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May 30, 2012

New Sony Gear on the Way to the Lab!!


I just got off the phone with my friends at and we have a bunch of new gear on the way to the Lab!! With the Polls from the other day in mind we have some budget friendly prime lenses coming and the simple amazing LA-EA2 E-Mount adapter which I will test out on the Sony Nex-5n.

I’ve been wanting to test the Sony LA-EA2 adapter since day one, and it’s finally that time!! I’m getting the Sony A-Mount 35mm f/1.8 lens to use with it, so stay tuned for that and check out the specs on these units below.

In addition to that gear we also have the New Simga 19mm f/2.8 EX DN LensSigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN lens, and the Sony E-Mount 50mm f.1/8 Lens!! The Sony 50mm E-Mount is another lens I’ve been wanted to try out forever, but like a lot of the Sony Nex high demand items, it never seems to be in stock when I want it.

It’s a pretty solid line-up of primes for the Nex-5n to test, and a Sony 35mm f/1.8 A-Mount Lens to test on the LA-EA2 adapter. It’s time to find out how that adapter really works!!

Check out the Gear:

Sony Nex-5n

Sony Nex-5n

Sony Nex-5n

I reviewed the Sony Nex-5N already, and I own the Nex-7, but it’s totally disassembled in the Lab! So, I needed a Nex camera body for testing purposes and opted for the Nex-5N again as I love the 16mp sensor!! I would went for the New Nex-F3, but it’s not out yet unfortunatly.

Price: ~$598 @ BHPhoto (Click Here)


Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter –  LA-EA2

LA-EA2The La-Ea2 lens adapter is an amazing piece of camera hardware that pretty much turns your Nex camera into a Phase Detection Autofocus Monster that will except all A-Mount Lenses. That is correct, you can use all A-Mount lenses on your Nex Camera with this adapter, and have killer fast Autofocus!! So needless to say I’m excited about getting it!!

Price: ~$319.95 @ BHPhoto (Click Here)


Sony 50mm F1.8mm lens – SEL50F18

The Sony 50mm f/1.8 is probably the most anticipated and wanted E-mount lens currently. I’ve been trying to get one for months now and I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. Basically what this lens offers is a fast aperture and excellent focal length for Portraits in particular. The F/1.8 aperture will allow for some killer separation from the backgrounds and also allow for extreme low light shooting. With the combination of the f/1.8 aperture and Optical Steadyshot built in, this could be one of the best low light lens on the market in my opinion. For the Money of course, mind you 😉

Sony E-Mount 50mm f/1.8 Telephoto Lens Key Features:

  • Large f/1.8 Aperture
  • Direct Manual Focus (DMF)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Image Stabilization
  • Smooth and quiet high-speed focusing
  • Weight (Approx.) : 7.25oz (202g)

Price: ~$299.99 @ BHPhoto (Click Here)


Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens

The Sigma E-Mount 30mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens  is a prime lens designed specifically for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. This 30mm lens is equivalent to a 45mm lens in 35mm format and provides a 50.7° angle of view. A very nice fixed focal length to work with on a crop factor sensor like the Sony Nex-5n I might add.

Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens for Sony E Mount CamerasKey Features:

  • 30mm f/2.8 Lens
  • Equivalent to 45mm in 35mm
  • For Sony E Mount Camera
  • Aspherical Design Prevents Distortion
  • Focuses to 11.81″ (30cm)
  • Multi-Coating Reduces Ghosting and Flare
  • Linear AF Motor for Quiet Operation

Price: ~$199 @ BHPhoto (Click Here)


Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens for Sony E Mount Camera

Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens for Sony E Mount Camera The 19mm f/2.8 EX DN Lens for Sony E Mount Camera from Sigma is a Digital Neo (DN) lens specifically designed for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. On a Sony E mount camera (NEX), its focal length is equivalent to 28.5mm. It has a newly developed linear AF motor for swift and accurate autofocus, making it ideal for video as well as still photography. Three glass mold aspherical lenses offer excellent correction for distortion, color aberration and field curvature. The inner focusing system corrects the fluctuation of aberration to maintain image quality regardless of the focal distance. Multi-layer coating reduces flare and ghosting, and provides sharp and contrasty images even at the maximum aperture. The seven blades of the diaphragm produce a pleasing quality in the out-of-focus areas of an image (bokeh).


