge and is going to be a bit awkward when putting the camera down if it’s on a small Nex camera body. Mounted to a Nex-VG camcorder on the other hand this lens would really be killer! Note the pwerzoom toggle.

Sony E-Mount 18-105 f/4 OSS Lens

Sony E-Mount 18-105 f/4 OSS Lens


Zeiss E-Mount 16-70mm f/4 OSS Lens

This next Zeiss lens looks like a crowd pleasure to me, but I suspect many will wish for a faster aperture. It has a 55mm filter thread, and I feel the relative small size of the lens and inclusion of OSS makes this a prime candidate for the all-in-one crowd that demands quality. I’m one of those people, and highly recommend the A-Mount 16-80mm  Zeiss lens which I reviewed (Click Here), for the same reason. Super high quality Zeiss optics, a better zoom range than the stock 18-55mm kit lens, and the price. I think this lens will be around $1000 US hopefully, and if it is I will likely get one if I decide to keep my Nex-6 and go FF A-Mount.

Sony E-Mount 16-70mm f/4 OSS Lens

Zeiss E-Mount 16-70mm f/4 OSS Lens


New 50mm f/1.8 OSS Lens – Black Version

Same but in another color is all it appears which is fine by me. The SEL50F18 is a killer lens for the money and it’s nice I can now get a black version for my Nex-6, because silver does look a bit weird.

Sony E-Mount 50mm f/1.8 OSS Lens - sel50f18

Sony E-Mount 50mm f/1.8 OSS Lens – sel50f18 – Black


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Closing Remarks:

That is all for now, but be sure to check out the Samsung NX300 Rolling Review, and stay tuned for the Sony RX100 II and Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8 lens reviews! I also added several more awesome cameras to the growing database if you would like to check it out 😉


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  1. john

    Nice to know that Sony is possibly coming out with a new menu system – hopefully just using the one in they use in RX1 or RX100 for example.
    I think most all users will agree that the current menu system is not very good.
    I hear conflicting rumors on the NEX7n or the next NEX7 upgrade. Some say that it is going to be the NEX8 and will be announced in sept – oct time frame and some are saying that Sony is not putting as much emphasis on the NEX line based on some comments the new CEO made but will be putting more emphasis on the Alpha DSLR line.

    Sony might have looked at the Pen-P5 and now Lumix GX7 and soon coming Fuji X-E2 and X-PRO2 and decided that they needed something more than just WIFI and NFC and some small updates to compete and rightly so.

    So I wish I new the scoop – is a NEX8 coming soon ? The rumor about a NEX9 as a FF body are still out there and those stating that a NEX8 will be announced in Sept-Oct time frame also believe that the NEX9 will be out next spring.

    I think the Fuji X-E2 and X-Pro2 will create very stiff competition for the NEX7 as I assume that the auto focus speed issue will be resolved and Fuji will also have NFC and WiFI etc. etc. The current X-E1 and X-Pro1 create awesome RAW files and the typical nice Fuji colors so really in many ways on par with the IQ of the NEX6/7 and some would argue better.

    I really think that the NEX7 needs an update, maybe not so much the sensor which is really nice but for sure the menu system and button layout and hopefully a Mode Dial and a Touch Screen with Touch to Focus etc.

    I have 2 M43 bodies the OMD-5 and Lumix GX1 as well as Fuji X100s and X20 –
    I must say that I enjoy using the OMD-5 and GX1 so much more than my NEX7 and 5n due to the nicer menu systems and button layouts – like the GX1 has many Fn buttons and Q menu so access to things is so quick.
    Fuji’s menu system is not bad and the Q menu button helps but Fuji lacks Fn buttons – 1 is not enough 🙂

    So I have on pre-order the Lumix GX7 – it is loaded with features and a tilt-able viewfinder 9Fn buttons of which 4 are physical buttons.

    I still think Sony and Fuji have the best sensors ( so that is why the OMD-5 is so nice as it has a Sony sensor ) but Panasonic and Olympus just focus so much faster and have nice touch screens which have Touch to Focus and Shoot which is awesome and other features that are so nice and make the cameras so fun to use.

