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June 28, 2013

New Sony HVL-F43M Flash Unit and Expiring Sony Rebates Tomarrow!


Sony announced yesterday the new HVL-F43M Flash Unit for the latest Standard mount Nex and Alpha cameras, and rebates expiring 6/29! The Sony HVL-43M incorporates a powerful GN43 flash output, and also has a dedicated video light, just like the big brother HVL-F60M Flash Unit, to meet the growing demand for better quality video on camera.

The HVL-F43M is also built to endure some moister and dust, which is good for those outdoor events, or not so clean indoor shoots. I wish all the cameras were made with this in mind, but that costs money, just like every other feature.

The Sony HVL-F43M Flash is available for Pre-order $398 US @ BHPhoto (Click Here)

Key Features:

  • Quick Shift Bounce – Pivot 90° L/R
  • Built-in Bounce Sheet
  • Wireless Ratio Control – 3 Flash Groups
  • Effective Range: Over 30′
  • Color Temperature: Approx. 5500K
  • Retractable 15mm Wide-Angle Panel
  • TTL/Continuous/Pre-Flash/Manual/Red-Eye
  • Multi Interface Shoe Connector
  • Runs on 4 AA Alkaline / NiMH Batteries
  • Mini Stand and Case Included
Brighten up your shooting with the HVL-F43M flash gun for latest cameras and interchangeable-lens camcorders equipped with Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe.

Sony HVL-F43M TTL Shoe Mount Flash

Sony HVL-F43M TTL Shoe Mount Flash

Sony HVL-F43M Flash Unit Specs

Guide Number 43 (105mm, ISO100?m)
Flash Coverage 24-105mm (15mm focal length covered with built-in wide panel)
Flash Control Pre-flash control, manual flash control selectable, direct through-the-lens (TTL) flash metering
Bounce Flash Click positions: up (30°/45°/60°/75°/90°/120°/150°); down (8°); right (30°/45°/60°/90°); left (30°/45°/60°/90°)
LED video light Max. illuminance 400 lux/0.5m; illuminating distance approx. 1 m at ISO3200 / F5.6)
Recycling time Approx. 2.9 seconds (with alkaline batteries)
Battery performance Approx. more than 200 flash cycles (with alkaline batteries – based on Sony measurement)
Power level switching 22 levels: (1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128), 1/3 steps
Wireless Ratio Control Available to control by 3 groups when used with a99, a77, a65, a58, a57, a37, a900, a850, a700, NEX-7, NEX-6, DSC-RX1, DSC-RX1R
Other features Auto WB Adjustment with Colour Temperature Info; Auto zoom control optimised for image sensor size; High-Speed Synchro; Modeling Lighting; Test Lighting; Multi Lighting. Supports camera’s Red-eye reduction feature. Built-in wide panel and bounce sheet. High quality LCD screen.
Compatible Shoe Multi Interface Shoe (Auto-lock Accessory Shoe with optional ADP-AMA adaptor)
Included items Connector protect cap, mini-stand, case
Dimensions (WxHxD) Approx. 75 x 140 x 87 mm
Weight Approx. 355g (without batteries)
Power source 4x AA Alkaline / AA Ni-MH batteries

Full Press Release via Sony:

Shoot smarter with the versatile new HVL-F43M external flash

27 June 2013
  • Smart, compact design with bright GN43 flash output, Quick Shift Bounce and dust/moisture resistant design
  • Powerful LED light for video shooting
  • Multi Interface Shoe for compatibility with latest Sony A-mount SLT, E-mount cameras/camcorders and Cyber-shot™ models

Brighten up your shooting with the HVL-F43M flash gun for latest cameras and interchangeable-lens camcorders equipped with Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe.

The powerful, fully-featured flash builds on the success of the acclaimed HVL-F43AM that’s a mainstay of many photographers’ gadget bags. Like its predecessor, it offers the popular ‘Quick Shift Bounce’ system that allows instant rotation of the flash head when switching between landscape and portrait compositions. This maintains the same bounce angle in either shooting position for consistently-lit photos.