  • Digital Neo (DN) high performance lens designed exclusively for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras
  • Ultra compact construction weighing only 4.9 oz and measuring 1.8 inches in length
  • Newly developed linear AF motor ensures accurate and quiet autofocusing, making the lens ideal for video recording as well as still photos

Price: ~$199 @ BHPhoto (Click Here)


Sony DT 35mm f/1.8 SAM Lens

The Sony DT 35mm f/1.8 SAM Lens is designed for D-SLR cameras with DX-format sensors, so the lens has a 52.5mm equivalent focal length. This is perfect for snapshots and portraits under a wide range of shooting conditions. The ultra fast f/1.8 wide-open aperture along with the 7-blade circular diaphragm allows you to work in low light, and with a minimum focus distance of 9.05″ (0.23m) the lens allows you to get in close to your subject.

Sony DT 35mm f/1.8 SAM LensProduct Highlights

  • Design optimized for DX-format Sensors
  • DX-format has 52.5mm Equivalent
  • Large f/1.8 Maximum Aperture
  • Easy Choice Series Lens
  • Compact & Lightweight Only 6 oz (170g)
  • Minimum Focus 9.05″ (0.23m)
  • Smooth Autofocus Motor (SAM)
  • Focus Mode switch
  • 7-Blade Circular Diaphragm

Price: ~$319.95 @ BHPhoto (Click Here)


Closing Remarks

I have a bunch of great equipment coming and I honestly cannot wait to try all of it!! I’m Currently sending back the Sony Alpha 57, Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 Carl Zeiss LensSigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM Lens, and the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II Lens, and you can check out all articles with sample images and my Full Hands on Review of the A57 below.

I also am trying to plan out future reviews as well. For example, next month I’m going to get a couple of Flash units as a SAL reader made the fallowing request:

Hi Jay!
I was wondering if you could do something on flashes. It seems really hard to find info on sony flashes. Maybe a good $100-$150 third party TTL flash, or even some manual ones.

So, I’m going to go ahead and look into a few flash units as part of next months reviews. I’m also going to continue working on getting budget friendly prime and zoom lenses so you all can see what what this stuff actually does in the real world, from my perspective 😉  It’s looking like the A37 and Nex-F3, a few flash units, and a few lenses for next month, but that is always subject to change.

Please, Let me know what you think!!



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  1. Way to go Jay, eagerly waiting for the La-Ea2 review! A review of the new A37 would be awesome too 😉

  2. Dan

    Please, Please test A mount 18-250mm zoom on 5n. Compare image quality, auto focus speed with E mount 18-200mm zoom.

  3. Kib

    Could you do an unboxing of the LAEA2? I’m curious if it comes with a cap for each end.

  4. This looks great Jay! I’ve been curious about the LAE-EA2 adapter especially with a 70-200mm f/2.8. Can’t wait to see the flash stuff too!! I love my Sony gear so it’s always frustrating when I seem to hit a brick wall on getting good info ie: flashes, wireless radio trigger high-speed sync, etc. If I could afford it I’d just buy a bunch of stuff and test it all, but thankfully there are great sites like yours that really help me!
    Love your site!

    • Jay

      Hi Brett,

      Thanks a lot for the comments and sediments 😉 I can’t wait until the studio “Lab” is complete downstairs, because then I will have the room to set-up all the flash units, softboxes, and stuff. Once that equipment is all set-up, I can record some detailed How-To’s and reviews!! I just need to find the time to finish up the plumbing, electric heat, sheet-rock, and the floors!!

      Thanks again,

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