    Fuji is a conservative company and I think they will not produce touch screens which is a shame as for those who do not like touch screen then there should be a option to turn it off.

    So Sony have come out with NEX5 – NEX5n – NEX5r and now NEX5t –
    in the meantime there has only been one NEX7 which kind a tells me that Sony does not want to be competing in the top class in the mirrorless cameras but want to focus on average consumer more or they just do not have anything new to compete with.

    I hope that is not the case and the rumor of NEX8 are true for Sep-Oct

    What I would like to see in the NEX8

    – New sensor – similar to the ExmorR technology or what Lumix GX7 has – Menu system from the RX1
    – Faster focus
    – Mode dial
    – 3 Fn buttons
    – Touch scree with Touch to Focus and Shoot
    – Standard hotshoe
    – APPS
    – Image affects like the RX100
    – Tilt-able viewfinder
    – Better flash controls
    – Time-laps options
    – Wifi and NFC

    • Jay

      Hi John, and thanks for the excellent comments/ analysis of the situation 😉

      I agree with most of what you said, but wanted to exapand on a few of your thoughts more for sake of speculation. Very curious to see what your thoughts will be on the Lumix GX7, as that does look very apetising although the smaller sensor is a major turn-off for me personally. Clearly it’s a very capable camera though and should be a blast to use!

      I agree that Fuji will most likely shy away from the touchscreen for the same reason you mentioned.

      Nex-8 features wish list:

      – In body stabilization for non IS lenses and for a-mount OSS lens support
      – Better control dials with more precise clicks and dampning
      – additional fn buttons
      – 3.5″ or larger rear display, ultra high res fully articulating touchscreen
      – 24mp hybrid sensor with or without AA filter – R option like RX1r
      – slighltly better build quality than the Nex-7. Especially the tri-pod mount structure as it relates to the chasis
      – Focus mode dial on front like RX1 – M, AF-S, AF-C, AF-D
      – Standard Hotshoe and built in pop-up flash
      – Apps for expansion/ fun
      – Larger Alpha Battery and Grip to house it
      – 1/8000 max shutter is a must for fast glass!
      – ISO 50 – 25,600 and Customizable Auto ISO
      – RX100 II menu system would be perfect
      – tilting EVF is a great feature and will add that as a wish
      – Wifi, GPS, NFC
      – Image effects like the RX100 II
      – laptop Remote Shooting support for easy studio work
      – $1499.99 US – hopefully around this

      We shall see,

  2. Unlo

    sure would be nice of them to update the menu system in the nex 5n and 5r through a firmware update if it is changed.

  3. Gerard

    If I had an e-mount camera I’d be strongly interested in the SELP18105. Yes, I am sure Zeiss is good, but I haven’t seen any samples, via reviews or otherwise, that justifies the price. Besides, though a lens may have been engineered by Zeiss, it does not mean that it is being made by Zeiss, does it.

    Hot shoes are not standard for the information going to the flash is all proprietary anyway. I’ve gotten around that whole thing with an adapter to a radio transmitter and any flash that can be set manually. Forgo the hot-shoe and implement a built-in radio receiver/transmitter of international –non-pocketwizard– standards (which are slowly coming into place).

    Personally I use so little of the options within the menus. What I do use could have a button on the body to initiate so I would not have to hunt within the menus.

    With a computer running the whole show, I do not quite understand not having time lapse timers and bracketing built into every camera, Sony or whatever. I, an ex-programmer, knows that it is not hard to do. But, I know how to do it manually, sometimes with third-party support, so that will have to do for now.

    Faster focus? I, and probably many others need it to be able to focus well in more than just full daylight. There is no real sense in having a camera capable of capturing a photo at ISO 3200 if it can’t auto-focus or even do peeking at that ISO.

    Better sensors? I’d say the implementation of the sensors is more of the problem than the sensors themselves.

    Better sensors? Smack Canon and Nikon really hard in the face with a sensor larger than full-frame. No matter the apologies offered and often memed, medium format cameras are way better than any full-frame camera in image quality. (Sensor) Size does matter… but also the implementation:-)

    Yes, maybe should have been put into the forum. Oh well.

