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November 30, 2011

Nex-7 DXOMark Sensor Score Results are in!!

Nex-7 DXOMark Sensor Score

The results are finally in courtesy of and I honestly was hoping for better results, although the results are great don’t get me wrong. I thought the translucent mirror on the a77 which takes away ~1/3 stop of light which effectively translates to ~1/2 a stop of ISO performance would make a bigger difference, but I guess not. The Dynamic range is significantly higher though which is awesome for Landscape work.

Check it out for yourself:

Nex-7 DXOMark Sensor Score

Nex-7 DXOMark Sensor Score

Here is the Nex-7 vs the Nex-5N vs the Nex-C3:

DXOMark Sensor Scor - Nex-7 vs the Nex-5N vs the Nex-C3

DXOMark Sensor Scor – Nex-7 vs the Nex-5N vs the Nex-C3

ISO Sensitivity

ISO Sensitivity

Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range

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  1. There has been so much chatter about how the 5N is superior in ISO, but the degree is not all that much.

    The 24MP sensor is definitely newer than the 5N—Sony may need to take a step back in the megapixel department and do what Canon has done with their EOS-1DX.

    • Jay

      Yeah, according to there tests it’s not, but the Nex-5n goes up to ISO 25800 and the a77 tops out at ISO 16000. Still I would never use those super high ISO’s anyway in the real world unless I had to.

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