While the F43AM was compatible with the Auto-lock accessory shoe on older A-mount cameras, the new F43M is now even more versatile. It’s equipped with a Multi Interface Shoe for 100% compatibility with Sony’s SLT-A99, SLT-A58, NEX-6, HDR-VG900, HDR-VG30, Cyber-shot™ HX50, RX1/RX1R and RX100 II models. It is also compatible with Auto-lock accessory cameras via the optional ADP-AMA adaptor.

The brand-new model has another bright trick to broaden its appeal. The F43M also doubles as a powerful LED video light for keen videographers. Keep shooting Full HD video on your camera or camcorder when you’re short of natural light: backlit subjects, interviewees, parties and night-time scenes are bathed with natural, even illumination.

With a rugged, reliable design that resists dust and moisture, the HVL-F43M handles everyday shooting as well as more challenging outdoor assignments.

Wireless control allows quick creation of sophisticated multi-flash effects. It’s easy to accurately control lighting ratios for up to three on- and off-camera flash units for beautifully balanced, pro-style results.

Other smart functions include Auto White Balance adjustment with colour temperature information for consistently natural-looking white balance under any lighting conditions.

The new HVL-F43M external flash by Sony is available in Europe from July 2013.


Expiring Rebates – 6/29


Closing Remarks

Well, it’s really nice to have a more affordable flash option for the new multi-interface standard hot shoe camera like my Nex-6. Spending $548 for the HVL-F60M seems overkill in my opinion unless your using a pro grade camera like the SLT-A99 or SLT-A77 for example, or your needs just require a flash with that much power and portability option. Spending $398 for the HVL-F43M is much more reasonable considering the cost of the camera itself. I still prefer to use natural light over flash whenever possible, but flash does have it’s place when you need to freeze the action, or it’s just so dark you have no other option. Crazy dark reception halls always come to mind, or Church’s for that matter. In any event, more flash options for the Muti-Purpose Standard Hot Shoe is great and nice work Sony!

Also, don’t forget about the rebates that are expiring tomorrow June 29th!

That is it for now, but the Sony RX1 and a bunch of other gear are in the LAB, so stay tuned for some new articles and sample photos in the near future. I’ll actually be posting a few sample photos on Google+, if you want to check a few out before I post them on the Lab in an article format. I love Google + btw!!

Thanks again for checking in, and please feel free to ask questions or comment anytime,


The Sony HVL-F43M Flash is available for Pre-order $398 US @ BHPhoto (Click Here)

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  1. Christian

    Hi Jay
    Im thinking about getting this flash for my nex-6 as i want to start playing with flash photography. I would like to be able to use the flash also off-camera – can you help with what options I have for doing that? (I’ve read online that the built-in flash in the nex-6 cannot trigger other flashes wireless).
    And btw thanks a lot for doing this site. Ive been using a lot since i got my nex and it is super helpful!
    Br Christian

    • Jay

      Hi Christian,

      This is a good flash for learning flash photography, but you will need other units to fire remotely. The HVL-F43m can fire other flash units, or act as a slave and be fired by another similar unit. As far as I can tell, you can’t use this flash as a stand-along wireless flash (unless as a slave unit) It has to be attached to the camera hot shoe.

      You would need at least two of these flash units two get the off camera flash working as I understand it. I unfortunately don’t have any experience with the Sony flash units beyond the on camera. I will at some point be getting one though. Do to the price of the Sony flash units and your needs, it might be worth considering a flash trigger and studio light?

      I hope that helps,

  2. derek

    Hi Jay

    Found little mistake in the first sentence “Sony announced yesterday the new HVL-F3M”

    missing 4

    I have this flash and I really like it but I also would like to know how is the F60M?


    • Jay

      Thanks Derek 😉 I fixed that horrible typo and I have not used either flash personally. The 60 is much more powerful than the 43 and has a LED constant video light on it as well. The 60 is more for the Pro wedding photographer and or somebody who needs maximum on camera flash power. Metz also makes flashes for Sony that people rave about. Mifght be worth checking those out as well.

      An article on Flash units in the forum here:

      I hope that helps a little,

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