    Jay, thanks for the article.

    • Jay

      Hi Gerard and thanks for the comments!

      You have not seen any reviews of the SELP18105, because the lens has not been offically announced yet. If the Zeiss tag is on the lens, it will have to meet Zeiss standards no matter who makes it. I have no doubt that lens will be of great quality once we see some test photos. Wether it’s worth the investment to you is entirly another story 😉

      Intersting thoughts about the larger format sensors, but that would mean yet another new lens line we would need. Not saying it’s not possible, but more likely a square full frame sensor is coming I think. This way the lenses will work and software can dictate the crop factor ar aspect ratio for you. Just speculating, but that makes more sense to me as far as the lens situation goes. The large format camera gear seams like it’s rental based these days on a per jop bases. Unless your crazy sucessfull and can afford those cameras of course.

      Catch up with you later,

      • Gerard

        Thanks for the reply.

        A square full-frame sensor is intriguing. Seems that nearly 50 mega-pixels would be on order for that to work optimally by My way of thinking. I’d be happy with a square sensor to which one could crop as one needs, if one needs to.

        A Zeiss lens would be an investment to Me if I could foresee a serious dedication to all else involved by Sony. What I do know is that I keep on sneaking peeks at Pentax rumors and news to see if Ricoh may be updating the 645D.

        In reality another lens lineup for a medium format camera would not have to be large at all. Currently mf is a world of specific primes of which most of Us know most of (as far as angle of view). From My perspective there is lots of room for variation and advancement in the lenses available for something in the area of mf… a definite business opportunity for a company with the resources (money).

        I agree with the faster shutter speeds. 8000 needs to be.

        I agree with the “Apps for expansion/ fun”.

        I agree with the “laptop Remote Shooting support for easy studio work”.

        I agree with the “In body stabilization”.

        Be well beyond,


  4. FlavioRoss

    The Zeiss looks great, is small and lightweight. The $1000 price tag is not a surprise, so we can expect good built and image quality.

    But my surprise was the price of the new G 18-105: only $600! For a G lens, I was expecting at least 1k. And while it was made more for the video cameras its not that big: its about the size of the 55-210 and at 427g its far from heavy.

    Im not too much into standard zoom lens for stills, but the for video they are great. Im really looking foward for the 18-105. The bad thing: looks like its only be available in December! 🙁

    The Zeiss and the black 50mm 1.8 will be available in September.

    • Jay

      Thanks for the comments and updates Flavio, and I agree completely. It did look larger in the initial photos 😉 Pretty awesome lens for cinematography purposes if you have a Nex camera of any kind. This lens offers a much more compact size in comparison to the gigantic 18-200mm PZ lens. Family fun recorded at a whole new level of quality? That is the appeal to me personally, and I think it will work pretty well on the Nex-6 consider the size and weight updates. I really can’t afford it, but it’s nice to want toys and makes me really look forward to reviewing it!

      Thanks again,

  5. Hey Jay, the 16-70mm Zeiss looks quite a lens and not too heavy which is important for the Nex system. I think that the Sony 50mm f/1.8 in black would be the lens I may get next although I found on my recent holiday I didn´t shoot @ 50mm much. Still, by the time you have a 50mm manual focus lens plus the adapter the weight is probably more than the E-mount 50mm plus you get OSS and Auto focus with the ability to shoot in manual when you want it. I really like to keep my kit light and tend to shoot at the shorter focal length so 50mm would fit the bill. Looking forward to seeing the next part of your RX-100 markII review. Keep up the good work. Evan

    • Jay

      Thanks for the comments Evan and I agree about the weight and size being very important. It’s perfect for most situations and the 16mm means you can ditch the pancake for landscapes if you have it. It’s the perfect kit lens replacement, because it replaces multiple lenses in my opinion. The Black 50mm is much nicer than the silver on a black camera. It’s a bit odd it took Sony so long to come out with this obvious option. I want one as well for my Nex-6 🙂 I really want the Zeiss also.

      I just updated the RX100 Mark II review (click Here) with more photos last evening if you want to check it out.

      Thanks again,

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